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    Book Three
    A Sneak Peak

    Well after the end of Book Two, I am sure you all are wanting to know what’s next. Well, Book Three continues the trend of getting darker. Book 2 was obviously much darker than Book 1, and Book 3 is the darkest of all five books. It is not a happy book. There, I said it. It’s not happy. A lot of bad things happen and it just gets worse. And this is the first Book to have two separate storylines. I have done different POV chapters before, but in Book 3, it’s not seeing another perspective of a battle or anything, they are two different storylines. On one end, we will have Lamara, and what’s happening with her and the others, on the other end, will be Hyriu, and all the fun stuff he goes through.

    One of the reasons this book is so much darker, is the end of book 2 directly shapes a lot of book 3. It’s the characters dealing with the aftereffects of Avon’s attack. This book really shows the psychological effect it had on them, especially on Lamara and Hyriu. In the last chapter, you could probably tell Lamara wasn’t exactly herself. She kind of lost it, and it will take time for her to find herself again. Hyriu is dealing with the death of Wei and his defeat. He blames himself for everything that happened, and he shuts the spirits out of his head. He keeps himself isolated with his guilty thoughts, which leads to bad things.

    Book 3 started out as my least favorite book. However, when I got my editor, we turned it into something so much better. Now, it rivals Book 5, and that is saying something. She had a lot of input with this book. I had a beginning, and an end and a few plot points. She took it and shaped it into a glorious masterpiece. I know that she is very excited for this book and so am I.

    This book is the first of what I like to call, The Finale Trilogy. I will not elaborate, and try not to think about it too much.

    With Hyriu captured, we get to visit some interesting prisons with some interesting characters. *Hint* *hint*, for those of you who know the show.

    Hyriu has quite the journey in this book. And he will have to face an enemy from his past, to secure his future…
    “I killed all of them.”

    Lamara goes on a dark journey. In book 1, she was peppy, in book 2, she was broken, in book 3 she is angry.

    Dhanu is understanding. He knows what Lamara is going through and tries to help her. However, will he be able to help himself?

    Koluk tries to hold everything together. But with all that has happened, his temper might be his downfall.

    Lina has a much larger role in book 3. She will have to face a difficult truth, and a past decision that will change her life forever.

    L. E. tries to stay positive. With everyone in a dark place, she is the one that has to keep a level head, but how long will it last?

    Moji has to find her place. She isn’t quite sure what her role is, and she might be forced to find out.

    There are three characters’ fates I never cleared up. Shan, Tekton, and Da-Xia’s fate is still unknown. What do you think will become of them?

    Below is a type of trailer I typed for book 3. It says things like ‘pan to’ or ‘cuts to’ ‘voice over’ etc. Why don’t you have a read, eh?

    It opens with a shot over Hydronia still in ruins. Pans to Lamara and Dhanu in the Gambing Library as it is under repair. We go into the Shui Temple to see Lamara sitting by L. E. who is kneeling over an unconscious Shan and Tekton. L. E. mutters spells under her breath as her hands glow. Arnook voice over, “Many were lost in the Fall of Hydronia. Friends and Family. They cannot be replaced. Nor do we wish to forget them. I proclaim that the day of Avon’s Attack will be remembered for all history so we will never forget those who gave their lives to protect this city. And we will not abandon Hyriu to Avon’s tortures. Let us mourn for those that are lost, and hope for those that are injured. In this dark hour, hope is our strongest ally. But it is fading away as the day of the comet draws near.” We see Hana and her father cry holding each other. We see a lone woman, hysterically crying. And Hiko, with a barren expression as people cry around him. Fades to black.

    Book Three

    Cuts to Lamara sitting in the temple overlooking the valley. Shan voice over, “We have to go get Hyriu!” Koluk voice over, “We will.” Shot of H-gang in Royal Courtroom as Arnook speaks, “I will not send a band of teenagers to rescue our last hope!” Cuts to Lamara in Heiwa Valley in a circle of spinning gates as she creates a tornado. L. E. voice over, “Don’t worry Lamara. You’ll get through this.”

    Is Here

    “The Avatar is dead. The Earth Kingdom has fallen. Hyriu’s gone. And our revolution has fallen apart,” Moji says. “What are we going to do?” Daminao says. Close up of Lina with a fierce expression, “We’ll get Hyriu back, no matter what.”

    A Hero Has Fallen

    Fades to Hyriu chained up in a metal cell. We hear him muttering to himself. “I killed him. I killed him. I killed him.” Avon’s voice echoes, “Yes. You made a choice. And you killed him.” Hyriu is crying as he struggles to escape the voice. A quick flashback to Wei’s death and the destruction of Hydronia. Hyriu is in a new cell. It is lined with bars and suspended from the ground. All around him are elderly people in similar prisons. One of them says, “You are never going to get out of here.” Close up on Hyriu. His face is gaunt and scarred from the Fall of Hydronia. He speaks in a quiet and raspy voice, “I can try.”

    New Battles Will Be Fought

    Lina opens her fan and charges forward. We see Lina and Lamara fighting Water Tribe soldiers. Daminao and Ava charge for the Mountain Pass, shooting gusts of wind. Moji runs forward on a rocky beach and shoots fire. Monk Dadao is in the Shui Air Temple, he jumps in the air and shoots two blast of wind in opposite directions. Koluk draws a sword and stabs forward. A spear comes at Dhanu. He grabs it and flips over a Water Tribe guard. L. E. is by the broken wall. She raises her hand and launches a wave of water.

    New Courage Must Be Found

    Hyriu rips the chains from his burned arm. He runs through a bare rocky area at night. He jumps up from inside a Fire Nation ship onto the deck and shoots a blast of air. He is in the a metal prison in the middle of a volcano. He is wearing raggedy red clothes and both his arms are bandaged to his wrists. He is in the prison yard and lifts up a wall of earth to block an attack of flames. A close up on him with a horribly fierce expression as he runs forward screaming.

    But As The Comet Nears

    Hyriu looks out a barred window to the night sky. Lamara, Dhanu, Moji, Shan, Koluk, Lina, and L. E. Looked up at the night sky as the wind blows. The sky begins to turn red.

