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    said 3 years, 9 months ago


    It’s kinda funny but today I suddenly thought about “The perfect Avatar fansite”. Just think about it: You take the best people from the most successful sites and make ONE gigantic Avatar Fansite:

    - Keval from writes the news posts.
    - KorraSpirit runs the Youtube channel.
    - is responsible for design things.
    - AirSpeedPrime makes reviews and the podcast. ( @airspeed )
    - Jordan makes the site engine and all other tech stuff. ( @admin )

    I really like the idea behind this. Of course this will never happen because of the following reasons:

    - Some of these people want money, but others want to have the site free of ads. So money would be a big issue.
    - Everyone has another opinion and I guess it would be hard to get something everyone likes.
    - Some of the people take the copyright pretty seriously and others don’t care about it.
    - Probably anyone of these parties want to remain independent.

    … but It’s still nice to imagine that. In my opinion such a site would be pretty successful and popular if this would actually work. i even have a pretty good name for it:

    What you guys think about it?

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    said 3 years, 9 months ago

    It is an interesting idea to think about, but if it were to be put into practice it would affect the community of each site and then even if everyone goes to the new site, you don’t know how the groups will merge together, same for the staff involved.

    In many ways I like that we have a small, in the grand scheme of the fandom, community here. I feel like I know everyone here and so the site has a certain atmosphere, that could be affected were many of the fansites to merge.

    I think Tumblr shows that sometimes having a huge part of the fandom in one place is not always the best thing. There are a lot of really heated arguments there. The more people you have on a site the less of a true community it becomes.

    Plus as you say each site has varying rules on how they handle copyright. We only post official links to legally view episodes, which has helped us in the past before when Nick contacted Jordan about Korra Nation before they fully announced it.

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