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    said 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    About 11 years ago when avatar came out, I was 5 and started watching Last Air Bender. I really did not understand any of it (obviously) and stopped watching after the first season, then 1 and a half years later(2006-07) I was older and started watching the shows. I then, in 2008 watched the last season while it aired. I really liked the show but did not appreciate how good it was. 3 Years later I decided to try watching Korra, I did not like it (really because I never gave it a chance). This was was around the time I ended my nick and cartoon network watching era. So I kinda lost interest in watching the show.

    Now about 5 years later over the summer of 2016, I re-watched every episodes of ALAB and f**king loved it. Then after that I tried Korra again and really liked it. The only downsides were that it had less character development, in ALAB there were episodes dedicated to character development but in Korra all the episodes led the the main plot of the season. That is really the only problem I had with it, it had a great atmosphere and mood to it. I really like how it was “steampunk” mixed in with the “traditional” style.

    After watching ALAB and ALOK for the 2nd/1st time I loved them and wanted to get further into the series, so I decided to pick up all 12 of the graphic novels and loved those as well. I ended up watching the series 4x total (ALAB/ALOK/Books). School has now started and I want to watch them again but 1. don’t want to get burnt out on them (doubt I will), but mainly 2. I don’t want to ruin my memories of the shows with school. The reason being that, the memories I have of originally watching ALAB are amazing and it makes me really happy to think about. I love the shows and the memories it triggers. I have decided to make a annual 3x-4x watching marathon of the show over every summer and continue the amazing experience that the show brings me and I am sure all of you. I am sure I speak for the whole community saying that ALAB and ALOK are some of the best aired shows in television history (In my opinion, the best).

    I am glad to be here because I love talking about Avatar but most people at my school not so much. My name is Matt and I am a junior in high school. I absolutely love Avatar the Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra for several reasons but here are the main ones:
    -Both shows are very well made and animated
    -They are on a very deep and on a very spiritual level (literately and figuratively)
    -Atmosphere and mood is fantastic
    -And mainly they bring back amazing memories from my younger childhood

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    said 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Interesting “How I got into Avatar” story. Welcome to the site :)

    I am the Site Super Moderator, Please Message me if you have any problems.
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