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  • Victor


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    said 1 year ago

    As the title suggests I want this topic to be a discussion between fans detailing the possible abilities a bender of any element could posses that have not been discussed in the shows or comics/books.

    Free speech is a thing here, so if somebody posts an idea you can respond freely, just try to be civil and present honest criticism and possible fixes to flesh out the power.

    Some of the things you might want to talk about involve branch-off elements, such as Earthbenders can also bend metal, mud, and sand. Like-wise Firebenders can bend magma and lightning. So try to think of new things that a bender of any element might be able to use.

    To start this off let me propose an idea, and keep in mind that I will listen to any responses.

    What if each element provided a way to see without your eyes. We know from Toph that a Blind Earthbender or any Earthbender who trains enough that Seismic Sight is a thing and can provide an accurate image as well as accurate distance, essentially replacing sight. But what if the other elements could do this as well. Would a practiced Waterbender be able to see Water even when it is floating? Also with how much water is in the human body would that allow that bender to see a human?

    If an Airbender could use this ability at all I think it would revolve more around detecting fluctuations in air flow Much like a fish detects vibration in the water. A person would breath in, thus moving air, air which the airbender could sense.

    These are my starter ideas. Have fun!

  • Airspeed Prime


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    said 1 year ago

    To make this a bit easier to discuss and know where the conversation should be directed, here is a basic way of categorising the main bending techniques we know so far.

    High Level Technique

    Water – Bloodbending
    Fire – Lightning Generation
    Earth – Metalbending
    Airbending – Flight

    Rare/Bloodline Abilities

    Water – Bloodbending without the full moon/Psychic Bloodbending
    Fire – Combustion Bending
    Earth – Lavabending
    Airbending – Unknown

    Spiritual Bending abilities

    Water – Spiritbending
    Fire – Energy/Chi/Chi Path Analysis
    Earth – Potentially Toph’s near worldwide scale seismic sense (Using the Banyan Tree to spiritually enhance her seismic sense to “see” people nowhere near her)
    Air – JInora’s Astral/Spirit projection

    For these 3 categories the only ones not confirmed really are if Toph’s seismic sense in the swamp is the spiritual technique for Earth and we have no idea what the rare/bloodline ability is for Airbending.

    My idea is that for air it is soundbending as some airbending techniques already involve stuff like sending a large amount of air through a bison whistle or something like that. So I could definitely see a super powerful rare ability of someone able to basically make sonic booms and crazy loud or high pitched sounds.

    As for your idea of bending to enhance or make up for the loss of a sense. Earth would be covered already, Waterbending to some extent is with Ming Hua using water as her arms.

    Going with the air sound connection I can potentially see some sort of thing where airbending can make up for the loss of hearing, though we already know they shave their heads so they can feel the air flow change of incoming attacks so that would also make up for sight or hearing in some cases.

    Fire I can definitely see some form of heat map style sensing, so even a blind firebender can sense someone is nearby due to bodyheat.

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  • Victor


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    said 1 year ago

    That was a badass response, exactly what I was looking for.

    Yeah I love the idea of sound bending


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