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    Hello everyone,

    This is a story that would represent today’s American culture but all in the avatar world. The last avatar had died while in the avatar state, and all hope for the balance of Earth was gone. Now, hundreds of years later, it would seem that there could be another Avatar.

    I am open to comments and constructive criticism, so please, by all means comment and criticize. I’ve already tried 3 other forums, and people are reading and following the story, but no one comments, so I am here now.

    So, without further ado,

    Chapter One: Avatar’s End & Gena

    His eyes glowed pure white. He created a tsunami. The other man, the very threat of the world’s balance, dealt a lethal blow from behind with a mountain of boulders, each double the Avatar’s size. The last Avatar died in the avatar state. All hope for the world, lost. Avatar Senka, the waterbender was mourned, and forgotten. The bending populace dwindled. That too, eventually forgotten, chopped up as myth, folklore, and fables.

    Governments erected over the now 5 nations. Religions popped up to replace what was truth with pure fiction. Each deity modeled after famous benders of time past, and each scripture giving enough information to pique interest in each follower without gifting the truth. This enticed each follower to have his/her own interpretation, and none right. The governments kept its people naïve and controlled, satiated yet hungry for more; usurping human rights, powers, and creation ability.

    Technology became stagnant, and in some ways reversed. Only now does it move at a crawl, compared to before.

    This is how the world is now. No knowledge of bending, creation, or an individual’s chakras. Houses, televisions, computers, telephone, cellular phones, and satellites are part of today’s slow-moving technology. Only 1% of the world’s population has riches, only 35% live comfortably, and the other 64%, live frugally. The various complexions of humans are separated into races. The world really is in dire need of another Avatar.

    Slaena, a continent to the far west of the clump of old nations, was once uninhabited, but now is home to the religion of the avatar. The followers of this non-conforming religion were eventually excommunicated from the main populace, and over time gained trade permissions. Over time, this too, was forgotten, and the religion was more of an underground secret society. The members were always considered eccentric by the general population, and ignored. The rest of the small continent was eventually filled with the children and grandchildren of the society, and without proof of the existence of bending and the Avatar, the society numbers nearly stopped growing, and the knowledge forgotten.

    Few people actually kept to themselves. One girl in particular named, Gena, was such a person, and did not get mixed up in anything, but also was not goal-oriented. She was of pale complexion, short blonde hair, and lanky. When she stood up to her full, 5 foot 11 inch height, she was not at all intimidating, but her demeanor made her appear to not be a pushover. Bright yet dark green eyes always heavily contrasted her skin tone, and always first to capture people’s attention. Her beauty was unparallel on the continent. No one could understand why she was a loner, and always treated her as special, because she lived alone at such a young age, with no family to speak of.

    Gena could always be found at a pristine oasis at any given time, as she practically lived there. She always felt at home with the pond teeming with aquatic life, the slender waterfall, and the multitude of foliage that enveloped and hid the two. She would often just stare into the pond, oftentimes not seeing anything other than her reflection.

    “Another quiet warm day” she spoke aloud since no one could hear her.

    The warm day was almost unnatural, as it was always warm in the oasis, like the tall trees, and numerous bushes soaked up any adverse weather. No rain, sleet, snow, hail, nothing came into the oasis that was not organic.

    Strange lights that were tiny orbs would float around the oasis. This particular day was no exception.

    “I wish I knew what you were little one” She said, again aloud.

    The orb would dance, seemingly at the sound of her voice. None of it felt odd to her. She assumed they were nothing but a different type of firefly.

    Through the woods, her tan high-top boots carried her, and onto pavement with very little traffic. She still looked both ways, then made her way across the street to the old bazaar, which only held one food stand then.

    “Gena, so good to see you. What can I get you today?” As if the tall burly man dressed in normal street clothes, and garnished with a produce-stained plastic apron needed to ask.

    “Oh, just the usual, David. Just heading home from the oasis” She replied, with a sing-song voice.

    A boy working with David froze and drew a perplexed expression on his face. He said nothing, but intently continued to listen, and slowed his task to do so.

    “Remind me again, where this oasis is at. I haven’t seen anything in those woods other than trees” David asked in a tone almost mock-sounding.

    It was a well known fact that absolutely nothing was in those woods except trees, and various wildlife.

    The boy’s posture stiffened, and the knife he was holding slammed down onto the cutting board with a clank. Gena noticed this and stared at the boy who seemed to be around the same height as her, his complexion only slightly darker, and figure only slightly muscular as if waiting for him to say something.

    David simply cut his eyes towards the boy’s direction, and looked back towards Gena.

    “Not even an eighth of a mile behind us. You can’t miss it. The waterfall feeding the pond of koi fish surrounded by a thicket of trees” she proclaimed.

    “Well, I’ll keep that in mind next time I fancy a walk in the woods. That is, if you don’t mind” The man continued in the same almost mocking tone.

    Gena smiled, and shook her head. “No, of course not, it’s such a peaceful place, I believe everyone would benefit from it.”

    “And it’s always warm there.” She continued, tugging at her navy blue coat.

    The boy froze again, but kept working at his normal pace. He knew nothing was in the woods either, but this oasis always sounded odd, yet feasible. He couldn’t even rationalize that thought to himself.

    “Three of these, a bag of these, and a canister of worms please.” Gena said with the same smile on her face grabbing up three apples and a bag of dried pineapple.

    She paid David, and thanked them both. She never met the boy, but she was always a polite girl. Three cars pulled up as she left walking along the side of the road leading into town.

    “Still going on about the oasis, David?” One of the customers asked after getting out of his car.

    “As always. She’s odd, but beautiful. So I continue to let her shop here” David replied.

    “I think Sare here likes her. He’s always tensing up when she comes around.” David Continued.

    Sare just blushed, and continued to work.

    The customers and David chuckled.

    Gena was walking with her small bag of groceries, the occasional car whizzing past her. She saw one of the fireflies from the oasis fly in front of her. She held out her hand for it to perch.

    “Oh, you followed me this time. I’ll take you back tomorrow.”

    It flew from her hand and landed on her shoulder, and there it stayed until they came to a quite lengthy and old ranch style home. To her, it was enough for just her. She checked the mail, and proceeded inside. The firefly flew ahead of her and went its own way.

    “Don’t get lost now, I need to find you in the morning before leaving.” Gena proclaimed.

    The firefly did a little dance, and continued to the left into her room. Gena continued straight on into the kitchen where she put up two of the apples, left out the pineapple, and stored the worms in the fridge. She proceeded to wash the other apple, and sat on her bar stool, and began to eat.

    Thoughts of the oasis, and its warmth still puzzled her. Then she thought about the boy, Sare, and decided to take a quick nap in her bed.

    The nap was disturbed by a vivid dream of empty space with only an illuminated path visible all around her. She walked and walked with no clue where she was. She knew she was dreaming, but why was she dreaming this?

    “Hello?” She shouted.

    She thought she might as well say something, hopefully someone would come into the dream and help her out. She then came to a small flight of stairs with a white and a red diamond shape off in the distance on either side of her. They quickly disappeared as soon as she seen them. Then she saw a figure at the top of the stairs. The figure started to turn around, and she woke up.

    It was morning. Had she really slept that long? She started to be thankful she was on vacation from her job, as mishaps such as these, could get her into trouble. She got up, and looked around for the firefly. She spotted it on an old green ornate comb she found right outside of the oasis. It looked peaceful, and it looked as though it was breathing. She decided to get ready for the day, and let it sleep. If that was in fact what it was doing.

    She was feeling lazy this particular morning, but still found a way to do her normal routine of fixing breakfast, exercise a little, eat the breakfast, and grab a shower. She liked her food a little cold, and always liked to be sweaty before a shower as it made her feel clean afterwards.

    She slid a shower door over, and right in front of her face, was a huge red diamond. She yelped, and quickly slid the shower door back. She was panicking a little.

    “Alright Gena, it was just a dream. You’re just a little sleepy.” She tried to talk herself down.

    “But wait, I don’t feel sleepy at all. Is that dream on my mind that bad?”

    Talking aloud to herself was something she often did. No doubt from watching a ton of anime as a child. She slowly slid open the door again, and saw her bathroom as normal. She didn’t know what to think at this point. Seeing dreams outside of sleep? She’s never experienced that before.

    The firefly was awake, buzzing around her vanity mirror in her room. She caught her reflection in the mirror, and as if she were talking to another person, continued the conversation to herself.

    “Next thing you know, I will be cleaning up sheep shit from having to count them to go to sleep.”

    The firefly only stopped buzzing around, landed on the comb, and stared at her.

    “Sorry little one. I just had a really vivid dream, and can’t get it out of my head.”

    The firefly stayed motionless.

    “Ready to go back to the oasis?”

    The firefly buzzed around again, as if it could understand Gena, and was happy.

    Together they both left the house. It was awfully cold outside, so Gena was suited up for the occasion, but made sure to dress for warm weather for the oasis. Walking up the same low traffic highway for miles gave her time to think to herself.

    The red diamond? Why not the white diamond? And what does dreaming of diamonds mean?

    She explained the dream to the firefly knowing it couldn’t understand, but maybe it could somehow help her makes sense of it all.

    They both got to the food stand at the bazaar, where David and Sare were setting everything back up. Sare began picking through the fruit as a freshness check, and David was counting money to load the register up for an accurate profit count at the end of the day. The firefly hid within the long golden hair of an unaware Gena.

    Sare caught a glimpse of her. He stopped what he was doing, and just stared for a moment, and finally waved.

    “Hey David.” She began.
    “Hey, yourself Girlie.” David greeted back.

    “Do you or he know what a dream of diamond shapes mean?” She continued, not knowing Sare’s name.

    He fumbled a few black plums that landed in the dirt, and David rolled his eyes as Gena helped pick them up from the ground.

    “Just tell her you like her already.” David said in a boisterous voice.

    They both turned beet red at David’s blunt comment.

    “I…I..I” Sare stuttered.

