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    said 4 years ago

    Hey, guys!

    This is a character from a fanfiction of mine called Avatar Z that I will be posting on the fanfiction section.

    His name is Uri. Avatar Z, while not based in any way on Dragonball Z, is a fanfic with a similar goal in mind. I do not disregard Korra and I don’t think a lot of fans will, after the development of the Second Book. However, ‘Z’/'zeto’ means ‘the end’ in Japanese. This is what Akira Toriyama had in mind, when naming Dragonboru Zetto, or you know what.
    In essence, it is me writing a story that wraps up things four years after Aang. It’s not really the same thing as the Promise and the Search, though I will denote the reason why. You will be surprised who’s in this story and you will be surprised with turns it takes.
    Uri is the anti-Avatar; an innocent teenage boy whose destiny is revealed to him by the dark spirits that conceived him. However, he is not in effect evil; he is simply at battle with forces that try to do him harm and push him towards his destiny. The line represents his character through much of the story; he is trying to control his powers over the elements in the same way Aang was trying, but can only do so by controlling himself.

    Having all of the same powers as Aang, Uri is quite surprisingly his co-protagonist. He may even have a little more screen time than Aang in some instances. I won’t ramble on, but let the pic do the explaining.

    I would say that the pic (Which is not my own artwork) looks a lot like a Dragonball character. I really think that Turtlechan has found the perfect fusion of Avatar and DBZ in this pic. For my next pic for my DBZ fanfic, I may have him do it in the same exact style. Look him up on DeviantArt and ask him for a commission; he’s truly talented.
    Oh, and there will be no Kamehameha! ;)



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