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    Deafening explosions greeted the young girl’s ears.


    Screams of the injured and tortured. Her family.


    Her heartbeat quickened.

    I couldn’t save them then. I couldn’t do anything.

    Stay and hide, they told her. She could barely comprehend what was happening. Stay and be safe.

    They left her there, hiding, whimpering.

    Like a coward.

    She could never undo what had been done to her family. But now that she knew the truth……

    Perhaps I can get revenge.

    Chapter One

    Kila sighed. It had been almost eight years since she had learned that she was a waterbender, and yet she still had not mastered the art.

    She had scoured every scroll she could find on waterbending, and though she had progressed a lot, she had much to learn.

    This latest move was difficult at best. She tried desperately to lift the water in front of her, but very little happened.

    She glared and pulled her long braid so that it was resting on her left shoulder. Everyone who raised her told her that she was destined to become the greatest waterbender who ever lived. So why couldn’t she do anything?

    Nothing in all ten of her years had been so difficult. She had been at this for hours.

    Then, slowly, the water began taking shape. It moved up from the stream and floated gently next to Kila’s open palms. She gasped and moved her hands around the accommodate for the water, before remembering that she controlled it.

    She smirked and severed the stream of water from its source and began moving it banco and forth. She whipped it around like a blade and was surprised at how easy it was to control.

    Within a week she had mastered the move.

    Now to move on to the next one. The scroll she had provided necessary skill development tips and form demonstrations that were going to ensure her mastery of waterbending.

    All she needed was time.

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    said 2 years, 10 months ago

    A very interesting first chapter. It is enough that I want to know more. Could you provide a brief summary as to what this story is to be about?

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