    David bellowed a deep laugh.

    “No Gena, I have no idea. Dreaming about diamonds lately?” David asked.

    “Some tribes speak of diamond shapes dealing with spirits.” Sare cut in, his cheeks still a little burnt.

    David looked at Sare quizzically.

    “The original people of Slaena grouped themselves as tribes.” Sare answered again.

    “Oh. Maybe I should go the archives and read up on these diamond shapes then.” Gena mentioned.

    Gena thanked them, and headed onto the oasis.

    Sare watched Gena as she crossed the road, and disappeared into the woods.

    “You shouldn’t get attached to that type, boy” David offered as irrelevant advice.

    “I’m not. The diamonds she mentioned in her dream, the oasis she claims to go to all the time. Just piques my interest is all.” Sare defended, as he went back to his freshness count.

    Sare took a second to notice that David was just staring at him as if he were a dangerous wasp or a hungry animal come to take some fruit.

    “You’re not one of them quiet types, those odd-thinkers, are you?” David asked in a condescending tone still just staring at him.

    Sare stopped with the freshness check again.

    “No sir.”

    “Good. I don’t need no unstable freak, or one of those society nuts working for me. The real world is the real world. It’s hectic, unpredictable, and the only truth is hustling and having dollar signs in your eyes if you want to make anything of yourself.” David continued in a self righteous rant.

    Sare finished his freshness check without any more words with David other than business talk. He knew what the diamonds meant, at least from pictures, but why would a simple girl of no real appeal be dreaming of them? Why would she also be talking about an oasis that couldn’t possibly exist in the mind of a girl like that? He had to know more information, and he knew where to get it.

    Sare saw Gena leaving the woods, but didn’t stop for anything. This told Sare it was near quitting time for the day. Sare stacked empty crates from all the fruit they sold today onto the back of David’s truck. It was a good day, and David was in a particularly good mood. Maybe he wouldn’t give him any lip about dropping him off somewhere different today as opposed to his house.

    Sare arrived at his destination at a plain field of grass and sand. David took off as if he thought Sare would change his mind. Sare ran a tan finger through his jet black hair. He knew not how he would be greeted here, as he left the society as an impatient runt. He was in the society of the Avatar. He had a hard time grasping waterbending. Even the basics eluded him. He grew impatient, and spouted off something about, “if you cannot bend anything at all. What reason do I have to believe it even exists?” to the leaders of the society. He left, and never returned. His teachings prior to waterbending, however, stuck out as he found out more about Gena.

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    Chapter Two: Avatar Society

    Gena was home and alone this time. Nothing followed her home. She was in bed, and almost asleep. WHAM the door to her room swung open, and hit the foot of her bed. A figure, black as a silhouette, hurried into her immaculate room, and seemed to turn to look at her.

    “Hurry!” it said something afterwards that was inaudible.

    “It might already be too late young…” Again, the voice was very fuzzy, and some words it said couldn’t be made out.

    “Come on!” It pleaded again.

    She nervously got up out of her bed, and headed to the door the figure was dancing hurriedly at. When she got to the exact place it was at, it just disappeared, but the activity behind her door was catastrophic. A field on fire, people on fire panicking and running around, and then the red diamond showed up again, and everything went pitch black.

    Gena sat straight up in her bed quickly. Her heart beating so fast as if she were one of the people in her dream. Sweat running down the side of her face, her breathing labored. She was too scared to lay back down. Afraid of having a similar dream, or continuing that one.

    She hurriedly turned on every light in the house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room, the den, and even the outside lights were all on.

    It took her a minute to calm her breathing, and set her mind at ease, and yet constantly thinking, wondering, why she was having these dreams.

    She had already made a Google search online about dreams and diamond shapes. And found nothing. Every search turned out to be something materialistic. She even searched for people who have had similar dreams. That search took hours. When she couldn’t find any kind of results on Google, she would head to Bing, then to alta vista. Then, finally on Lycos, she got a hit. It was a man, who claimed he was hallucinating, and eventually checked into a psychiatric ward. He felt he had a nervous breakdown, and wanted all of it to stop. He had a blog on a very minor-traffic site, “The Corral Hoster”. He went on for years about his dreams and hallucinations very sporadically. They matched Gena’s dreams and hallucinations.

    “Why me?” She began ranting and pacing in her den.

    “It’s too much of a coincidence.” Her tone and thoughts betrayed her blank face.

    “There has to be something to this.”

    She stopped as if realizing something horrible. Her face reflected the fright.

    “What if it’s the beginning of an epidemic?”
    Just then, the dream she had turned into a hallucination. Her livid, empty, soulless den seamlessly became the burning field. She shut her eyes, plugged her ears to muffle the screams. All she could think of was water. Water to put the field out, and save these people. The hallucination ended, and it was her basement that was drenched in water, dripping from the ceiling, running down the walls like a waterfall.

    She couldn’t explain this phenomenon. Maybe she was still asleep. She pinched herself.

    “No of course that wouldn’t work.”

    “Okay, I am not crazy.”

    She sat up straight in her bed just as before. Same labored breathing, her heart beating just as fast. She waited for a moment in the calm and deafening noiseless room. Just waiting for that figure to run back into the room.

    Nothing happened.

    She ran to the den, and along the way, turned on every light in the house.

    “Déjà vu” she thought to herself.

    She turned on the light in the den from a hanging cord in the middle of the room. Nothing was dripping wet. All was as dry as could be.

    “What the …”

    Sare stood in the middle of large field. It was almost pitch black dark. He kept thinking of what he could possibly say to justify this….this intrusion.

    A large-nosed older car pulled up behind him. It was too late. He had no more time to think of anything to say.

    The man behind the wheel and Sare only stared at each other. They knew who each other were, but neither wanted to be the first to speak. The man because of the fact Sare ran out on him years ago, and Sare too ashamed to even be there.

    “I am sorry” Is all Sare could muster, before walking away in the same direction as the car was pointed. His hands in his produce-pitted stained jeans.

    The driver door swung open, revealing a slim and dark complexioned man.

    “Sare” The man said bluntly.

    Sare turned around to face the man.

    “Please get in, and say what you came to say.” He said almost begging.
    The man loved Sare. He was his first student after all. He had such high hopes for Sare. Bending was a long lost forgotten art. Without knowing who would be a bender of any of the 4 elements, or not knowing if they were a non bender, kept the progression of re realizing bending to a halt. Sare was his first and only hope in a dying secret society.

    “I think I have found someone special.” Sare started before entering the vehicle.

    The man’s interest was piqued. No one has exhibited specific gifts in quite some time. The last one to do so was Duncan Miller. He refused to listen to the teachings as do most people, and just commit himself, and eventually died around 23 years ago.

    “What makes you think this?” The man asked.

    “I know you are going to think I am crazy. I mean I think I am crazy. I’m not even in the society anymore, and I can tell – Or at least, I think I can – when someone shows some kind of power. I mean, come on, Jonathan.” Sare proclaimed leaning on the car, staring at Jonathan.

    “You are a waterbender, Sare. You always will be. You just need to…”Jonathan started

    “No, you think I am. Why? Because I have blue eyes? Let’s just stick with talking about Gena.” Sare interrupted, now in the car.

    “So, her name is Gena?”

    “Yes. She’s a loner. She keeps raving about this oasis she found in the woods directly across from David’s food stand. Then she comes and asks David and me about diamonds. Well, having dreams about diamond shapes.” At this time, Sare tries to avoid eye contact with Jonathan, as they head away from the field.

    “Raava and Vaatu” Jonathan whispered audibly.

    “Yeah” Is all Sare could mutter.

    They kept driving, and eventually came to a nice housing development, and stopped at a lovely pale brick home. Sare knew it to be Jonathan’s house. They went into the house, and the foyer with the gigantic chandelier greeted him. Nostalgia set in, as well as regret, and more grief.

    “Do you even believe in Bending?” Jonathan asked, laying his keys on a small stand next to the door out of habit.

    Sare had to think for a moment. Something he had never seen, and never heard of before meeting Jonathan or any of the other society members.

    “Do you believe in the stories of the Avatar?” Jonathan asked, not waiting on the response.

    “No on both counts.” Sare admitted, keeping his head down, as if he knew Jonathan would be disappointed.

    “I mean, I think I believe something now. I mean, Gena has some kind of power.” Sare looked up a little hopeful, and said to Jonathan.

    They were still standing in the foyer, but Jonathan then retreated to the kitchen. Jonathan knew why Sare left, and it just wasn’t because he couldn’t bend, or had no belief in the teachings. Jonathan knew Sare believed, but over time, he stopped due to hatred.

    “You used to believe. You were keen on sharing the knowledge with the world when you were with the society.”

    “The society wouldn’t. So I thought to myself, why should something so powerful be kept secret, and why would this society want it to be kept secret.”

    “And, what did I say to you?”

    Jonathan waited a moment while Sare racked his brain for the answer.

    “Not everyone can or will accept the truth. The ones that would, would be outcasts just like us. So we give everyone a chance to hear the truth in secret. Those who have the curiosity of a child, do come with us. Some stay, but some go, and some get mad, and take revenge in one way or another. It truly is a gamble with all the nations.”

    By this time, Jonathan was on his telephone, asking various people to come over to his house for some important news. Sare just stayed still, lost in his in thoughts, on a bar stool, elbows on the accompanying table, and head in his hands. Jonathan hung up the phone as he finished his last call.

    “I’m sorry, Jonathan, I do not remember that.”

    Gena was standing, completely still, staring at a wall in her den, perplexed at how the water just vanished. She had forgotten it was only a dream; probably because it felt so real. No water stains from damage, no wet floor, nothing. Everything was completely dry.

    She slowly turned around, and moved towards the door; turning off the light in the process.

    She felt like she was escaping reality somehow. Like this was some kind of calling. She turned off the rest of the lights while heading to her room. Eventually laying down once again, and closing her eyes.

