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    Book 1: Plastic
    Chapter 1: The Four Elements

    Long ago Avatar Korra divided the Earth Kingdom into the Confederate Earth States. She lived a happy life. Her Team Avatar changed the world in significant ways, but they have mostly died away. Candidates from all over gladly line up to be known as the next Avatar.

    Weida sat at his table with his four sons. The sun was cool, just before sunset. Outside was a small, urban-sized, eloquent garden covered by rich jasmine. They sat inside his Ember Island manor at a dimly lit, but visible, dining room table. The second born, an Airbender, Exie, said, “I cannot remember the last time we all ate together. I am missing a Bending Match and Matu is missing a TV show he wants to watch.”
    The oldest, Huoki, a Firebender, asked, “Why are you doing this?”
    Their father replied, “This is not my doing, nor my fathers, nor any of his ancestors. How many of you know what my mother, the fortune-teller, predicted?”
    Huoki said, “Quinebin and I know.”
    He turned to the second youngest, Quinebin, a Waterbender. Huoki continued, “We overheard you when we were younger.”
    Their father said, “Half of you know and half of you don’t know. That is a good split.”
    He paused, while his four sons looked at each other, some of them lost. Their father continued, “You see, she predicted one of her descendants would be the Avatar.”
    Matu, the Earthbender, was struck with anxiety. Exie wasn’t phased as greatly, but looked at his plate depressingly. Their father said, “You four are her only descendants, born after Korra’s death. One of you must be the Avatar.”
    They ate the meal in silence. Afterward they held a secret meeting. Exie said, “Maybe father lied and is playing a joke.”
    Matu said, “Father wouldn’t do that.”
    Quinebin said, “My whole life I have been preparing, just in case. Most likely it is Huoki, born a few months after Korra’s death.”
    Matu said, “It must be me, I am the Earthbender and I follow Korra’s Water Tribe.”
    Exie said, “Oh that is how the cycle goes; I thought it went earth, earth, earth, then air three times then water three times, then fire twice, unless it is an even year, then it is goes four fires.”
    Quinebin said, “The point is, the world isn’t four nations anymore and the cycle is lost with that possibly.”
    Huoki said, “It could be Quinebin, he is the only one who can do a sub-bending form. The easy way to solve this is to see whomever among us can bend a second element.”
    The next afternoon, their father was at a meeting and the brothers sat around. Matu’s head hurt. And Exie was paying much more attention than before to his surroundings. His lofty self had become more tethered and serious. He said, “I don’t like this, now my life has to be serious.”
    Huoki said, “What a drag.”
    He had always been serious. Huoki put his hand on his twelve-year old brother’s shoulder and said, “I know you are upset. Do you blame me for not telling you?”
    Matu said, “I blame Dad for telling me.”
    Huoki said, “Wouldn’t you rather know, like me and Quinebin knew?”
    Matu and Exie nodded. Their father stepped in the door to the manor and said, “We have press coming.”
    Matu asked, “How?”
    Their father said, “The Firelord knew about grandmother’s prophecy. He told newscasters today about us.”
    Quinebin said, “Is this about the election scandal in the Plastic State?”
    Their father said, “Yes, he wants the Avatar fast-tracked, to deal with that.”
    A few minutes later a news truck parked in front of the stone gate. One of the persons was in fancier threads than the others and he alone walked to the front door. Huoki said, “Dad, let me talk to him.”
    His father replied, “No.”
    Huoki said, “I am most likely the Avatar, they need to know me and all of us candidates.”
    His father said, “You are not trained in how to conduct an interview. Even successful people take time training for them.”
    Huoki said, “Fine, but you have to train me.”
    “I will, just not now. Now you will all do what I say and get in the car.”
    They left for the garage. The nicely dressed man at the door said, “Hello, I have a bunch of roses and some chocolates for a Weida. Where did they go?”
    They got into a sedan and left the garage. Their father opened the gate with a button and they were on a road. Huoki asked, “Where are we going?”
    Their father said, “We have to meet with the leader of the Plastic State, say many world leaders today. So we are going to the airport.”
    Matu kept his head down in his lap. Exie tried to fake a smile. Quinebin looked cool and unmovable. Huoki looked angry.
    Exie said, “Well, this isn’t fun.”
    Their father said, “A cheap way to happiness is to seek fame but not achieve.”
    Matu said, “I know one thing. Whichever three of us are not the Avatar will be so jealous.”

    So surprise! The next Avatar could be any of the four brothers. From oldest to youngest: Huoki, Exie, Quinebin and Matu: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Next edition will focus on the Plastic State.

    I am a Troy, here is my tumblr ( here is my Youtube ( tip me over and here my age: 17.
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    Nice, i am so going to follow this one!

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    Book 1: Plastic
    Chapter 2: Science

    Fire, Air, Water, Earth. The Avatar must be discovered, master the four elements and bring balance to the world.

