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    said 1 year, 6 months ago

    Alright now I am I fanfiction writer and being that I know how much speculation can ruin a story. This is the reason I have come to you today. I have question for anybody more knowledgeable than me, I have watched “Last Air Bender” All the way through and I tried “Legend of Korra” But life got in the way. So I am here to get advice for my stories, advice including the side elements. Know we all the main few, Air, Earth, Fire, Water. I know of most of the side elements, Earth has Sand and metal and lavabending. Fire has Lightning and lightning redirection. Water has blood bending, healing, and ice. Air has spirit bending. Now I would like to bring up some of the elements I speculate can be used. I don’t know if an Earthbender could do it alone but maybe somehow the Avatar could use glass as an element. Another idea would be Gems, now I seem to remember Bumi using gems but I am not sure, it has been far too long. Now these are my small ideas and I would love any sort of feed back. I can handle any constructive criticism you have to offer. On a side not if I missed any of the sub-bending techniques tell me of them as well. Thank you

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    You have pretty much covered most of the canon bending techniques.
    Firebenders can also redirect heat as shown by Sozin in 306.
    For waterbending ice is not a special ability, all waterbenders can change the state of water and still manipulate it.

    With Bumi he can bend Jennamite, which is a type of mineral that grows in Omashu that happens to be edible, basically Avatar World Rock Candy, we also know that earthbenders can bend the glowing crystal in Ba Sing Se.

    As far as Glass goes, it doesn’t seem that useful as an ability. Earth or Metalbending would cover nearly anything bending glass could do, plus glass is brittle.

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