    She was back in the field. This time it was drenched, and no bodies in sight. She looked around, and eventually a bright white light engulfed everything she could see. She felt warmth and love enveloping her, just like in the oasis. The blue diamond then showed up. This time, there was a dot in the center like some kind of eye.

    “Gena” The diamond spoke.

    “My name is Raava. It’s so nice to meet and talk with you.” It continued.

    After introducing itself, the feminine-sounding voice took shape. Somewhat like an arrow, and somewhat like a squid. They were back in the field. The light that was Raava was still bright, but the arrow-shaped form now had tentacle-looking strands of the same light forming from its head, and what Gena would perceive as an eye, now had more decorations surrounding it.

    “I have no doubt you have had a rough few days.”

    “Yeah, the horrid dreams and even more horrid hallucinations does tend to make one have a rough day.” Gena rebutted, almost in an angry and violent tone.

    “I apologize for such. I was only trying to get in contact with you, and so was Vaatu.”

    “Vaatu?” Gena asked quizzically.

    “Vaatu is the same shape as me, but represents chaos and destruction; whereas I represent light, peace, and balance.”

    Gena said nothing, and just listened intently, hoping to solve these problematic dreams and hallucinations.

    “Centuries ago, people were able to use the elements at will, for any purpose. Some good and some bad.”

    “Wait. Use the elements?”

    “Yes, the use of the elements. When they manipulated the elements, that person was considered a bender.”

    Another light source formed next to Raava, and demonstrated firebending, airbending, waterbending, and finally, earthbending. Gena focused intently on the figure, trying to discern if that figure was the same figure she had dreams about. Because of the figure moving effortlessly and smoothly, it was almost hypnotic, and difficult to follow, like some sort of martial arts.

    “Each bender would only be able to manipulate one element. That is, except for the Avatar, a bender that could manipulate each of the four elements, either separate or in tandem.”

    The other light figure demonstrated this, by being encased by water, and flying through hoops made of earth and set ablaze.

    Gena woke up.

    “This is such bull crap. Why am I entertaining these dreams? The Avatar? All of that nonsense that those wackos believe and preach.”

    Gena got out of bed, got dressed, and stormed out of her home, to walk along the deserted highway, heading to the oasis in the dark. Not sure if she would actually walk through the woods at night, but was still heading in that direction.

    The house welcomed 3 more members of the Avatar society. Sare, Jonathan, and three others, sat in Jonathan’s living room. They had talked about the reasons Sare thought he left, why he really left, discussed him coming back, and now continuing his and Jonathan’s previous discussion.

    “Governments and religions have lied to us all. Kept us naïve, and fed us half truths so we would believe and accept it all as the whole truth. Religions turned all famous benders into deities. That’s why there are so many. Zeus? He was actually a firebender who excelled in lightning. Hermes was an airbender. I could go all night naming them all. History forgot about all this, and the new leaders of the world stepped up, and removed it all from books, which led to future generations not believing or forgetting. We spread the knowledge as much as we could in the past, but people could not accept it, since we are unable to bend ourselves, we couldn’t prove it.” The woman in the group taught.

    “Okay, look, this is a lot to take in at a moment’s notice. I want to rejoin the society, and I have. I believe that Gena is a very powerful bender.” Sare replied.

    “From what you tell us about these diamond shapes. It sounds like she is the new Avatar.” One of the new men butted in.

    They all sat in a circle. Jonathan at the head, the woman to his right, another man to his left, the other man at the bottom of the circle, and Sare in the middle.

    “We must meet this Gena to find out. There are ways to test her.” The woman spoke again.

    “This should be good. Hi Gena. My friends and I believe you are the new Avatar. Come and get tested.” Sare spoke heavily with disdain.

    The other man finally spoke up, “You must use finesse. She already asked you about the diamonds in her dreams. Take it further. Tell her about the spirits, Raava and Vaatu. If we are correct in assuming, she will already have made some kind of contact. She may even be contemplating getting help from a psych ward like the avatar before her. We need to intercept, and try to explain things before that happens again.”

    Sare and Jonathan left the other three society members at Jonathan’s home, to take Sare home.

    “I do not know how I am going to do this Jonathan. I mean, I have trouble believing all of this. How am I going to convince her of it all?” Sare questioned, staring out the window.

    Jonathan started to talk some more to Sare, but Sare was focused on a person he sees walking the side of the road.

    “Wait, wait, slow down next to this person.” Sare demanded.

    “Gena, it’s me, Sare, from the food stand.”

    “Uhm, okay, Sare from the food stand” Gena had no idea how to reply to any of this. She just went through hell and back with the nightmares, entertaining foolish ideas of bending and Avatars, to this boy, who she never talked to before just showing up in the middle of the night.

    Sare got out of the car, and Gena immediately got on the defensive by grabbing her can of mace from a jacket pocket.

    “Sorry, sorry, I am not trying to scare you.”

    “You’re not scaring me, just putting me in a predicament I do not wish to be in.”

    “I was thinking about you earlier, and I was with my friend here, and I told him about your dreams of the diamonds.”

    She lowered her guard a little. Odd, she thought. She just had the nightmare, the dream, and now he wants to talk about this? Maybe he’ll have a better explanation.

    “Well, other than the actual rock, diamonds have been known to represent spirits, named Raava and Vaatu.”

    Gena froze. Could there be any truth to all of this craziness? Why does this boy’s grown friend in the car know about all of this? These and more questions popped up in Gena’s head simultaneously.

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    Chapter 3: Bitter Learning

    Gena, Sare, and Jonathan stood outside for what felt like several minutes. Gena was blankly staring at the asphalt beneath her. She knew this wasn’t something she could run away from or something read in a book she could just throw from sight. Sare mentioned those names that she dreamt she heard. This was real.

    “So this is real?” Gena asked as she looked up for the first time in minutes.

    “What do you mean?” Sare questioned.

    “I think she has had dreams or visions.” Jonathan butted in.

    “Visions” She scoffed under her breath.

    Gena’s mouth was going dry, and just barely keeping her composure, she continued, “Okay, I had a dream. There was this pure light figure that came to me, and introduced herself as Raava, and told me about this Vaatu you mentioned. Then the field was on fire, water everywhere, and you came busting in my room.” She lost it. Ashamed, she covered her eyes to cry into.

    It was clear now that Sare was the figure she saw in the two dreams she had, but focusing on this would just raise more questions.

    Sare moved in towards Gena.

    “I know this must be so tough for you. I mean the Avatar society tried telling me I was a waterbender…”

    “Bending? That figure mentioned that too. I don’t want any of this. Why am I having these dreams and these…these freakish hallucinations?” She shouted.

    “According to our beliefs…” Jonathan started.

    “Here we go, this will make it all better.” Gena cut in.

    Jonathan exhaled audibly, slowly blinking his eyes.

    “According to our beliefs, Raava and Vaatu are the spirits of, basically, good and evil. Raava had merged with a human at one point, and that human could bend any of the four elements. This was the beginning of the Avatar. At the end of one Avatar’s life, Raava would go into the next incarnation’s body, and he or she would be the next avatar, and we believe you are the new Avatar because of you having dreams of Raava.”

    “Why have I never heard of an Avatar if I am the current one?”

    Jonathan had been moved the car to the side of the road, and they all were sitting on the asphalt discussing all of the history of the Avatar, why she was the next, and why no one knows anything about bending or the Avatar.

    It was so much for Gena to take in. A few days ago, she just left on vacation from her job, going to the oasis every day, having a peaceful time. Now this has happened.

    Jonathan and Sare had left in the car, and Gena went on to the oasis as it was light out per her own request. She had to figure this all out, straighten it inside her head.

    “See? This place exists.” Gena said to herself from Jonathan’s spiel of saying the oasis only existed for her, and no one else could see it.

    Gena took off her clothes down to her panties and undershirt, and climbed in under the waterfall and waded to keep herself afloat, as it was really deep right there.

    “See? You fireflies exist, fluttering around me. You koi fish exist, swimming…”

    Gena ranted on until she tried to touch a koi fish, and her hands went straight through. She sighed deeply, and started to float on her back. The water covering her ears, so she could hear nothing but her own thoughts, and the waterfall.

    “So nice, it’s almost rhythmic” She proclaimed.

    She floated just like that, and finally closed her eyes to the steady waterfall sounds.

    “Gena” A voice seemed to speak sharply.

    Gena quickly opened her eyes and gasped for breath as she was sucked down far beneath the brook.

    “I can’t imagine what Gena is going through. Should she even be left alone right now?” Sare started.

    “Right now, we need to worry about you. The Avatar meets companions early before starting a journey. We believe you to be a companion of Gena’s.” The female society leader spoke with continued authority.

    Sare could never take any of them serious. Their dark red robes and mismatched waist ties always made them appear to be fake, like something out of a cartoon. Not to mention, they were old, and could not bend. They were sitting back at Jonathan’s house in the same circle as before, with Sare in the middle.

    “Me? We barely know each other, and I can’t even bend.” Sare complained.

    “We will teach you some waterbending. The Avatar will not leave for some time. She is taking this all very hard. You two will learn bending together, and after she masters airbending, you should be able to teach her waterbending.” One of the three male leaders spoke.

    “How will she learn the other elements?” Sare questioned.

    “She will have to enter the spirit world at the South Pole, and learn from the spirits.” Jonathan replied.

    “Okay, I will train with you all on waterbending, but I do have another question for you. If the Avatar dies in the Avatar state Ravva also dies, and cannot exit the Avatar’s body. How come Gena exists as the Avatar at all?”

    “Raava regenerates. Light and Darkness can never be destroyed completely. Since it has not been 10,000 years since Vaatu was taken out by a previous Avatar, he could not take Raava’s place. Raava finally got the strength to return to the Avatar, but they can only communicate, they have to be bonded by Harmonic Convergence again for her to be the next avatar. Like Raava is regenerating, so is Vaatu, but his presence is miniscule for right now.” The female leader explained.

    Sare didn’t fully understand, but he was in no mood to ask any more questions. He had enough of learning for this day.

