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    said 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hi everyone, just wanted to give everyone an update on the spam issue that has been affecting the site the past few days.

    As you have probably seen the activity wall was completely taken up at times with spam users advertising random stuff, it also caused everyone to be unable to respond to activity replies.

    As of a few hours ago the issue has bee fixed, Jordan doesn’t know 100% for sure, but it was some from of hack/spam attack similar to the one that stole many months of content from the site last year. Thankfully because of what was put in place in the aftermath of that attack, nothing anywhere near as serious happened this time round.

    With that in mind Jordan informed me of a way to solve these problems quicker if they happen again. If you guys (the members) could use the report user function on the site and report any spammers it helps to identify the source of these attacks easier.

    I have in the past asked that issues with actual members of the site and that sort of thing not be reported through this function. Instead any issues you are having with actual members that may be in breach of the forum rules be reported to myself via a Private Message. This has worked well in the past with the very few issues we have had with members breaking rules, so I would ask that this continue.

    So in summary
    -If you see spammers on the site report them using the report user function
    -If an actual member is breaking forum rules Private message me about it

    I am the Site Super Moderator, Please Message me if you have any problems.
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    said 4 years, 1 month ago

    I take it the new wordpress bar at the top of the site has something to do with the situation.

    I am a Troy, here is my tumblr ( here is my Youtube ( tip me over and here my age: 17.


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