    Danger Will Grow

    Hyriu stands on a rock in the prison yard. Prisoners charge at him. He kicks fire at them. Shan rolls into a room and punches a rock forward. Hyriu is standing on a metal wall, he whips steaming water at fire nation guards. Lamara shoots her hands forward in a gust of wind. Arnook voice over, “You have committed high treason against the Northern Water Tribe!” Camera flies across the ocean with a red sky. We see several jet skis ridden by Lamara, Dhanu, Moji, Shan, Koluk, Lina, and L. E. Cuts to Moji on the jet ski, she unleashes a huge wave of fire. Cuts to Sokka on the day of black sun. He is fighting a fire nation swordsman in intricate red and black armor. Hyriu is in a metal cell, he is firebending the chains. He looks up angrily and rips his hand from the chains. Lamara and the others are on the beach before the fire nation capital. The sky is red. Several shadow Eaters land in front of them. Lamara jumps forward and whips around a staff. She knocks back all of them with a wind blast. Fade to black.

    Fade to Hyriu in a dark metal cell. We hear footsteps. A door opens and light spills into the room. More footsteps and a hand enters the frame. Hyriu looks up, “Who are you?” A female voice chuckles and says, “Your salvation. ” the hand closes into a fist and releases a small puff of blue fire.

    The Search for Hyriu Begins in
    The Legend of Anzen Hyriu
    Book Three
    Red of the Comet

    UPDATE JAN 28, 2015: You may notice the higher age ratting. Yeah, this one is not going to be for the kids for many things. It is just very dark and disturbing and I would have to tone down certain elements if I kept the original ratting of +14. Moving the ratting up allows me to tell the story I want with the freedom I need. :) Book 3 is coming along great, disturbingly great hahahaha. I am aiming for a March/April release!!

    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: Ceremony of the Fallen-Page 1
    Chapter 2: Sorrowful Silence-Page 1
    Chapter 3: Trial of Anger-Page 1
    Chapter 4: Beginning the Descent-Page 1
    Chapter 5: Salt in the Wound-Page 1
    Chapter 6: The Doctor and the Butcher-Page 1
    Chapter 7: Gathering Forces-Page 1
    Chapter 8: Plan of Betrayal-Page 1
    Chapter 9: The Escape-page 1
    Chapter 10: The Desert-Page 1
    Chapter 11: The Death of Hyriu-Page 1
    Chapter 12: The Rise of Dhatu Yaban-Page 2
    Chapter 13: Lord of Flame and Blade; Lady of Herb and Leaf-Page 2
    Chapter 14: The First Tower-Page 2
    Chapter 15: The Future on Oribu Island-Page 2
    Chapter 16: A New Home-Page 2
    Chapter 17: Inmates-Page 2
    Chapter 18: The Kyoshi Warrior-Page 2
    Chapter 19: Nightmare of Fire and Pain-Page 2
    Chapter 20: From Bad to Worse-Page 2
    Chapter 21: Life at the Boiling Rock-Page 2
    Chapter 22: Reipu’s Return-Page 2
    Chapter 23: The Inevitable-Page 2
    Chapter 24: Talks with a Princess-Page 2

    Please check out my fan fiction under the thread called ‘Avatar The Legend of Anzen Hyriu’
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    Psssshh like I’m gonna listen to your age ratings, Harry-kun. You know I love violence and can handle the other dark elements of +16 things. :p Please make it nice and gory, or else I will be highly disappointed in you. :3

    “Leaves from the vine. falling so slow, like fragile, tiny shells drifting in the foam.
    Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy comes marching home.”
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    @fullmoon0water hahaha its just there so people know what they are getting into.

    Oh and any other readers on here, you should check out the Facebook page ‘The Legend of Anzen Hyriu Series’ I have been quite active on there recently with little sneak peaks and hints of book 3.

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    The next installment of Anzen Hyriu’s Saga is coming. Book 3: Red of the Comet begins with Chapter 1: Ceremony of the Fallen. Coming Thursday April 9, 2015!!

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    Avatar: The Legend of Anzen Hyriu
    Book 3:
    Red of the Comet
    Chapter 1:
    Ceremony of the Fallen

    In the haze of despair that followed the Fall of Hydronia, nothing made any sense to me. The days blended together. It was all a blur of sorrow, pain, and tragedy. The count of the dead kept rising as the city was searched for survivors. L. E. was healing around the clock. She focused on those that were attacked by snappers, including Tekton. He hadn’t woken up since the attack four days ago. Shan was found under a pile of rubble; Da-Xia’s body close by. Shan was barely alive; around him, the snow had been stained crimson with his blood. There was so much of it, I thought that he couldn’t have had any blood left, but somehow he was still clinging to life.

    I didn’t speak to anyone. I just cried and stared off into oblivion, then cried some more. A week after the attack, I found myself wandering the streets of Hydronia, or what was left anyway. Here and there were search parties still digging through the rubble searching for the dead and missing. I heard shouting, and some people ran over the where the land-raft dock had been. I stumbled over when I saw Dhanu.

    “Lamara, there you are,” he said when he saw me. “There are three rafts coming. They think it is Chief Arnook bringing help.”

    I gave a slight nod and followed him up the hill to the burned dock. Sure enough, three rafts approached from the mountains. A crowd of people gathered around us. Fai, Lina, Koluk, Daminao, Ava, and Moji joined us. What was left of the Hydronia Court was also there, which consisted of Torriku, Otoko, Yukon, Shiro, Tarhik, and Saigo. The Monks of the Shui Temple also came. Sonam regarded me with a sad expression.

    The three rafts came to a stop. Arnook stepped out of the lead raft wearing battle armor. A host of warriors and benders followed him. Arnook took a few steps while looking at the burned dock. He then stopped walking all together as he looked out over Hydronia. His expression was of disbelief and sorrow. I saw a single tear stream down his face. He then composed himself and walked over to the crowd.

    “Chief Arnook,” Torriku greeted and bowed his head slightly. “How did you know we needed aid?”

    “Um,” Arnook tried to speak but failed. He tried again. “The messengers were going about their normal schedule, sailing to Hydronia. However, they saw a cloud of black smoke and returned to the capital immediately. I came prepared for anything. I brought soldiers and healers, along with food and various other things. Though it looks like the attack is over. I take then that you fought off the Fire Nation?”

    Torriku hesitated. “No, we didn’t. They left. And it wasn’t just the Fire Nation.”

    “What do you mean?” Arnook asked, and for the first time, he looked at us. He scanned the crowd several times. “Where is Wei? He is the Chief of Hydronia after all; I would think he’d be here. And Hyriu, where is he? Most of his friends are here, but-” he stopped at our pained expressions.

    “Wei was – was killed in the attack,” Torriku spoke with difficulty.

    “What, no, that – no,” Arnook exclaimed in shock. Silent tears streamed from his eyes as his face was transformed by sorrow.