    “Alright onto waterbending!” One of the other male leaders exclaimed.

    “What? I have to soak all of this in!” Sare also exclaimed.

    Gena awoke in a beautiful land. Everywhere around her the plant life was huge, more green than she ever thought possible, and the prairie in front of her eyes was lush and vibrant.

    “Where am I?” Gena asked aloud.

    “You are in the spirit world.”

    Gena jumped at the sound of the voice behind her. She turned and noticed the figure as Raava.

    “What? What is that? I was just at the oasis.”

    “The oasis you refer to is a highly spiritual place that only you could experience. It is a place between the physical world and this one. Your body is back on Earth in the pond.” Raava explained, showing Gena her own body as a floating picture.

    Gena’s head was perched on the grass outlining the pond where the waterfall was. A feeling of relief that she wouldn’t drown swept over her.

    “How did I get here?”

    “When you floated in the waters, and paid attention to only the sound of the water around you, your mind was at ease, and since you are the Avatar, your spiritual energy guided you here.”

    “More like THREW me in here.” Gena proclaimed.

    “I felt a sudden falling sensation just before losing consciousness and then woke up here.” Gena continued.

    “Your sensation of entering this world will almost always be different.”

    Gena felt more calm. The feeling of safety and love being around a towering Raava made her more relaxed. Behind Raava, the vegetation was thick and still green and healthy. Behind Gena, the prairie looked so inviting, and looked to go on forever. She had never seen plant life like this before. Even outside the city. The smog and overall air condition was too poor to make plant life this brilliant.

    Gena began to walk, taking in all of the sights as Raava explained everything she could to Gena. Gena was a little unnerved that Raava’s being showed no emotion, regardless of how her voice sounded. Various spirits flowed around the two of them, seemingly staring at the pair, thinking it odd that they were not one being.

    “Your Avatar training will begin soon. To begin you will go to the South Pole, and physically enter the spirit world, because now, you could not bend even if you knew how. Once inside, you will go here.”

    It was like Raava was controlling everything there. As her last spiel ended, mountains appeared on either side of them, and directly in front, a large dingy and golden palace appeared, and was upside down.

    “What’s this place?” Gena asked curiously.

    “This is known as Wong Shi Tong’s library.”

    Gena didn’t hate to read, but haven’t set foot in a library before.

    “Here, you will learn about your past lives, learning the concept of bending, and many other things as time progresses. You can enter this place whether you are here physically or spiritually. When you are here spiritually, you only need to think of the place you want to be, and you will be there, but when you are here physically, you need to know where you are going. When you enter here physically though, I will be with you, and will help guide you.”

    Gena was checking out the massive library. She had never seen any structure upside down. It was a wonder.

    “This is where we part ways, as it is beginning to be dark out on Earth. When you enter the spirit world physically, we will bond again.”

    “Wait, don’t I get a say in this?” Gena exclaimed a little apprehensively.

    “Yes, you do. The world needs its Avatar again as it has gone far too long without one. I believe you will make the right choice, Gena. Plus, you will need Sare’s help learning waterbending. He is learning now as we speak.”

    “I can’t just learn from a spirit like I will with fire, air, and earthbending?”

    Gena asked because she didn’t know anything about Sare, and wasn’t sure spending that kind of time with him was so good.

    “I know what you are thinking, but as the Avatar, you will be consorting with all kinds of humans. You will be everyone’s Avatar. Besides, I now know your personality, and you will need extra help with waterbending.”

    “I will belong to the world? Wait, I just caught on to what you said earlier. What do you mean by we will be bonded again once I come here physically? How?” Gena said thoughtfully, but still apprehensive as if nothing sounded like anything she wanted to do.


    “Breathe? To bend, all I do is breathe?” Sare retorted

    “Breathe, close your eyes, focus on this water.” The female leader explained.

    Sare and the female leader of the Avatar society stood in an empty room, with a large wooden bucket of water. The air was stale, lights were dim, and nothing seemed right to Sare about the whole situation.

    “You have lived most of your life thinking there was nothing extraordinary we as people could accomplish. That things like bending were made up fantasies or witchcraft. That is what they want you to believe. Open your mind and start thinking that anything is possible with knowledge. Time travel, flying, telekinesis, bending, and much more are only things we do not know how to do, yet.”

    That kind of made sense to Sare. He couldn’t help but wonder, however, how Gena was faring. She had to take the brunt of all this change. Could she do it? Would she even want to do it? He hated not knowing how she was, how she was feeling. He had to force all of that from his mind to continue on.

    “Every person, every animal, everything vibrates at some speed, as a whole, and individual cells. Focusing on the vibration is to manipulate the item as a whole.”

    “How would I even tune in to any vibration to manipulate something?”

    “Think of each vibration as a color. Extend your hand, and touch that color with a finger.”

    He’s tried these exercises over and over again from the last time he was a part of the society. He could never grasp how to control the vibrations, manipulate the very cells of an object.

    “The water is filled with living organisms. Each organism is made up of cells. Even the water itself has cells. Your chi is what latches onto the vibrating cells and controls them. Imagine your chi taking shape of the perfect tool needed to do exactly what you intend on doing with the element.”

    They were still standing. Sare over the bucket of water, and the female instructor off to the side.

    “If you and the other leaders know this, how come you all cannot do it, and since you never answered me before, how do you know I am a waterbender?” Sare said, still not convinced while turning toward her.

    “Your eyes. They are blue, and deep. Not just any blue either. Cerulean blue, just like the oceans, and deep like them.” She explained.

    “The other question?”

    “We will get to that, you must do some waterbending first.”

    “I can’t, I do not even know if any of this is real. Anyone can make up history and tell a story.” Sare proclaimed.

    The leader began to look angry, and with fluid motions, she stomped the ground, and pushed with all of her might against the air with both fists. Simultaneously, a slab of the Earth beneath them was dug from the ground, and was sent flying, crashing against the wall nearest Sare, crumbling, and then molded back into the ground.

    His eyes widened. So many thoughts of being impressed, feeling bad for leaving the first time and continuing not to believe, and thoughts of betrayal entered his mind. He had no idea what to voice. He felt his body go limp, and meet the floor, with his head pointed to the ground. The leader walked over to him. The sound of her steps echoed through Sare’s head.

    “Is that proof enough? Can you bend now?”

    He had absolutely no idea what to say. He was stunned, all he could do was shake his head in compliance.

    “You know? The way you are feeling now, Sare, was the way you were supposed to be feeling the first time you were successful.”

    “Can you all do that?” He asked, still on the ground, staring at it. Still confused about which emotion he wanted to embrace.

    “Just Jonathan and I, and he is an airbender. The other two are nonbenders, but know about our bending abilities.” Her green eyes sparkled a little from the flicker of the flames on the torches against the wall. They matched her flowing gray hair, but definitely clashed with her red robe. That did explain why her waist tie was green though.

    “Can I only waterbend?” He asked, finally looking over at her.

    “I do not know, the idea has never been tested. Some of us believed the first element you bent, was the one you were stuck with.” Her thoughtful expression led Sare to believe she was actually only human as he was, and with feelings, not just an emotionless robot with different ideas and a controlling demeanor.

    Sare stood up, looked at the bucket of water, closed his eyes, picturing a large scoop going into the bucket, and grabbing water. His brain was still teeming with ideas. He threw his hands up.

    “I can’t do it. My mind is far from clear.”

    SPLASH! The ball of water went crashing to the ground.

    “Looks like your feelings are in the right place though.” She retorted, smugly.

    The same feeling from seeing her bend, along with satisfaction, and more amazement filled his body, and so did goose bumps.

    Gena awoke in the oasis. Sunlight dim, and nighttime nearing.

    She had just received a lot more information before waking. The world was a much different place since the time of the last realized Avatar. Technology was booming, the Earth was cleaner, the wild animals were multiple species with the same bodies, and the spirits and humans communed on a daily basis.

    This was so much to take in. Why so many things? What’s the rush? Why can’t I just learn more as I go? These questions and more filled her mind.

    She needed to let loose, forget about everything. The very thing she did best before discovering the oasis.

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    Chapter 4: Angles of Life

    Sare’s eyes were still the size of tennis balls. He couldn’t believe it. Not only did he realize he was wrong all along, but he did it himself. Finally, all the confused feelings turned into joy.

    “Yes!” He shouted, and punched the air.

    Even the female leader drew a smile on her face.

    “You know? All these years, and I never knew your name.” He turned to her and said.

    “Crytia.” She said plainly.

    Sare began to run up to Crytia, and proclaimed, “Thank you Cry…”

    “Stop!” She interruptedly shouted.

    “You may call me, Sifu Crytia, and you bow to show respect, like this.” She motioned by putting her right fist into her left open and straightened palm, and bending at the waist.

    “Seafood? What? Is Crytia a seafaring name?” Sare asked completely bewildered.

    Crytia couldn’t help but to laugh after blinking a few times trying to understand his point of view.

    “No. See Foo Crytia” She chuckled again.

    “I have got to remember that one. Seafood! Ha!” Crytia said, again with another haughty laugh.

    Crytia cleared her throat as she noticed time was getting away from them, and began to act serious again.

    “Now that you have successfully waterbent. I need you to continue practicing. Try to learn new moves. I will teach you more as I can, but a large part of your training will be with yourself, and the rest can come from the spirit world with Gena.

    Loud music filled the air. Not just any type of music. Loud, boisterous, and drum-laden music. Many people dressed in what was fashion with hormones flying all over the place along with drugs.

    Gena sat at the bar, watching the bartender continue to serve drinks nonstop. She was so attracted to him and so wasted, but that didn’t matter, they were soul mates. The music was lifting her mood, and the alcohol was intensifying the affect, and her busy feet showed that on the bottom rung of the bar stool.

    This was all weeks later since she and Raava talked, and since Sare learned waterbending, which she did not know, because her nights after work, always led her here. She didn’t want anything to change in her life. She loved this life, and for as long as she could remember, that is the life she always had. Change was for people who didn’t like their life, so changing never entered her mind.

