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    said 5 years ago

    The rules thread was lost in the hack attack, so I though we should have it back.

    I will begin with saying that these are not meant to scare anyone, just some guidelines as I think most of us know how to post around here and up to now we have had no issues.

    1/ Treat all fellow members with respect. Respect others opinions, it is possible to have disagreements in opinions without arguments breaking out, all about respecting others opinions and not attacking people for them. Remember not everyone may know as much about Avatar as you, instead of calling them out for this, explain it to them kindly. We have a friendly community, lets keep it that way.

    2/ No Bad language on the forums as no matter how much it is used in humour it brings the possibilities for arguments, there is a reason it is called BAD language. Plus there are so much more eloquent ways to say things.

    3/ When Mods/Admins mod things they will explain it if it needs to be explained, that will be done using bolded Italics, EXAMPLE. Do respond to these posts, to talk about these please contact the mod in questions and they will further explain it or hear what you have to say.

    4/ Please do not take threads being closed personally, it is done only for organisational purposes, keeping the forum running smoothly. The only thing we really have to moderate is duplicate threads.

    5/ On the subject of thread creation, search the forum section to see if there is a recent (within 3-4 months) thread about the subject you want to post about, if there is use that, if not create the topic.
    Also try to make sure a thread has the possibility for discussion and will not be finished after one post.

    6/ Double Posting, overall it is not a problem if it happens the odd time. It is only an issue when it gets to the point of members posting multiple times every time they post in a thread in a row.
    Double posts are fine the odd time, in a news thread where you find news multiple times in a row and when writing fan fiction. Or when running a round of Avatar Trivia.
    Remember you can respond to more than one person in a post,
    Just type out their @username and then the other @username2 and it will appear in their post as a link. Peoples @username are listed under each of their posts with a button that says reply @. Just typing out the @ part works the same as pressing that.

    7/ Spam, please do not spam anywhere on the forum, you may advertise your site/blog/channel in your forum signature if you want.
    Same applies to posts that are just completely random and not related to threads.

    8/ No back-seat moderating. I.E Acting like a mod when you are not a mod. This is a rule because not every member will take it the best when a fellow regular member is told about rules from another member, leave that up to the mods. If you see an issue PM one.

    9/ No spamming for community points, community points are meant as a way to show other members how active you are on the site and how long you have been on the site.
    So doing things on the site for the sole purpose of getting points is counter productive.
    Community Points may be removed if this happens.
    Plus it is better to earn your points than use other methods.
    If you want more points to activities like Avatar Trivia.

    Mods who to Contact

    Admin/Jordash (@admin) – Site Creator and Admin

    -Contact him about technical issues with the site

    Airspeed Prime (@airspeed) – Site Super Moderator/ Community Admin

    -Contact me about issues related to the forum, and if there are any major rule breeches. Or just if you need some help or have any questions.

    Regular Mods

    -They are organised by section so only contact them about issues in their section. Any bigger issues should be sent to Airspeed

    How the ban system works here

    I am only mentioning this so people know that there is a system in place, we hope to never have to ban anyone ever or give them warnings.

    In short 3 Formal Warnings = 2 Day Ban, 1 more warning after that = 1 Week Ban, 1 other warning = 1 month ban, 1 more = Lifetime ban
    Community Points may also be removed depending on the issue.

    Warnings are received for constant breeching of rules, you will never receive a warning for simple mistakes like a duplicate thread or a random double post. Before a warning is given, a mod will step in to sort things about before it gets serious, if things continue from there a warning will be issued.

    If you receive 1 warning this does not mean mods will be stricter on you or looking out for you, everyone will be treated fairly.

    Again we hope to never have to use this system and so far we have never banned anyone at all.

    How to Become a Moderator

    On this site the process for becoming a mod is very easy. You do not apply or anything, you simply use the site as a regular member.
    Some members may be noticed to be the type of member who would make a good mod, they will be contacted by Airspeed Prime via PM and asked if they want to become a moderator.
    Being a good moderator here is more about interacting with the community as opposed to knowing how to enforce rules. The mods are first and foremost examples for new members on how to post, so post well.

    Guidelines for being a moderator will be explained to you if you accept.

    I am the Site Super Moderator, Please Message me if you have any problems.
    Check out my Youtube Channel and Avatar Online Podcast for the latest Avatar Info
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    said 4 years, 12 months ago

    @airspeed said:
    Also try to make sure a threat has the possibility for discussion and will not be finished after one post.

    Threats are not tolerated on this site. 8-)


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