    Sonam spoke up since no one else could. “Avon lead the attack.”
    Arnook looked at Sonam in shock. “He commanded the Fire Nation Armada along with a legion of his shadow creatures. He killed Wei and took Hyriu. There was nothing we could do to stop him. He was too powerful for even Hyriu to defeat. So many were killed. So many…”

    “Who – Who all was lost?” Arnook dared to ask.

    Torriku spoke this time, “Instructor Chen along with his wife and son were killed. We also lost-” Torriku glanced at Yukon. “We also lost Meili.”

    “Spirits of old, Yukon, you have my deepest condolences. Is your daughter-” Arnook began to ask.

    “Hana is – is doing alright. She usually tends to the wounded to distract herself,” Yukon answered.

    “And, Tarhik, how are your wife and son?” Arnook asked.

    “Both fine. Though Taruk lost two of his close friends and was directly attacked by Avon. He has been with the injured, healing,” Tarhik replied.

    Arnook then turned his attention to me and my friends. “I seem to remember two other people in your group. That peculiar girl, L. E., and that waterbender boy, oh what was his name…?”

    “Tekton,” Koluk answered dryly.

    “Yes, where are they?” Arnook asked cautiously.

    “Tekton’s in a coma and L. E. is with the wounded. She is the only one that can heal the poison from Avon’s creatures we call snappers,” Daminao answered.

    Arnook nodded gravely. He then began distributing the supplies he brought, and they all began to carry it down into Hydronia. I walked away seeing no reason to stay. I heard Arnook question Sonam about me. I was out of earshot before he responded.

    Arnook arranged for a Ceremony of the Fallen. It was going to be in the estate behind the Gambing Palace: the only part of the city undamaged. When the day came, I tried to put forth some effort of looking decent, but it was hard. Every strain of muscle was another shot of pain and sorrow. I broke down three times before we even got to the palace. Sonam, Dhanu, Daminao, and Ava walked with me from the temple along with some of my other airbender friends like Ostria. We met up with the others going into the palace. As we walked through the Fountain Yard, I saw where a tower had collapsed and crushed a large section of history on water spirits. The sight made me even sadder. We followed the crowd through the different corridors of the palace and to the estate in the back.

    All of the people whose homes were destroyed were living here. It looked like a refugee camp. There were makeshift tents everywhere. We walked up to the platform where Hyriu had his test with Pakku. We sat in the stands around it. Arnook and the Hydronia Court along with a few others stood on the platform.

    Once everyone was there, Arnook began. He addressed Wei first. It was obvious that he felt great loss for his friend. He had to stop speaking a few times. I glanced at Hiko. He sat by Hana with a barren expression on his face. Next, Arnook addressed Chen and his wife along with their two year old son. Then Arnook spoke of Meili. Hana and Yukon cried silently, and then they made an announcement. Since Hiko had lost both Wei and Hyriu and had no one else to raise him, they had adopted him. They swore to raise him as best they could. I saw Hiko almost manage a smile.
    Arnook addressed Tekton’s parents, Da-Xia and his father, and many others. The cries of widowed wives and orphaned children echoed in the air. Their sobs were almost unbearable. He also said a few words for Monk Yami. At the end, he addressed Hyriu. He explained to everyone why he was kept secret and the truth behind it all. There were a few angry expressions in the crowd but mostly people just looked even more depressed. We had lost the Avatar and the Anzen. The backup plan was gone. Arnook talked about how we wouldn’t abandon Hyriu, and that he’d put all his efforts on finding him. He also talked about keeping hope. He said that since the Earth Kingdom had fallen, the Northern Water Tribe was the strongest nation left opposing the Fire Nation. He said we had to hold onto hope as the day of the comet neared. I just waited for him to stop talking, so I could go home and cry myself to sleep.

    When the ceremony was over, I did just that. I bawled my eyes out until it hurt, and my pillow was soaked with my tears. I screamed and cried late into the night. I finally fell into an unsteady sleep.

    The next day, we celebrated Monk Yami’s life in Heiwa Valley. Even though the ceremonies were usually happy, we couldn’t celebrate how Yami left us. A natural death would mean it was his time, but murder- that cut his life short.

    We lit candles of varying smells, and each airbender lifted up a white lily into the wind. The smell of candles and floating lilies did help my mood. I felt slightly more relaxed.

    I wrote an outline of the attack before I went to bed. Chief Arnook was going to question us about what happened the next day. I still wasn’t ready to speak, so I wrote it all down.

    That night, I couldn’t sleep. I laid in my bed with my eyes open. All I could think about was Hyriu. Where was he? Was he alright? Was he alive? The thoughts tortured me late into the night. But they fueled another thought. I wouldn’t abandon Hyriu. I would go and get him back, even if I had to rip him from Avon’s hands. I wasn’t going to cry anymore. I wouldn’t give up on him. I made a promise, and I didn’t break my promises.

    Well here we are. Book 3 has started. That was a bit of a slow opener but I did have to tie up some loose ends left over from The Fall of Hydronia. After this though, things get interesting. Book 3 doesn’t waste time on setting up, the plot kicks off right away. The Fall of Hydronia was the set up for book 3. And let me tell you, this will be one wild ride.

    I have grown very fond of typing ‘trailers’ for my story. So I have yet another one, much like the trailer in the sneak peak. Shall we see what we are in for eh?

    Opens with a helicopter shot over Heiwa Valley as the sun sets. Fades to a fleet of Fire Nation ships in the open ocean. Cuts to a lone Fire Nation tower on a small tropical island surrounded by water. Cuts to a volcanic island, there is a lake and small island in the center. A column of steam rises from the boiling lake. Cuts to a shot over the beach before the Fire Nation capital. Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom soldiers fight against the Fire Nation. Cuts to a group of jet skis soaring across the ocean as the water reflects the crimson sky. Close up of Lamara on a jet ski. She looks back, shadow eaters are pursuing them. Lamara does a sideways cork screw flip and the jet ski explodes. Helicopter shot through the night sky. Dark clouds swirl around the camera. The sky begins to turn red as the clouds melt away. A great ball of fire flies by the camera. Fade to black.

    Fade into shot of a destroyed house in Hydronia. Pan sideways to reveal Lina sitting in the ruined living room. The sun sets behind her. Fade to shot of Lamara sitting in a window in the Shui Temple. Her face is streaked with tears. Fade to Hyriu in metal cell, his arms are suspended, one to each wall. His head is bowed as he cries. Dhanu voice over, “We can’t betray Hyriu and forsake him to Avon’s tortures.” Cuts to shot of H-gang in a dark room, Shan is laying under a lot of blankets while L. E. And Lamara tend to him. Shan voice over, “We have to get him back.” “We will,” Lamara says. “How,” Koluk asks. A smirk forms on Moji’s face.

