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  • Gabi


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    said 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hey everyone i am Gsmith1030 and i am new here to the site. i have been a fan of avatar since jan 2013 and did not get to watch the show while it was airing since i was too young when it showed. i had watched the first episodes for the legend of korra but lost interest when it first aired back in 2012 becuase i did not get the show completly, then i had watched atla then korra and i finally fell in love with both shows since then, i had and was able to catch book 2 and beyond when the legend of korra was still airing. so that is basicly me.
    you can find me on avatar wiki and avatar spirit.net(not active on avatarspirit.net that much) as the same username, i will mostly be at avatar wiki since that is where i spend most of my time but may come here occasionally if i can.

  • Avatar10


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    said 1 year, 11 months ago

    @gsmith1030 Welcome, Gabi! If you look around many of the forums and topics, you might find you’ll love to get involved in them. (That sounded weird, but I’ll keep it.)

    My name’s Avatar10. Nice to meet you! Come and make yourself at home! There’s plenty of room here.


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