Why do people hate Mako?? (4 posts)

  • FireLord Zuko


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    said 2 years ago

    so i was talking to some friends about tok and they all seemed to hate mako a lot..just like most ather people in the community… he is probably the most boring team avatar member ..i agree that far and in a universe full of compelling characters it is only logical that somebody like mako would be disliked…i just don’t understand why people hate him so much!!i’m not saying i like his character but he is not that terrible as people make him out to be!!!please feel free to respond however you likee..

  • Appa Your Flying Bison

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    said 2 years ago

    Im really not sure why people hate mako a lot. Personally i liked him as a character, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I guess people didnt like the romance and drama around him. how do you feel about mako?

  • Airspeed Prime


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    said 2 years ago

    People don’t like Mako because he was involved in a lot of the romance issues that the show had in Book 1 and 2, they blame him for it all, ignoring any mistakes that Korra and Asami made with regards to the romance issues. Mako made mistakes too, but it is a more even thing between the 3.

    I personally really like him as a character, but feel he was let down by the writers by having a lot of his focus revolve around the romance and not a massive amount about him as a person. He had some great moments, but he needed more than just a few moments here and there. I think many have calmed down on him because of Book 3 and 4 not featuring him as heavily, but he definitely gets a lot of hate, unjustfied for the most part IMO.

    For me I tend to focus on the positives rather than the negatives so for me Mako is one of the most intelligent members of Team Avatar, he is very calm and cool-headed which is needed in a group led by Korra. He can be very tactical with plans while she is more of a blunt force approach type of person, he is a great detective/police officer so he has valuable skills for the group.
    He is the best bender in Team Avatar after Korra, probably the best Firebender in Korra, he gets some very strong wins in fights like against Ming Hua and taking out the colossus. He is even praised by Amon for being an impressive bender. He can generate and redirect lightning, great all round firebender. With the intellect to use this power effectively.
    He can be a good leader if called upon, he was the Fire Ferrets captain after all and I would assume next in line to be Chief of Police after Lin.
    He is loyal and will put himself on the line for those he cares about.

    I think so many miss out on these points about Mako because of such silly reasons.

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  • Jadely

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    said 1 year, 8 months ago

    I personally don’t dislike Mako, but as stated above I have to agree a lot of the issues with his character has to do with all the drama.
    I felt like he got most of the hate because of it.

    in the beginning I really enjoyed his character it kinda almost reminded me of Zuko and I REALLY LIKE ZUKO. but once the drama romance troubles happened his character got more hate than Wuv. which is unfair.

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