    Cuts to a sobbing Hyriu, “Why is he doing this to me.” An older man is in the room with him, along with a Fire Nation guard. The old man, “He is trying to break you down into nothing.” The guard, “You can get through this. Fight him.” Flashes of Hyriu trying to escape. He is on a burning Water Tribe ship. He is running atop a metal ship. Then riding a wave. Then Avon is floating over the water, he lifts a hand and Hyriu rises out of the water. Hyriu wakes up screaming. Avon, “He is beginning the descent into insanity.” Shot of Hyriu screaming and pulling at his chains. Close up of his face. His eyes are rimmed red, blood shot, and sunken into his head. He has two scars on his cheek and his chin, along with several new slashes, the largest across his mouth. His face is gaunt, there are bags under his eyes. His black hair is long and shaggy shadowing his face. Cuts to a gondola going to an island in a boiling lake. Cuts inside to Hyriu’s hands which are scarred and shackled. Pans up to the lower half of his face, also scarred. Cuts down to a metal platform where the gondola arrives. Guards mutter to one another. “They say he needs our highest security.” “Yeah, apparently he is the most dangerous prisoner we’ve ever received. ” “I doubt that, with her here.” “Who? Oh, you mean, yeah I don’t think anyone beats her.” Hyriu walks out of the gondola along with 20 guards. 30 guards line the platform on each side. A tall man walks forward and says with a deep voice, “Anzen Hyriu, we’ve been expecting you.” Hyriu looks back and forth at the guards then finally at the man. In a raspy damaged voice he says, “Have you?” He jumps and does the splits mid air taking out the guards with two wind blasts. He spins whipping a wave of fire at the men behind him. He rips the shackles off to face the tall man with the deep voice. Hyriu charges at him. Cuts to a girl with short red hair facing Hyriu. “Hi,” She says. Several quick shots of her kicking and punching guards and prisoners. “I’m Suki.” Shot of Hyriu and Suki sitting on a rock in a prison yard. “You need friends in a place like this. Trust me.” Hyriu nods. “Who are they?” Hyriu points to a group of rough looking women. Suki has a nervous expression, “Oh, um that’s the prison gang Re Mugou. They run the prison. Stay away from them, even the warden doesn’t mess with them. Their leader is the one with the long brown hair in the ponytail.” “What’s her name?” Hyriu asks. Just then, the girl turns. As she turns, several scenes are intercut. The first is of Akiko standing in the doorway to Hyriu’s destroyed house, she holds a bloody katana aloft. Next is Wei fighting a Fire Nation women in the Siege of the North, the woman holds a katana that glows cherry red. Finally is Roja talking about his latest bounty. “She was crazy. You know she lit her sword on fire then threw it at me?” The girl turned all the way around. Her face in full view of the camera and Hyriu. “Akiko, her name is Akiko.” Suki answers. Cut to black.

    Cut to a man with a skinny pale face. He has a long thin scar from his left eyebrow to the right corner of his mouth. The man says, “Now things are about to get interesting.”


    Hyriu is launched into the air out of a cloud of fog.


    Lamara, Lina, Daminao, Ava, and a girl with long curly brown hair run along a mountainside in Heiwa Valley.


    Dhanu back flips out of a palm tree and fires and arrow.


    Lina is on a small water tribe ship, she looks behind her.


    A girl with fiery hair flashes a devilish smile.


    Moji bursts out of the water, a burning ship behind her.


    Cuts to the Plaza Tower in Harbor City before the Fire Nation capital. The sky is red. Shadow Eaters fly around it, it blows up in the middle section. The top of the tower falls to the ground.
    Cuts to Sokka during the Day of Black Sun. Bato runs by and says, “Sokka, we’re on our way to victory!” A raspy voice calls out, “You really think so?” A figure in intricate black and red armor walks out of a building. A fancy haunting mask covers his face. He draws a black sword. Sokka draws his and the two meet in a clash of sparks. Sokka is knocked the the ground then asks, “Who are you?” The swordsman laughs and says, “I am Dhatu Yaban.” Then swings the sword at Sokka’s neck. Lina is in a metal room. A man grabs her from behind. She screams and grabs him and flips him forward and on to a desk. Moji runs forward in a tropical jungle. She goes down on her knees and slides forward, dodging a horizontal axe swipe. She stops in front of the camera and draws her dagger with a fierce expression. Hyriu is riding an earth wave in a foggy prison yard. He does a back flip launching a large rock forward. Akiko is running forward in the prison yard. She jumps and does three flips in the air before landing with a wild expression. Princess Azula is in a metal room, she shoots a bolt of lightning at the camera. Akiko and the girl with fiery hair high-five. Hyriu is in a metal room, in a chair, he is being electrocuted. Dhanu runs out of a metal tower in a tropical jungle. He takes aim and fires an arrow high in the sky. Moji and Shan hide behind a rock that is being blasted with flames. The pale man with the scar is fighting Lina as the sky is red. He swings a sword. Lina jumps over it while doing a flip and throws one of her black fans at him.

    Azula leans forward to Hyriu in a chair. She says, “You will join me.” Hyriu glares back, “I will never join you.” Azula smiles and straightens. She does her signature technique for shooting lightning. She directs it at Hyriu. Just as lighting begins to form, cut to black. We hear an old male voice say, “They all say that. And they all burn.”

    The Legend of Anzen Hyriu
    Book Three
    Red of the Comet
    Is Here

    Well wasn’t that something? You better be excited now. Chapter 2: Sorrowful Silence will go up Sunday.

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    Sorry for the delay, things have been a bit busy and time just got away from me. A longer chapter and a very interesting one, I think. I very much like how Book 3 starts off and where it leads too. Let us see what will happen.

    Chapter 2
    Sorrowful Silence

    Before dawn, I roused from my tortuous thoughts. I went over and sat in the window. I fingered the arm bracelet Dhanu had given me, a habit I had formed. A lemur was asleep in my window. It woke up and looked at me expecting me to scratch his head; I obliged.

    Normally, being greeted by lemurs in the morning brought me happiness, but I couldn’t feel happiness. I could only feel anger and despair.

    I stayed in my room as the sun rose, and over an hour passed. There was a knock at the door. I gave no answer. It creaked open slightly, and Dhanu peeked his head in.