    The airplane landed in the capital of the Plastic State, Jibie. The airport was far away from the city, in the suburbs surrounded by side streets and large houses. It was a new day and the air was hot and dry, like the city was built in a semi-desert. Weida explained, “When the Earth Confederacy happened, one of the new states accepted an antibending government, this is what the Plastic State is. Our job is to get the President to accept the results of the last election.”
    They took a bus to the capital building. The city was nice, laid out in a perfect grid; there was almost a guaranteed number of apartments, brownhouses, restaurants and shops on each block. The apartments were the same height and had the same banners with the equality symbol hanging from them. They entered the capital building. At the lobby Huoki explained, “One of us is the Avatar. We wish to speak to your leader.”
    Everyone in earshot gasped. The receptionist said, “Bending leaders are not welcome.”
    A man came out of door and said, “Relax, I invited them.”
    Exie asked, “Who is this?”
    The receptionist said, “What do you mean? This is President Van Lan Se.”
    The President said, “Sorry if my staff was making things difficult for you. Come to my lounge, I have lunch.”
    Exie asked, “Vegetarian lunch? Made up with unhealthy, sugary pies, just as I like it.”
    In the lounge a girl, about Quinebin’s age of 14, stpeped in. She asked Mr. Se, “Stepdad, what is the Avatar?”
    Mr. Se replied, “Please, feel safe to call me father. The Avatar is someone who attempts to bring balance to the world.”
    Exie said, “That is a funny way to put it. The Avatar can bend all four elements. Wait; how do you not this?”
    The girl replied, “The four elements cannot be bent.”
    Mr. Se said, “Bending the elements is illegal to talk about and illegal to do. That is how you don’t know, Kariel.”
    Quinebin exclaimed, “Bending isn’t illegal, it is science.”
    Exie said, “Quinebin is right, bending is like a tool, like a day off work.”
    An animal followed in where Kariel had the door open. It was a Water Sheep. It smelled Quinebin before the others. Kariel said, “Rarok likes them.”
    Mr. Se said, “Please, Kariel, get the animal out of my lounge. Weide, take your family to the hotel to calm down. We will meet in three days; I have to meet with some doctors about a possible breakthrough.”
    The five went to a luxury hotel near the capital building. Matu was watching a TV show with laser weapons and glowing palms. Matu said, “They filtered out any show with bending. I won’t be able to see if Captain Be Fen proposes to his girlfriend.”
    Exie said, “No, Recreation-Bending Matches. In fact, I will be taken into jail if I try bending.”
    Huoki said, “Looks like we need to delay finding out which of us is the Avatar.”
    Matu asked, “Dad, why do they hate bending?”
    Their father replied, “Why anyone would go to hatred; less impressive and fear of death.”
    Exie said, “I think we should have tried harder to tell the President bending is good.”
    Quinebin said, “I agree.”
    Matu said, “We shouldn’t try to force our culture on them.”
    Huoki said, “The less trouble we cause the better. I want to fix the election scandal, not be sent to jail.”
    Knock, knock, knock! Someone was at the hotel door. Quinobin went to the door and pulled it open. It was Kariel and Rarok. She asked, “Could you tell me more about bending?”
    Quinobin said, “Gladly.”
    She and her Water Sheep came in and shut the door, after checking the hallway for anybody listening. Quinobin explained, “Using bending is like using a tool to drive a part. It has guaranteed ins and outs.”
    Exie added, “It is how you use it, not using it that is the problem.”
    Quinobin continued, “There are the four elements that some people can bend one of them. Fire, air, water and earth.”
    Exie said, “Bending is fueled by emotions and driven by motions.”
    Kariel said, “That makes sense. When I have gotten angry water vibrates around me.”
    Exie exclaimed, “We have a waterbender. Someone call the spicy-takeout because I think she can heal! And a pretty one too.”
    Quinobin said, “The best way to practice waterbending is with slow, close to body motions lifting a heavy object. This teaches the fundamental of shifting gravity.”
    Kariel left, Huoki made her leave to not get in trouble with her father. Quinobin said, “You didn’t have to do that.”
    Huoki said, “If the President’s daughter was discovered to be a bender he would get in serious trouble.”
    Exie said, “She is his stepdaughter. Poor president had to steal someone’s girl.”
    Matu said, “I don’t think that really makes a difference.”
    They ordered spicy pork-chicken and spicy cabbage yogurt.
    They each shared a room in the hotel section that was theirs. Quinobin woke up feeling hot and dry. He opened his eyes and saw he was in a suspended cage. Machines were fanning in electric coil dried air. He deduced this by looking at the heaters. He screamed to one of the guards, “Why am I in prison?”
    The guard replied, “You and your brothers have been taken prisoners. I cannot say why.”

    Our heroes went to the Plastic State and learned how messed up it is before being taken prisoners. Next edition will focus on Zaofu.


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