    “Hey, what about tonight? Wanna go home with me?” She rounded the courage to say to the man she found undeniably sexy. Broad shoulders, thick chest, gorgeous smile, and charismatic as hell.

    “You mean drive you home, tuck you in, and leave without anything? Come on now, what do you think I would get out of that?” He snappily replied.

    Gena dismissed him with a wave of her pale hand, turned around in the stool, and got up to walk to the dance floor. She started to dance solo, and in her head she was the best dancer there. Which would explain why she was alone that night.

    Another song started to play, then another, then a slow song, and the club was closing. The lights were on, people were exiting, and she was watching it all, sipping on a drink she didn’t even know if it was hers.

    “Come on lady, I’ll take you home.” The bartender said with a tinge of pity.

    “Lady? The name’s Gena.” She retorted with a drunken and very scrunched up face.

    She got up off her seat, and headed in his direction, but not very stable.

    She lifted her hand and poked him in his chest a few times, “You know? One day, I will have you. Oh yes, and I will rock your world.”

    The smell of alcohol with each breath was unbearable. Gena noticed this reaction, laughed, and headed to the bathroom.

    The man waited outside as she finally came out, and they were leaving together. The man stopped at the front counter, and told the lady inside, “I’m gone for the night Maxine, the till’s in the usual spot.”

    “Till? Alright, neither of you move! Take me to the money now!” an unknown armed masked man shouted.

    It took Gena a minute to accept the situation, but the bartender was heading back towards the bar. Gena understood now, that something was very wrong.

    A surge of anger mixed with hatred swelled up inside of her, and she fell as dead weight to the floor. Before she lost consciousness, she remembered screaming, and the cute bartender pulling some gnarly moves, and the masked man pinned up against a wall.

    It was the next morning. Gena shot up in her bed, looked around.

    “What the? How did I get home? Do I remember a robbery?”

    She always woke up from a drunken night completely refreshed, with no hangover whatsoever. It was almost as if she didn’t drink at all, except that energy spike.

    “Yes, there was a robbery, and I took you home after the cops left.”

    “Whoa!” Gena shouted as she spun around to see who the voice belonged to.

    “You’re the bartender.”

    “Well observed, I’m Brak.” Brak announced with a patronizing hint.

    “What happened? All I remember is falling, some screams, you pulling some great moves, and then the masked man was out for the count.” Gena confessed.

    They were in the middle of the kitchen now, and Brak’s eyes had widened.

    “Me pulling some great moves? That was you, and that is why I am still here. Oh, and you didn’t fall”

    “Me?” She really didn’t know what was going on.

    “Yeah…wait…you really don’t know?” Brak hesitated.

    “I am guessing not.” Brak finished.

    “Well, no one saw you except me. The masked man was too busy watching me to make sure I wouldn’t pull anything.”

    Gena began to look at him a little more intently. With the exception of maybe cowardice, there is nothing she could do that she would care anyone noticing.

    Brak must have been really impressed, because his hands began to tell the story too. Almost like flailing around. She could tell he was excited.

    “Your eyes began to glow. Then you jumped up into the air, and kicked with both feet, and the thief went plowing into the wall. BAM! It was so cool!”

    Gena jumped a little at his over enthusiastic bam.

    “And then I pinned him against the wall, and the ladies behind the desk were already on both the phones in the office with the police.”

    “Raava” was all Gena could muster in whispering.

    “What?” Brak asked, straining to hear what she was saying.

    Gena looked up, and into his eyes. “Nothing. There must have been another explanation for the whole thing. I can’t bend, and I am definitely not the Avatar!”

    Gena noticed what she had just said, and it was her turn for her eyes to get wide.

    “Bend? You weren’t holding anything to bend. Oh that reminds me, here’s your bank card. I refunded your tab after all that went down.” Brak said, handing her the card, and trying not to think about the Avatar thing she just said. He, more than most, hated the avatar society. He couldn’t stand for weirdness that was just controlling people.

    “Thanks.” Gena said still wearing her worried expression.

    “Well, I am sure there is just a simple explanation, but it certainly looked like you did something. I still got your tab though. I better go.”

    Brak was leaving, passing her to go to the front door. Gena grabbed his arm.

    “Wait, I can’t let you leave like that.”

    “Avatar stuff. I bet that whole incident last night just feeds your ego. I thought maybe you threw something that I didn’t see that incapacitated him, and your eyes were rolling back in your head with a trick of the light that made them appear to glow before you passed out.”

    “I’m sure that’s all it was too Brak.”

    “No, you said something about the Avatar. No matter what happened, you will always be convinced that it was some kind of otherworldly mystical shit. I know the kind of person you are now. Don’t bother trying to get to know me anymore. If ever there was a chance for us to be friends, it’s blown now.”

    Brak’s parents were heavy into the Avatar society. Even without any proof of any of it, they still blindly followed. Then their car crash made him realize that you can’t count on anything that requires faith, only what you can see. If only he had convinced them, they wouldn’t have been heading to that brainwashing meeting that night.

    He left a standing Gena with the same worried expression on her face standing there in the foyer. Watching him climb into his fire pewter-gray sports car, and leave.

    The same number of weeks had passed for Sare now, and his waterbending sessions had gotten longer, more intense, and overwhelming. Sare had it in him though. This is what he was born for. Waterbending, wow.

    Clay pigeon after clay pigeon flew towards him, and he imagined he had eight arms like an octopus, and smashed them into fine debris. Of course, the water did it, but he was still punching the air, like he was physically instructing the tendrils of water.


    “Wake up! This fruit ain’t gonna check itself for ripeness and display itself all purty like. Quit daydreaming about that girl and do it.” David said rather impatiently with his voice a few decibels higher than normal.

    It scared him back to reality, but that was a great training session. He couldn’t wait until his next one. He maintained the smile on his face as he checked and displayed the fruit. He had caught himself a few times with his mind wandering back to his and Crytia’s sessions. If he didn’t know any better, he could swear he was going to fall in love with her. He laughed the thought out of his head.

    “Come, come, look around. We’re the only stand within several miles that has fruit this tasty.” David tried to drum up business.

    The fit man with obvious sweat stains, reeking of alcohol from the previous night, waved David off.

    “Stupid Avatar bull shit.” Brak muttered under his breath while looking around for what to get.

    Sare’s eyes widened, and he kept trying to listen while pretending to work.

    “I mean, come on that shit doesn’t exist. Why would anyone like her believe in all that?” Brak said, very noticeable this time.

    Brak noticed Sare’s expression of uneasiness and just apologized. He bought a few apples and a bag of dried pineapple.

    “Gena” Sare said, thinking under his breath.

    “Yes, that’s her name. You know that quack too?”

    Sare tried not to look offended. “Not about the Avatar stuff, but that’s what she always buys and a bucket of worms” He declared holding up a canister, that was undoubtedly worms.

    “Oh, I’ll just take this pear then.” Brak conceded as he put the stuff back, and grabbed an ordinary apple-shaped pear, and paid David.

    David smiled, and said, “Have a good day, remember us!” His voice raising as Brak once again waved David off and kept walking to his car.

    David walked over to Sare with a look of anger on his face, and smacked Sare in the back of the head, apparently really hard from the sound of it.

    “Ouch!” Sare reacted in tandem with David yelling, “What the hell? He was buying 4 things, and left with one after you mentioned your girlfriend. Stick to work, leave your fantasies at the house.

    David murmured some other things mixed with swear words as he walked off.

    Now, Gena was all Sare could think about. Who was that brooding guy that just drove off, smelling of alcohol, and how does he know Gena? Around that time, he noticed a figure walking towards them on the opposite side of the road.
    “David, I’m taking my break now.”

    David just kept muttering, and waved Sare off.

    It was Gena. Finally, after weeks of not knowing anything, he sees her. Of course, he was only thinking of her around 25% of the time because he was on cloud nine learning to waterbend. Sare ran up to Gena.

    “Gena, wow, it’s great to see you. How’s everything? All the Raava and Avatar stuff?” Sare asking almost as quickly as he ran to her.

    Gena simply turned her head the other way, and Sare ignored the gesture at first, thinking she was just letting him finish, and looking into the woods.

    “Crytia’s amazing. And Oh my god, I waterbent, and I keep training every day.”

    “Who the hell is Crytia? And I am not an Avatar. I do not care what some fancy vision tells me. I love my life, and nothing is going to stop me from being me!” She declared, almost as loud as David and Brak.

    Gena didn’t even care that he said he had successfully waterbent, or that she bent…something last night. Reality was as she always knew it, she wasn’t going to crazy like the last guy. She was going to simply ignore it, and she dared Raava or Vaatu to keep antagonizing her.

    She left a standing Sare at the entrance towards the oasis.

    “Women, huh? You spend all your time thinking of new ways to dote, and they just yell at you as if you do nothing. Just do your work, and no more breaks today.” David jeered as he wiped his produce-laden hands on his filthy plastic apron.

    Author’s Note: Wow, this chapter just flew by. I had no idea what to write about. I started with Sare being happier than hell, and ended with him being so depressed. I kind of like how David is developing. He’s a slow starting character, but he’s getting there. He doesn’t emulate me in any respect, but my name is David. When I was typing out names to see how they looked, I simply typed my own, and stuck with it. Oh, and for future reference. Gena is pronounced, Jenna. David is David of course. Sare is Sah’Ray. Crytia is Cree shuh. Jonathan is Jonathan, and Brak is Brock. Maybe the next chapter will go as amazingly as this one. Let me know how you all like it.

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    Chapter 5: Avatar Gena

    “Not bad today, Sare.” David started to praise Sare.

    Sare had already loaded the empty and stained produce boxes into the back of David’s truck, took the fruit down that was left and put them into other boxes, and gathered the signs of advertising from the highway. David was in a good mood this evening. This never happened, and David never praised him for doing anything right. Was it because David was happy because he was having such a rough day? Who knows, David was always a jerk.