    “Lamara, oh, you’re awake. You didn’t come down, so I brought you some breakfast.” He revealed a tray with honey buns and green tea.

    I gave a grunt in thanks. Talking was something I didn’t know how to do anymore. No words would come out: just inaudible screams that always ended in tears.

    He walked over and sat in the window with me. He offered me a bun; I took it. “It was a beautiful sunrise, don’t you think?” He said softly. I gave a slight nod. “I can see why you like this place so much. I like it, too. It reminds me of my home in the Senlin Forest. It’s so calm and quiet. I could get used to it.” I gave no indication that I heard him. I just quietly ate the honey bathed bread. I knew Dhanu understood. It wasn’t an insult to him; I just didn’t trust myself to speak. I had been mute since my outburst after we woke up when Hyriu was gone. They all tried to get me to speak, to no avail. Then they just accepted the silence. They didn’t understand it, but they accepted it. Dhanu understood though. He knew, and for that, I was grateful.

    “So Arnook is going to call us in for us to give our accounts of the battle. What are you going to do?” He asked, taking a swig of tea.
    I pointed to my desk where the outline was.

    “Ah, I see. Were you honest with everything?” He questioned further.

    I nodded.

    “What if he asks you a question?” He continued. I motioned to the spare parchment and ink. “I see- just making sure you are prepared.” He smiled.

    I gave a slight nod in thanks. We continued to talk, or rather, he continued to talk to me for another hour. At that time, there was another knock at the door. Sonam came in.

    “Good to see you Dhanu. Lamara, Chief Arnook has summoned you,” he said.

    I nodded. I grabbed my supplies and put them into a bag. Dhanu walked me to the Gambing Palace. He waited outside the doors to the courtroom.

    “I’ll be right here waiting for you.” He managed a small smile.

    I walked into the Royal Courtroom. It was empty except for Arnook. My footsteps echoed loudly in the silent hall. I reached the dais where the court members would sit at. I inclined my head slightly.

    “Lamara, thank you for coming. Come, sit with me will you?” He motioned to a chair next to him. I was surprised. He was always professional, but never had I seen him be friendly before. I sat down next to him. He spoke in a kind and soft tone, “Now, I understand how hard this must be for you. A lot happened in that attack, and people were lost and hurt. I also know you are currently mute so…” he began. I pulled out my outline and handed it to him. “Oh, I see. Well thank you for thinking ahead.” It took him several minutes to read my description. I could tell he reread certain parts and compared others. It was obvious he was piecing the battle together in his head from the knowledge he already had.

    After he finished, he asked me a few questions. He would have me describe something more in depth, how long certain parts lasted, and things of that sort. He seemed very interested in Lina’s parts. I knew I would gain nothing from lying, so I wrote the truth. He just asked what Lina did in the battle, nothing about whether she was trained or not.

    At the end of the meeting, he said, “I would like to thank you again, Lamara. I know retelling these events was not easy. I also wanted to thank you for being cooperative. It makes things so much easier when people tell the truth, believe me. Farewell.”

    I gave a nod and walked out.

    “So, how did it go?” Dhanu asked; I nodded meaning good.

    We walked back through the palace. A thought occurred to me. I tugged on Dhanu’s sleeve and motioned for him to follow me. I briskly moved through the echoing halls.

    “Lamara, where are we… oh,” Dhanu whispered.

    We had gone down a long hallway to a grand door with an oak tree and an owl on it. I opened the door slowly and peeked in. There was scaffolding everywhere and men working to repair the damage Avon dealt.

    “Should we be in here?” Dhanu whispered.

    I motioned for him to be quiet. We snuck in the Gambing Library and silently closed the door. We ran behind bookshelves and statues. I wanted to study up in a particular section.

    “What are we doing in here?” Dhanu asked yet another question.

    I ignored him. We climbed some stairs and went to a dark section of the library. When a fireball had crashed through the dome ceiling, many books were destroyed or damaged, but this section was still intact. I began searching through the scrolls and books for one that would help me.

    Dhanu read something aloud, “‘The Ten Highest Security Prisons in the Four Nations.’ You’re – you’re looking for Hyriu. Well, at least where he could be.”

    I glanced back at him before continuing my search. I took the scroll Dhanu had read aloud along with several others and stashed them in my bag. We snuck out of the library and left the palace. I hated walking through Hydronia. Seeing the destroyed houses brought back the pain and tears. I sped up the Mountain Pass.

    When we got to the top Dhanu asked, “You going to see L. E.?”

    I nodded.

    “You want me to go with you?” He put his hand on my shoulder.

    I shook my head and smiled, showing I was alright.

    “Okay, see you tonight,” he said and walked in the temple.

    I took a different route. I took one of the side passageways. I got to a curtain, which I gingerly opened. Inside was the infirmary. It was warm, damp, and dimly lit. L. E. was hard at work, along with Hana and Hushi, another Healer from Hydronia. L. E. had to heal the snapper victims here, where she could grow the herbs she needed. They decided to move all the wounded to one place, so if there was an emergency, L. E. wouldn’t have to abandon her patients. Moving the patients had been a long and tedious project. We also decided it would be best to have two healers always with L. E. I had made a habit of visiting them everyday.

    “Oh, Lamara, good to see you. You’re a little late today. May I ask what delayed you?” L. E. said happily. She always spoke in a cheery voice in an effort to lift our spirits and make things less dark and sad.

    I tapped my gold arm band meaning Dhanu.

    She nodded. “Just the usual routine today. No changes. We have avoided misfortune, but we are also not getting any good fortune either.”

    I nodded and went over to Kanshin. I helped her sit up. I began to change her bandages.

    “Hey, Lamara, I’m doing a lot better today,” she smiled.

    Her sword injury was almost completely closed up. I grabbed a bucket and a rag. I began to clean her wound. I applied more paste and rebandaged her. I helped her drink some water.

    “Thank you,” she murmured; I nodded.

    “If you keep it up at this pace, you’ll be out of here by tomorrow,” L. E. said as she wiped her hands with a rag.

    I cared for several other patients before sitting down next to Shan and Tekton. Shan was somewhat responsive. L. E. crouched down between them. She held one hand over Shan and the other over Tekton. She closed her eyes and chanted strange words under her breath. A slight glow emanated from her hands. She did that for two and a half hours. Even though I wasn’t needed there, I wanted to be there just incase they woke up. They remained unconscious, though Shan stirred slightly.

