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  • Troy

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    said 2 years, 6 months ago

    A couple days ago I got book Change on blu-ray. For the site here is the full listing on commentary casts.
    A breather of Fresh Air: Mike, Bryan, JDS
    Rebirth: Mike, Bryan, JDS
    The Earth Queen: Mike, Bryan, JDS, Tim Hedrick, Josh Hamilton
    In Harms Way: Mike, Bryan, Zuckerman, Josh Hamilton
    The Metal Clan: Mike, Bryan, Zuckerman
    Old Wounds: Mike, Bryan, Katie Mattila
    Original Airbenders: Mike, Bryan, Melchior Zwyer
    The Terror Within: Mike, Bryan, Ben Wynn, Aran Tanchum (Foley mixer)
    The Stakeout: Mike, Bryan, Ian Graham
    Long Live the Queen: Mike, Bryan, Lauren Montgomery
    The Ultimatum: Mike, Bryan, Colin Heck
    Enter the Void: Mike, Bryan, JDS
    Venom of the Red Lotus: Mike, Bryan, JDS, Zuckerman

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    said 2 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks man


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