    David started to count out money.

    “Here you go. There’s a little extra in there for you.”

    “Thanks, David.”

    “So, you ready to ride?”

    That also never happened, David always just ordered him around. What was going on here? I guess it didn’t really matter. He had practicing to do to with Crytia. Then he saw Gena leave the woods. He didn’t follow his first instinct, which told him to run to her. Instead, he only watched her, and waited for her to be out of sight. Both him and David were at his truck, securing the boxes, and preparing to leave for the day.

    “Actually, I’m going to walk from here, I’m going to check out this oasis that Gena always talks about.”

    David laughed. “You’re wasting your time kid. The place she talks about never gets above or below room temperature, and is completely hidden from sight. She’s loony, I tell ya. If she weren’t so hot…”

    “I know, I know, you wouldn’t serve her at all. You only say it every time she buys something and leaves” Sare interrupted.

    “Well, take the advice, and let me take you home.”

    “No thanks, I still want to look.”

    “Oh okay then, I’ll go with you.” David agreed and turned his truck off.

    Sare didn’t know what to think. He just stood there, stunned, and then a moment later spoke.

    “Uhm, okay.”

    They headed across the street, and into the woods. All the sounds of leaves mashing, twigs breaking, and rocks crunching were the only things they heard.

    “Uhm, hey, David. Is everything alright today? Something happen that was good you haven’t said anything about?” Sare took the opportunity to ask.
    “No. Should there be? I just wanted to tag along to see your disappointed face when we find nothing. Maybe we’ll run across some of her belongings out here, so you can see that she’s crazy too.”

    Sare just ignored David’s comment. Sare knew they were deep into the woods when he could no longer see the highway when he turned around.

    “You don’t have us lost do you?” David asked.

    “Nah, my compass is still pointing west, so we’re good.” Sare remarked by looking at the brass compass he always kept with him. He loved just going into and pretending to get lost in the woods. He wanted some place to just be alone.

    They had stopped to urinate, and continued on. That’s when Sare saw something.

    “You know, I am always hard on you, because I want to make money, and teach you at the same time.” David started.

    Sare heard him, but decided to stare from different angles at the shimmer, some sort of break in the air. A spider web? Nah, it was too thick and wide to be a spider web.

    “Then you met Gena, the Avatar. I knew then, I had to try and separate you two, but she was doing a bang up job all by herself. I didn’t have to intervene.”

    “Uhu” Sare replied, not really paying any attention, and only grasping every other word.

    “But now you want to find the oasis? I can’t let you.”

    Sare had decided to be brave, and stick one of his hands into the shimmer, and to his astonishment, it disappeared.

    “Wow.” Sare exclaimed.

    “Sorry Sare, if only you had remained ignorant.”

    There was a rumble, and Sare had a falling sensation after his hand suddenly reappeared. He fell a good 200 feet, and landed on his butt. He felt an excruciating pain, leapt to his feet, and proceeded to rub his backside. He turned around to find David staring down at him.

    “Sare, you found the Oasis, but now, I cannot let you exist.”

    At that moment, David’s hands were outstretched, and he was slowly closing them in. All Sare could hear and feel was the Earth shaking, and he see the Earth closing in on him.

    “David, what? Come on, help me!” Sare cried out.

    David was slow at first, trying to maybe figure out a reason to keep Sare alive, but then realized he had to end it quick; and with a clap, the Earth was just as smooth and seamless before he opened the chasm.

    “Sorry kid.” David said, then walked away in the direction of his truck with a tear in his eye.

    Gena was back at home. She stopped in the foyer, and relived the heated argument she and Brak had several hours ago.

    Gena shook her head, and headed into her room. She saw her clothes hamper, and knew she had to do laundry, but the den was the last place she wanted to be. Anything to remind her of that Avatar craziness right now was not on her to do list.

    Her visit to the oasis today was just bland, uneventful, and really didn’t feel like it used to. She was contemplating on not going back, almost everything reminded her of the Avatar mess.

    What did she do that night when she was with Brak? He didn’t see it, maybe it was airbending? Wait, Brak’s back was turned, so he wouldn’t be able to see anyway.

    She violently shook and hit her head. This was exactly what she did not want to think about.

    “I can’t wait for work! Then I won’t have time to think about all this!” She shouted as if her words were somehow going straight to Raava.

    She couldn’t believe she just said that. Work was always a distraction. Even when all she would do is go to a bar, or sit at home…it was better than going to work. It was Saturday night, what did she always do on Saturday night? The same as Friday night, go to the club.

    Wait, Brak was going to be there. So many downers lately. Why can’t things just make sense, and go back to normal?

    “You had 21 years of normal.” Raava’s voice reprimanded.

    Gena thought she must have laid down on her bed and fallen asleep.

    “Can’t you just leave me alone? I don’t want to be your Avatar!” Gena shouted into the darkness.

    “Go and get David or Sare, or someone.”

    Gena remembered Sare mentioning Crytia’s name.

    “Get Crytia, she’s a loyal servant. Get someone that wants all…this!” Gena motioned at nothing, but the whole of her field of vision, which was darkness.

    Just as in the spirit world, Raava began to play a vision for Gena to watch as if it were a TV in the sky. Gena watched as Sare was swallowed up by the Earth, David murmuring something and leaving Sare, and then Sare floating down in an unconscious state inside the oasis, and into the shallow waters in the brook.

    Gena was shocked.
    “I know I do not know him that well, but what happened?” Gena asked in a calm voice.

    “Attempted murder” Raava’s voice replied.

    Gena started walking toward the recently illuminated staircase ahead.

    “The David you know is a false identity. There are people in this world that do not want bending or the Avatar to come back into existence.”

    “I’m with them on that one. The world is fine. Why fix what isn’t broken?”

    Gena climbed the stairs as once before, and another path illuminated.

    “Because it is broken. Ever since humans got the idea that they could gain more riches by controlling other humans, by controlling the things they need to survive, and feeding them false hope and lies, some humans strived to do that very thing. Since the death of Avatar Senka, the world was able to fall prey to that way of thinking by some individuals, and at no consequence. This has disturbed the balance for centuries, and I have had no luck getting this information through to any other Avatar.”

    “Then why not try someone else? Someone that wants it?”

    “Because reincarnation doesn’t exist for anyone but the Avatar. Your body is able to hold my spirit alongside your own. Anyone else will die, and be consumed totally by me.”

    “That cannot be a reason.”

    “You must take on your role as the Avatar, or the world will continue to thrive at the hands of the usurpers, and eventually destroy itself.”

    “The world cannot depend on me, Raava.”

    The illuminated path ended, and Gena stopped, and Raava appeared before her, a dark spot in the direct center of her body pulsating. Gena thought that must be Vaatu being reborn.

    “Even though you’ve seen and experienced proof that bending exists, you still deny it?”

    “I do not deny it. I believe it, but it can’t be me.”

    A pool of light appeared perfectly parallel to where Gena was standing, and quickly disappeared, leaving behind a horde of relics.

    Pick any of them you want.

    “Gifts?” Gena questioned Raava’s reason behind this.

    “No, a test.” Raava bluntly replied.

    Gena bent down in front of the stack, and noticed that some were toys, some appeared to be kitchen ware. All of the things were … trash.
    “Oh wait, this teapot looks familiar. This rattler does too. A Cher album? How did you find that? I thought I lost it.” She attested as she dug through and picked out several more objects.

    “You never had any of these things. Your previous lives did. Watch.”

    The visions started to play again. Gena saw a tiny Raava being guided slowly into the teapot she picked out.

    “Avatar Wan, the first Avatar owned that teapot you picked out.”

    Gena noticed it was the same exact teapot.

    A baby was rocking on a rocking horse, and taken off violently. Crying and trying to reach for the rocking horse, the baby disappeared from the vision.

    “Avatar Senka treasured that rocking horse when his enemies stole his family from under him while he was out at business.”

    She did choose a rocking horse, and it did resemble the one she picked.

    “Wait…these things are all mine.”

    “Do you remember receiving them?”

    “Yeah, I…no, I do not.” Gena finished after a pause, and kicked at the pile of relics, accomplishing nothing.

    “You remember them, because they were your treasures from a previous life. Shall I continue with the other items you picked?”

    “No, I get the idea.” Gena answered blandly, deep in thought.

    Gena was now sitting on the floor heavily contemplating all this. Knowing her life was about to change. It had to be for the better. It didn’t mean the end of her life, just that her life was going in a different direction. The relics had in fact changed her mind. If she knew of those relics as her own, and they actually belonged to past avatars, then she knew she could no longer fight. The last Avatar died trying to fight all of this, and she knew with all of Raava’s persistence, that is what it was going to take for her to be rid of Raava too.

    Gena stood up. She knew what she had to do.

    “I am the Avatar.”

    “Are you doing this for the right reasons? Or because you feel you have to.”

    “The latter, but if what you say is true the government and religions are just living off us, and keeping us ignorant to life, then I actually want to make a difference.” Gena relayed with conviction.

    “Good. Meet me in the spirit world, so we shall bond again.” Ravva said, phasing out of Gena’s dream.

    “Wait! How will we bond without Harmonic Convergence?”

    Gena slowly woke up and sat up in her bed. It was still dark outside. She looked at the digital clock on her night stand against the wall.

    “Two o four.” She repeated to herself.

    She was still dressed, and took advantage of that, and started walking to towards the oasis.

    It was pitch black, but she knew that Sare needed her.

    A light steadily grew, and moved along the trees. She eventually heard the accompanying engine.

    It slowed down, and Gena was immediately on the defensive.

    “It’s me, David.” He yelled after rolling down the window.

    The diesel engine made it hard to hear anything, so she too had to shout. She had remembered what Raava showed her, and knew she had to get rid of him.

    “Heading to your oasis?” He continued with a mocking tone.

    “No, just walking to clear my head. I had a lot going on today.” She replied, and started to walk again.

    “Okay see you later then.” He said and drove off.