    “Shan lost a lot of blood; it will take him a while to regain his full strength. Though I’ve been studying some ancient magic, I think I found a way to speed up the process, though it will take several more hours of magic. Why don’t you go, and I’ll send for you if I need you,” she smiled.

    I nodded and walked out. I headed toward the airbender library. Many Monks and young airbenders were there. It was a circular tower with no floors or stairs. It was about ten stories high. The idea was the better you were at airbending, the higher up you could fly. The walls were just bookshelves, the difficulty rising with the altitude. I saw one of my friends, Ostria, and her little brother, Yamal. They walked up to me.

    “Lamara, hey, how are you doing?” Ostria asked. She was a bit taller than me. She had long curly brown hair and had just turned sixteen. She was also a bit of a loose cannon because she was very rebellious. The monks used to say that all airbenders had a spark of mischievousness in them, but Ostria had a roaring fire.

    I gave a nod to show I was fine. I smiled at her brother. He was the opposite of his sister. He was aspiring to be the perfect Air Nomad, and he looked the part. He had a shaven head, and his robes were in perfect shape.

    “Come to practice more airbending forms?” Ostria joked. I nodded. “Ugh, I swear Yamal is having a bad influence on you.”

    “Hey!” he protested. “Besides, I would have a good influence. If anyone would have bad influence, it would be you, Ostria.”

    “What? Me, a bad influence?” She put her hand on her chest in mock shock. “Preposterous. Run along now, dear little brother. Why don’t you go train with Deepika and Kaci, oh, and don’t forget about Ranlon.” Ostria said looking at the dreamy sixteen year old boy.

    “Of course, who would want to forget him,” Yamal snorted sarcastically. He walked over to the older airbenders. He was good enough to keep up with all of them.

    “Oh, hey, Ranlon, Deepika, and Kaci!” Ostria called over to them.

    They all looked over. Deepika and Kaci waved back. Ranlon glanced over, smiled awkwardly and lifted his hand halfway in half-hearted wave.

    “Oh my gosh, he looked at me,” Ostria whispered out of the corner of her mouth to me. “And I know what you’d say. Air Nomads don’t get married, but that does not mean I can’t appreciate his natural attractiveness.”

    I actually managed a small smile. Ostria was always like this, and being around her always put anyone in a good mood. Even if it was caused by laughing at inappropriate jokes. Before I left with Hyriu, Ostria was one of my best friends. We would sit around by the temple. She’d blow people’s robes up at the most embarrassing moments. Though with the guys, she always managed to get them shirtless with just a small gust. “It’s a talent,” she’d say. The best time was when she did it to Ranlon, a normally very awkward guy. But when she blew off his top robe showing off his lean body, he just shrugged and kept on walking. But not before smirking at Ostria’s dropped jaw. Since I’d been back, she’d been trying to get me to laugh however possible, but she hadn’t been successful.
    “So, Master Lamara, what are we learning today?” she asked in a jokingly serious voice.

    I gave no response. I created a funnel of air and rose up on it. I had no trouble rising to the fifth story, but after that I was a bit wobbly. I stopped at the eighth level, I could go higher but I wanted to finish reading all the scrolls on this level before I moved on. I searched for the next scroll to read. I found one and floated back to the floor where Ostria was waiting.

    “Which one did you pick?” She looked at the scroll. “Ooo, should be fun to watch.”

    We left the temple and walked to an open practice area. It was at the foot of the mountain the temple was built on, but most importantly, no one else was there. There was a place for air ball or balance practice as well as a circular area filled with spinning rectangular gates.

    The scroll I had picked was about creating a controlled tornado, with wind currents only effecting areas of your approval. I walked to the center of the maze of gates; Ostria sat on a rock and began playing with a squirrel. I started by swirling the wind and trying to narrow its force. I was trying to only let one ring of gates spin while the others remained still. However, four rings spun in the wind and the other two turned slightly. I tried it a few more times before rereading the scroll. I didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong, so I tried again. There was no difference. I carefully reread each word and closely studied the illustrations. As I studied, Ostria walked over, glanced at the scroll, and went to the center of the gates.

    “Lamara, watch me,” she instructed. She swirled around the air and created a tornado that moved all the gates. The strength of the tornado whipped my hair around my face and buffeted the surrounding brush. Ostria was an incredibly powerful airbender, she was just too lazy to finish all the training levels and get her tattoos. The tornado was short, and all the wind was blowing outward. “That is what you were doing. You tried to compress the tornado to control it, but that is wrong. You cannot compress air and control it. Air is the element of freedom, so you must free the air and guide it. Like this,” she said and began creating another tornado. Only this time she moved her arms in an upward swirling motion so the tornado was tall and skinny. Only one ring of gates spun, the others around it were as still as statues. “Push the air up and away from the spots you don’t want to effect.” I nodded and retook my place in the center of the gates. “I know what you’d say,” Ostria continued. “I would make a good master and teacher… blah blah blah. I know. I just don’t want to. I only teach when I want to, and that is only when I want to help my friends. And I only show my prowess when someone makes me mad, or if I want to scare a twelve year old. The first hardly ever happens, the latter, well, I do it more than I should.” she laughed; I managed a small smile.

    I began to swirl my arms slowly and moved upward. The gates began to spin. I pulled at the air currents at the base of the tornado and guided them skyward. I was able to shrink the tornado so it only moved three rings of gates. I kept at it for over an hour. The slow powerful motions were taxing; soon, beads of sweat streaked down my face, and my arms longed to relax. Finally when I was about ready to drop, only one ring of gates moved.

    Ostria clapped, “Congratulations, my talented pupil. It has been an honor teaching you-ooo.” She drew out the ‘o’ in ‘you’ as she looked toward the sky.

    I followed her gaze. Someone on a glider approached; it was Ava. She landed with a cloud of dust.

    “Lamara! Lamara!” She cried as she ran over. “Shan woke up!”

    I nodded. Ostria waved goodbye and gave me a nod, which I returned. Ava opened her glider, and I jumped on the top. We flew up to the temple and rushed into the medic. Everyone was already there.

    “How are you feeling, Shan?” L. E. was saying when we came in. “Can you speak?”

    He was still lying in bed and was blinking his eyes. He groaned, “Y-Yeah, I can… speak.” His words were slurred. “Wh-What happened?”

    “You were in the land-raft when it blew up,” L. E. said softly. “Do you remember?”

    He nodded slowly looking around. “I- I remember uh umm…thirsty, water?”

    “Lamara?” L. E. said; I was already getting some. I handed L. E. the cup. “Here you go, Shan.”

    He drank the cold water. L. E. handed me the empty cup, and I refilled it. As Shan drank the second cup, he suddenly tried to sit up.

    “Shan, you need to lay down,” L. E. pressed a hand gently on his shoulder.

    He ignored her, “We were being attacked. Avon was in Hydronia! Da-Xia, he-he saved me. Silver Mask was there-”

    “Calm down. The attack is over, they are gone now. And I’m afraid Da-Xia did not survive his injuries,” L. E. spoke in a soothing voice.

    Shan laid back down with tears in his eyes, “So if they left, did we win?” When no one answered him, he said, “We didn’t win, did we? Where are we? Is this some kind of secret hideout?”

    “No, no this is the Shui Air Temple. We didn’t lose…” L. E. trailed off.

    “Yes, we did.” Koluk spoke up bitterly. “Avon came here for one thing, and he got it.”

    “Wait, how long have I been out of it?” Shan asked in a panic.

    “A little over a week,” L. E. said quietly.

    “Over a week!” he exclaimed. “Well, if I was out that long, why isn’t Hyriu here? I know it sounds selfish but if I’ve been unconscious for a week, and all of you are here…” he got quiet toward the end. He saw the looks on everyone’s face. “Wait, is he hurt too? Is that why he’s not here?”

    “We- we don’t know where he is,” Lina managed softly.

    “What do you mean? How can you not know where he is?” Shan questioned.

    “Uh,” Lina stammered on the verge of tears.

    “Avon took him,” Koluk said darkly.

    “What?” Shan’s voice was a quiet whisper.

    “Avon took Hyriu. He knocked us out so we couldn’t stop him. They were long gone by the time we woke up,” Koluk bitterly explained.

    Shan looked around at all of us. When he spoke, his voice sounded desperate, “Well – we have to go get him.” There was an awkward silence. “Right?!” He screamed accusingly.

    L. E. was the first to speak up, “Well, at first we didn’t know what to do,” she began. “With Hyriu gone and Lamara…” everyone glanced at me. “Well, um, you were dying along with so many others. Our top priority became to search for survivors and heal the wounded. And that’s what we’ve been doing. Arnook got here a few days ago, and we’re slowly starting to rebuild. He’s just been collecting intelligence on the battle, trying to put everything together.”

    At that moment, Chief Arnook’s messenger came into the room. “Lina Zhanshi, Chief Arnook has summoned you.”

    “Again? Well, um, alright,” she said and walked out; Ava accompanied her.

    “So now that I am awake, when are we going to get Hyriu?” Shan sat up.

    “It’s not that simple-” L. E. began.

    “How is it not? I’m awake, and Arnook has his information. What else do we need?” He challenged.

    “Well, we can’t just up and leave. You’re still weak. And I have to stay here healing and caring for my patients. We would have to prepare supplies and plan carefully. And we wouldn’t even know where to begin. Where would we go? There are countless prisons in the Fire Nation. Hyriu could be in any one of them.” L. E.’s happy voice was replaced with hopeless despair.

    I nudged Dhanu and pointed to the scrolls in my bag from the Gambing Library.

    “Actually,” Dhanu interrupted. “It looks like Lamara may have found something. We got these scrolls from the Gambing Library; they are about Fire Nation prisons. Apparently, early in the war, the Water Tribe raided an Intelligence Tower and gleaned some information. The Fire nation raided the Southern Tribe multiple times. They captured all of the waterbenders and took them to a specialized prison. The prison was constructed to counteract the abilities of a waterbender. They call it, ‘The Desert.’ It’s in the Northern Fire Nation Isles.”

    Everyone was silent at the sudden revelation.
    “We can do this,” Koluk said firmly. “Hyriu needs us. We can get him back.”

    Hope was ignited in everyone’s eyes. Just then, Ava charged into the room out of breath, “Guys, it’s Lina. Arnook just accused her of high treason!”

    Ah things are already happening. I did say Book 3 wastes no time for set up, now the story will really get going.

    Chapter 3: Trial of Anger will go up Sunday.

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    Another chapter. Well there are some big moments in this chapter the come right from the cliff hanger of the last chapter. Enjoy…

    Chapter 3
    Trial of Anger

    “What?” Fai screamed loudly.

    “He said that her fighting back in The Fall of Hydronia was high treason. He will hold a formal trial tomorrow,” Ava explained.

    L. E. looked at Shan, “I guess Hyriu will have to wait.”

    Fai, Ava, Daminao, Koluk, and Taruk went after her. I decided to go with them.

    Ava led us down into the ruins of Hydronia. The sunset cast long dark shadows across the ground. We walked past the skeletons of old houses. It was thoroughly depressing to see the once magnificent city turned to piles of rubble. The worst part was how quiet it was. Not a sound could be heard in the maze of rubble. We got to her house. It actually was more than a pile of broken ice. It still had a frame and the front of it was mostly standing, though it was the only side that was. We walked through the front door. Part of the second floor was still up. Lina was sitting on a piece of frozen wood in what looked like a sitting room. She had her back to us. The others went over to her and comforted her. I stayed back. I couldn’t offer her comfort; I didn’t have any for myself. Ava and Lina began making a plan.

    “We prepared for this,” Ava kept saying.

    “You are right, I knew he would find out eventually, but I just wish it was on my terms. Not in front of the whole town in a trial,” Lina said.

    They began planning what they would say. I had forgotten how book smart Lina was. She knew all kinds of Water Tribe laws. How long a person can wait before turning in a traitor, apparently it was two weeks. She was an expert and Ava seemed to be catching on. They had a perfect plan. Lina was still solely responsible but she was able to take the blame off of everyone else. She was a really honorable person; she had no problem taking all the blame. I realized she truly was a warrior, she had an honor code that she followed and I admired her for that.

    That night, I ate supper in my room; I sat in the window. The sun had set but it was humid out. I threw the scraps out to the animals to feed on. The moon had started to rise. The sight some how made me sad; a lone tear streamed down my face. I went to sleep thinking of what the next day would bring.


    The next morning, I woke up early. I thought that I needed to look somewhat decent for the trial. I got ready; I went to meet up with Daminao and Ava. On the way, I passed Ostria; she gave me an encouraging smile. Daminao and Ava were waiting for me on the porch, along with the Monks. Arnook had called all the people that had witnessed Lina fight in the battle to testify. We all filed into the Royal Courtroom. Despite its great size, it was still packed with people. Arnook had all the court members sitting with him on the dais.

    “Now then,” he began.