    She could see the big sycamore tree that she always used as a landmark after walking further a few miles. The moon was full, so that helped a lot with light. It was so big and beautiful.

    She finally got to the entrance she always used to go to and from the oasis. She couldn’t wait to feel the warmth, it was especially cold out tonight.

    “I thought you were just walking to clear your head.” David’s voice was sharp as he yelled across the road.

    Gena began to run. Thank goodness for the continued moonlight, she hates when she can’t see where she’s going.

    “You never know what’s in the woods at nighttime.”

    She reached the oasis, but before she could step through she fell into another one of David’s chasms, and hit her head on the ground. The impact nearly knocked her out. Blood was filling her mouth, and she spat, but didn’t know where, because she was severely dizzy, and in pain.

    “You know me. I’m Sare’s boss. Why were you running? I wouldn’t hurt you.”

    “Hurt me?” She spat again, and almost couldn’t say the words.

    “I know..you did…spit…Sare.” She still struggled to say. Dirt and blood did not taste good. She stopped staring, and tried to find footing to get free.

    “Did him? I didn’t do him! I killed him!” David laughed manically.

    “Think again idiot!” Sare’s voice sounded through the woods.

    Through the entrance to the oasis came a rush of ice and water in the form of a wave. Sare jumped out and over the chasm, and froze David still with a sheet of ice on top pinning him to the ground.

    “Sare!” Gena exclaimed, still spitting out dirt.

    Sare couldn’t see her, but could imagine her smiling.

    “I’m glad you’re okay.”

    Gena could only think that she was glad he was alright too. Some of the oasis water trickled down the side of the chasm. She let it fall into her mouth to wash it out, and her mouth healed instantly. She spat again, getting rid of all the dirt, and greedily took some more and swallowed it. She was energized.

    “Wow, this is better than alcohol.” She thought to herself.

    Sare was there, and lifted her out of the chasm.

    “Ain’t it sweet? The Avatar and her boyfriend. It’s a full moon, even as a novice, I am not crazy enough to battle you.” The Earth he was pinned again, split from the rest, and flipped over. A slight rumble began, and the Earth was once again still. David was gone.

    They looked at each other, and embraced the other. Gena looked over to the chasm and the entrance ot the oasis.

    “Now how do we get in? I can’t jump that.”

    “Yeah, I don’t think I have any more of those jumps left in me. I just knew I had to save you.”

    Gena blushed.

    “But don’t worry Crytia is an earthbender, she can close it up for you.” Sare continued.

    Gena looked back at Sare.
    “I’m sorry, Sare. For yelling at you earlier. I know now that I am the Avatar, and accept it. Besides, have you tasted the oasis water? Wow, I would drink that any day over alcohol.”

    Sare chuckled at the expression on Gena’s face.

    “I’m glad you have accepted being the Avatar. No one can do it but you.”

    Author’s Note: Wow, completely amazed again. I didn’t even want to write tonight, but I forced myself, and the ideas just flowed as I kept writing. I like to keep each chapter around this length. Sorry if they are too short. Oh, and I don’t edit after I am done with a chapter. I edit as I go, so if you notice discrepancies, let me know. And please, PLEASE review so I know I am pleasing my audience.

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    I am very impressed, I love the whole concept of it being modern day and what we know of the Avatar world being things of the distant past.

    I am excited for more :)

    Though I would suggest adding an intro to your story in the opening post before chapter 1, just to give people an idea of what your story is trying to accomplish and what style of story is.

    Let people know what the concept is at the start and I think you will get a lot of interest.

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    Yeah fanfic does not always get the most attention in our fandom. I have dabbled in some fanfic writing myself, definitely difficult to get a lot of feedback, often you just have to hope that your story is as good as you think it is and push on.

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    Yeah, I was afraid someone would say that. Well, you and one other person on fanfiction.net told me they liked it, so I will make do, and keep on trucking. Oh, u did notice that I posted chapter 5 shortly before you wrote your first message, right?


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    Yup, I read all 5 chapters before I first posted.

    Can’t wait to see where things go from here now that things seem to be falling into place and kicking off.

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    Wow, you read all that fast. Do you speed read? Or are the chapters that short?

    Things always change for me while writing. Like David wasn’t supposed to be a bender and attack Sare, it wasn’t until Sare opened his mouth and told David what he was doing, and originally, Gena wasn’t actually leaving th oasis, she was going to surprise Sare. Then in another alternate universe, David didn’t go with Sare, Gena did leave the Oasis, and Sare snuck over there, and Ravva made him the avatar, but Gena became another avatar after finally getting over herself. I tell ya so much changes while writing.

    Most fanfics I read seem to just flow, and mine seem so choppy and fast-paced. I guess because all the ideas keep changing, what do you think?

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    Wow. After reading all five chapters without stopping I want to say that I am extremely impressed.
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    Most fanfics I read seem to just flow, and mine seem so choppy and fast-paced. I guess because all the ideas keep changing, what do you think?

    @gatene I would say your chapter-length and overall decision-making with your story are both suitable for your style of writing. If anything it makes the story more exciting and more enjoyable, as the new ideas don’t seem too sudden, but they are also not too repetitive. That’s an extremely important balance to have and I think you’re doing it perfectly.

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    Wow, thanks AgentNebraska. I always thought my writing was bland, and needed some serious work. That’s why I keep reading other fanfics. Yeah, I’ll definitely continue writing. I try to write every night, and tonight will be chapter 6…I never know what the chapter name will be, as the story keeps changing as I write. I don’t even know where I will begin tonight…Of course that’s every night lol.

    I did have another fanfic that I started years ago…where the setting was the avatar world as we fans know it….and the Avatar was a girl, and grew up as a non bender in a sandbending community. I wrote a lot, and my outline was a huge size, but the characters just didn’t seem real, and the writing was always forced and just didn’t flow from my fingers.

    Then another where the Avatar was a guy, and gay. It was centered around a bending school…similar to the schools we see in various anime. I didn’t write too much as I didn’t feel like the characters were mine.

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    Chapter 6: Friends and Enemies

    A low rumbling was heard as Crytia closed the chasm that David had made last night. Jonathan and the two other society leaders stood nearby. Sare had gotten them all to come to the oasis to meet with the Avatar and see the oasis.

    “Thanks Crytia. If it weren’t for the full moon, we would have been killed.” Gena said.

    “Yes, but you weren’t, just be glad Sare was there.” Crytia replied, turning from her handiwork.

    Gena noticed the creases of strain that was once on Crytia’s middle-aged face were smoothing out.

    “You must not think that way. Everything that happens, works in your favor, whether it is positive or negative. Your favor is what you focus on. Remember that.” One of the other leaders said.

    “We will.” Sare responded in a renewed joyous tone. He had always heard that in the past when he was in the society the first time. Although, he wasn’t very sure of what that meant entirely, but he figured it had something to do with not dwelling on the past.

    Gena had chose to ignore the comment, and just nodded. She noticed the colors of the other two’s waist ties. They were black.

    “Why are your ties black? I know that the green and gray means earth and air, but what does black mean?” She asked looking and pointing at them, Crytia, and Jonathan respectively.

    Crytia turned from looking at them to face Gena and Sare, “Lee and Tai are non benders. They both were monks in what used to be the fire nation. I went there on somewhat of a sabbatical, and they caught me earthbending. They were always taught in their religion that nothing like that was possible, but when they saw it, they were instant believers, and joined the society.”

    Gena thought to herself that would explain their bald heads.

    “Is there enough room in the oasis for us to look around?” Tai spoke up again.

    Gena jumped to life, and motioned.

    “Yeah, come on.”

    Gena found the familiar shimmer in the air, and pushed her way through, being sure to go slow, so the others could follow her successfully.

    They gasped as everything looked immaculate. Everything lush and green, and the water a perfect cerulean blue. They were able to look all around. There was no shimmer on that end, and all the woods were visible at the bottom of the thicket of trees guarding the edges of the oasis.

    They all did fit in the oasis, but just barely. One wrong move, and someone would take a dive into the waters. Everyone removed their coats and jackets as they began to get a little warm.
    “Look!” Lee was the first to notice, and pointed at a white figure coming up from underneath the waterfall.

    It was Raava.


    “So, let me get this straight. You earthbent, giving away your identity as a bender to the boy you were supposed to keep away from the Avatar? Didn’t make sure he was dead? Revealed yourself to the Avatar as well? AND revealed the secret of the full moon to the both of them?” An older man dressed finely in a light blue double breasted suit shouted at a downtrodden David.

    “I saw no other way…”

    BAM! The man banged his fist down on the large ornate oak table between them.

    “You saw no other way? Why not simply keep them apart. When you knew he was going to the oasis, why go with him? Intercept the Avatar!”

    The man began to pace, holding his chin with one hand, and the other in one of the pockets.

    “So, the Avatar now knows bending exists, accepts her role, and will educate the whole world.”

    The man stops pacing, and stares through the wall-length window at the end of the room.

    “We do not know if she accepts anything yet.” David tried to redeem himself.

    The man closes his eyes, and exhales.

    “She saw bending. She knows it exists, why would she not accept her role?”

    A knock was heard.

    “Yes?” The man answered.

    Brak came in acting cool. This was his other job to support himself what he didn’t make with bartending. He was all dressed up in a beige suit and tie.

    “The files you wanted sir.”

    “Give them to him” The man pointed at David.

    “And I told you to call me Yang.” Yang said more politely as to smooth things over and act like somewhat of a saint.

    There was an awkward silence that was promptly interrupted by Yang.

    “Brak is your name, right?”

    Brak nodded.

    “Do you know this man?”

    “Yes sir, he owns the food stand in the old bazaar.”

    “Yes, David here has some business to attend to out of Slaena. But there is a girl that frequents his stand by the name of Gena. Do you by any chance know her?”

    Yang knew that Brak knew Gena, and knew that he had to keep them away from each other, but having her on his side, he could make sure they weren’t together. He knew the consequences.

    Brak felt an extreme dread sweep over him. He didn’t want anything more to do with her. He considered lying, but knew it would look bad if he was found out.

    “Unfortunately, sir.” Was all he could think up.

    This was better than he had hoped. The boy didn’t like her, so keeping them apart would be a cinch. But wait, if he didn’t like her, they wouldn’t spend any time together; but the prophecy. So many things to consider.

    “Actually, I was going to ask you to do me a favor and speak to her, but I have more to consider. You may leave.”

    “More to consider? What did that mean? Well, best to leave well enough alone.” Brak thought to himself.

    Brak left without another word, and continued on his work.

    Yang thought to himself for a moment about how to handle all this. He couldn’t figure this all out by himself. He had to use Gyree. He looked at a pitiful-looking David.

    “I need you out of Slaena, now.”

    “But my things.” David knew he was out of line, but he couldn’t just up and leave everything behind, a lifetime of nostalgic things, his life, most irreplaceable.

    “There’s a plane ticket waiting on you at the airport. You will be compensated. Now leave! Oh, and have my secretary send in Gyree for me.”

    David said nothing else. He knew disobeying or speaking out of turn could cost him his life.

    Yang followed David out; watched as he left, speak to his secretary as demanded, into the elevator, and out of the building into an alley beside the building. David crossed a manhole, and with a hollow breath, the water beneath it rose up, and froze David solid. A flick of his wrist, and David’s body was torn apart as the ice statue that was David, split in two. Finally a pressing downward gesture, melted the ice, and went back down into the sewer. All that was left was David’s bloody remains, which were hardly visible from the 16th floor of Yang Shi Enterprises.
    “Yang, sir?”

    “Oh yes, Gyree, thank you for coming. Drop the sir stuff. We’re all family here, especially you.” Yang doted on the young woman.

    Gyree, a young and beautiful gypsy-type lady, at least 30 years his junior, dressed as appropriate as he, walked with him back to his office.

    “Gyree, I am in desperate need of some guidance. Please, use your foresight to help me.” Yang said as he closed the door to his office.


    Sare, Crytia, Jonathan, Tai, and Lee stood in awe in the woods after speaking with Raava. They spoke with the spirit that existed before humans, and shared the body of the very first Avatar. That made everything they endured and built with blood and tears worth every second. Crytia and Jonathan looked at one another, and embraced the other.

    “Uhm, I’m glad you enjoyed it?” Gena spoke to break the silence with a wry smile.

    “Yes, Avatar, that in itself was a life changing experience.” Crytia said with tears still welling in her eyes.

    “And now, young Avatar, begins your training.” Jonathan finished.

    Sare took up the rear, as he wished he could just stay and talk with Raava.

    “Gena. Do you ever think we will see Raava again?” He already knew the answer to that question, but wanted some reinforcement.

    “I will, I am going to the spirit world to train with her and other spirits.” Gena said matter-of-factly.

    Another silence.

    “I wonder if spirits could help me with waterbending.” He was hinting at Gena now, and she had noticed.

    “That sounds like a good idea, Gena.” Jonathan mentioned.

    Gena, the leader of the semi-line stopped, and turned around to face the others.

    “I have embraced this role of the Avatar, and I like you all, but I’d rather face this all alone.”

    Sare had stepped out of the line, to be able to look Gena in the eye. Gena knew he had saved her life, and knew they would get along, but she was a loner.

    “We have earth and air right here, but no water. I really think I could benefit…” Sare tried to explain.

    “Fine, but I need my space.” Gena conceded.

    The line resumed, and they all just fit into Jonathan’s car, minus Gena, she had decided to just walk home. They said their goodbyes, and drove off.

    “This is not going to be a fun time explaining to my work that I am quitting.”

    Gena worked at a mom and pop store, walking distance from her house. She was basically the only employee aside from the husband and wife that owned the store, and occasionally the husband’s mother.

    “You’re what? Come on, please stay, is it a raise you want? I’ll give you that.” The woman said still helping customers and putting away the truck that came earlier with their supplies.

    She didn’t want to lose Gena. She was honest and hardworking. Albeit, she had a tendency to drink a lot, she’d rather keep her, than to go through all the trouble of hiring someone new, and extending trust again.

    “I’m sorry, I have to save the world from destroying itself.” Was the only excuse she could think of, but wouldn’t dare say.

    “I’m sorry, but…” Gena started.

    “Can you stay to the end of the week at least? Give me the time to find someone?” She more or less pleaded.

    “You’re quitting?” A regular customer who was eavesdropping inquired.

    “Yeah, she’s leaving, who knows why.”

    “Why Gena?” The same customer asked.

    “Well…” Gena started.

    “I got another job offer out of Slaena.” Hey, it wasn’t a total lie, Gena thought to herself.

    “Oh? What will you be doing at this foreign job?” Her boss asked who stopped and stared at Gena as if she committed betrayal.

    “Making the world a better place.” Another not a total lie.

    “Yeah, I could sense a change in you. Your aura changed colors. I had to find a reason to ask why.” The customer said.

    Gena’s boss just rolled her eyes, and continued to work while Gena and customer stepped to the side.


    Brak went to his childhood home. He was nearly 16 when his parents had died in that accident, and the courts let him stay by himself, with occasional supervision. He went into his house, took off his shirt, threw it on the floor, and relaxed in his lay-z-boy recliner. Switching on the news.

    “The body found was apparently a visitor to the Yang Shi building, David…” The newscaster started.

    “What?!” Brak exclaimed after seeing his picture and hearing his first name.

    “I just saw him. What could have happened?”

    Brak ran his thick fingers through jet black hair as he strained to think. He had to do what he always did when he was worried about something; exercise.

    He turned up the news, and went into another room before climbing onto his bowflex. The exercising continued for a good hour, and the phone rang.

    “Hey Brak, man, no need to come in tonight. That man who tried to rob us, he is suing for facial damage. We have to talk to our lawyer early in the morning. Too early.”

    “Okay, but do you need me to give a statement or whatever?”

    “Yeah, but it won’t be right now. I gotta go, but I’ll see you a few hours early tomorrow, is that okay?”

    It would be Saturday, so he was off from Yang Shi Enterprises, so a few hours early for the bartending job wouldn’t bother him at all. Although, Friday is when he would make the most money, so not only was he sad about David, but now depressed because he was out a few hundred from the club.

    “Yeah, that’s fine, Donnie.”

    “Good, see you tomorrow at 3.”

    Screw exercising, he was going running now. He left his shirt on the floor, and just left.

    He was down a few blocks, and a very nice red foreign Sato mobile stopped beside him on the sidewalk, running in place.

    The passenger window rolled down.

    “Brak, m’boy.”

    Brak stopped running in place. He couldn’t really tell the face, but the voice was unmistakable.

    “Yang?” Brak said a little short of breath.

    “Good, I’m glad you stopped using that dreaded, sir, phrase all the time.”

    Brak chuckled.

    “You heard about David, right?”

    “Yeah, that was awful, I can’t get it out of my head. I just saw him a short while ago.”

    “He will be missed. Terrible, terrible circumstance. Well, I talked it over with my assistant, and I want to give you a new position with a substantial raise. What do you think?”

    Brak was stunned, and ever so happy. His heart still beating fast, but he was not sure if it was from the fast paced running, the excellent news he just received, or both.

    “Heck yeah! That’ll be great.”

    “Good that is what I want to hear.”

    “Come by and talk with me tomorrow around noon. I want to get to know you a little better, and give you a formal interview.”

    A beep behind Yang and a solid THUD came from what sounded like Yang’s trunk.

    “I just heard a bang from your trunk.”

    “Huh? Oh, you never know with these foreign cars.” Yang chuckled slightly.

    “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Thank you Yang.”

    Yang smiled a little, and drove off rolling up his window.

    “Wow! Two pieces of bad news, and then this comes through.” Brak thought to himself as he started to jog this time.

    “Wait. I have to be at the club at 3. I’ll just have to call the club and say something came up.” He said again to himself, and started to jog back home. A short run, but a great run, he thought.

    Yang’s car came to a halt on an old wooden bridge on a back road. He climbed out of his car, and went to he trunk. He started to open the trunk, and quickly let go, side stepping to his left, just as a large fireball engulfed the space he was just at, and a steady stream thereafter.

    Yang took to the offensive, and drew the water under the bridge, into his trunk, encapsulating his victim.

    “Now, I know you can hear me. That was a very foolish thing you did, when I stopped a few miles back, banging on the trunk, begging for attention; and just now, trying to defend yourself. Pathetic. Goodbye.”

    A few erratic hand gestures, and the woman’s head hit the bottom of the bridge and sides of the bridge. Yang then made her fly up at least 75 feet into the air, let her loose from the bubble, and Gyree, the psychic confidant / assistant plummeted to her immediate death among the stones and stream below.

    The ball of water filled swirls of blood flew into a side tank attached to Yang’s car.

    “Stupid girl. She couldn’t see the future at all. I AM NO FOOL!” He proclaimed and shouted.

    Yang got into his Sato mobile, and drove off.


    Author’s Note: Wow, it took me 2 hours longer to write this chapter. I got stuck on what to say with the first part with Gena, Sare, and friends. Then got stuck with David and Yang, and then murder popped into my head. I was just as surprised as you all were, but I had to write it. At first I was gonna make Yang an earthbender, but decided that Crytia and David were too many earthbenders this early on. Then I made him a firebender, but couldn’t think of a proper death scene. Airbending would cause too much of a scene, so I settled with water. All in all, I am happy with the way this one turned out. This was never meant to be a dark fanfic. I like the dark ones to an extent, but I think everyone tries to make one. I hope this chapter doesn’t exclude me from some forums. Let me know before deleting the story, and I’ll try to think of something. Oh, and Brak, I was going to fit him in Chapter 8, but as you know with my stories and me, I am a slave to my fingers and the keyboard lol. Let me know if it’s too dark for you, or what direction you would like to see me take. Chapter 7 should be tomorrow, but we’ll see.


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