    “Uh, Chief,” Koluk interrupted. He took a few steps forward away from the mass of people.

    Arnook turned his head toward Koluk, “Yes?”

    “Um we’ve been talking-” Koluk started.

    “Who?” Arnook interrupted.

    “Uh, uh me and Moji, Dhanu, and uh Shan,” Koluk answered slowly. “We’ve been talking and I just wanted to ask you something before you got started.”

    He sighed, “What is it, Koluk?”

    “We were wondering if we could go off on a mission to get Hyriu back,” Koluk finished quietly.

    The room grew still.

    “No,” Arnook said.

    “What,” Koluk gasped in shock. “But-”

    “No,” Arnook repeated more sternly. “I will not send a band of teenagers to rescue the world’s last hope. I will put together an expedition of our top men. I will send them. War is not a place for children. I will not-”

    “But haven’t we already proven ourselves?!” Koluk demanded. “We were the ones that you sent in the first place! We were the ones that started the rebellion! We fought in battles. We fought Avon. We did everything! We have seen more people suffer and die than anyone in this room! He is our friend; he never left us, NEVER! And I will not abandon him, not now!”

    “Enough!” Arnook exclaimed in a thunderous voice. “I will discuss this matter no further right now. If you so desire, we can continue this chat after the trial. Otherwise you will keep your mouth shut!”

    Koluk stepped back fuming. I had never seen him so angry. There was a moment of silence.

    “Now then,” Arnook began again. “Miss Zhanshi, will you step forward.” Lina took a few steps forward away from the crowd. “I have accused Lina Zhanshi of high treason. I have requested you all to come here to testify in her trial. I already have several testimonies from the summaries of the Fall of Hydronia. I will now present the evidence to you all. Throughout the battle, I heard many things about Miss Zhanshi. Not only did she fight in The Fall, but she fought well. She fought better than many of our warriors. Natural talent is one thing, but she was using two metal fans in a practiced form. She also fought with a sword given to her by Daminao in an effort to defend herself. She held the sword as if she had used it before, as if she was trained. From all the evidence I have gathered, I conclude that not only did Miss Zhanshi break our customs by fighting in the battle, but she also showed hints that she received illegal training for months prior.” Arnook turned directly to Lina, “Do you deny the charges?”

    Lina took a deep breath, “No, I do not deny the chargers.”

    There were gasps throughout the rooms.

    “So you admit to fighting and the illegal training?” Arnook inquired.

    “Yes, I fought in the Fall of Hydronia and I received illegal training,” she was looking Arnook dead in the eyes.

    He had a look of triumphant glee, “Lina Zhanshi, you have committed high treason against the Northern Water Tribe. However, before I give you your punishment, I ask you to reveal those that have been associated with your training in any way. If you do, I may take mercy on you.”

    Lina took another big breath, “Gladly. In secret for many months, Hyriu Jingshen trained me,” there were more gasps. “I would go to Warrior Training after school and watch the lesson. Then Hyriu would train me during the night. We told no one of my training. Then he and Koluk went on their mission. I continued my training on my own before Ava discovered my activity. She then took me to Heiwa Valley and she trained me there. Daminao also trained me, showing me how to use his swords. I did not tell any of my Water Tribe friends until only a week before Hyriu got back.”

    Arnook was silent for a minute. “Hmm, that would not be enough time for any of them to turn you in if that was their wish. Therefore I do not hold any of your Water Tribe friends accountable. As for Ava and Daminao…they are not Water Tribe citizens and the illegal actions happened outside of my jurisdiction. So I can do nothing about that. However, I hope the Monks punish them justly.”

    “We make our own decisions,” Monk Dadao said sternly.
    Arnook hesitated for a moment, and then he chuckled spitefully, “I see now you’ve all played me quite well. A nice little game but I’ve grown tired of it. Miss Zhanshi, are you absolutely sure you told no one of the Water Tribe before that week?”

    “I am absolutely sure I told no one,” Lina responded still looking Arnook in the eyes, she almost smirked.

    “And you are sure no one knew at all?” Arnook pushed further.

    “I – well,” Lina stuttered and looked away. Arnook narrowed his eyes.

    “Chief Arnook,” Taruk stepped forward. All eyes turned on him.

    “Y-Yes, um Taruk I believe it is,” Arnook glanced at Tarhik, Taruk’s father, sitting two seats down from Arnook.

    “I knew of Lina’s secret training,” for a third time, gasps sounded in the courtroom. “I observed one of the secret meetings between Hyriu and Lina. I saw him teach her illegally. Lina was not aware of it at first, until I confronted her with it. I suggested she go to the Air Nomads to train. I knew she would be protected their by law. I knew of her and Hyriu’s treason for many months, but did nothing. I’m sorry, Dad,” he glanced nervously at his father who glared back.

    “Why did you help protect her by telling her to go to the Air Nomads? Why didn’t you turn her in?” Arnook inquired.

    Taruk looked around. For once we all listened intently, I was quite curious myself. It didn’t make sense.

    “Because Hyriu and I agree on one thing if nothing else. Women should be allowed to fight. Non-benders and waterbenders. We shouldn’t force them to be healers or stay-at-home mothers. I believe that if they want, they should be trained. If Lina had not been trained, many more would be dead. I would be one of them, and so would Lamara,” all eyes went to me. “I saw Lina bravely stand between Avon’s Lieutenant and Lamara. The Lieutenant had trapped Lamara under a pile of rubble on purpose and Lina knew that, but she stood her ground anyway. Surely Lamara and I and who knows how many others, would all be dead without Lina’s brave efforts. Her actions were not actions of defiance or betrayal; they were of bravery and love for her friends. She is braver than me. I saw Lamara under that pile of rubble, but I did not go to help her, I stayed back like a coward and watched as Lina ran to help. If an act of bravery like that makes her a traitor, then I am a traitor too.” He got a confident expression on his face, then it vanished. He looked around like he couldn’t believe what he just said. He tried to regain his confident expression but without success.

    Arnook was silent for a moment, “Hmm, you are correct. You are a traitor, but not because you stand by bravery, because you did not inform anyone of the crime and you aided it. You are equally guilty of the crime.”

    “But Chief-” Taruk’s dad began.

    “No, you know our laws Tarhik,” Arnook said fiercely. “Lina Zhanshi, Taruk Imi-Suru, I have found you both guilty of high treason. There are only two punishments for this crime. Since you both came forward and confessed, I will show you mercy. You are both banished from the Northern Water Tribe never to return. If you step foot on our territory, you will be considered an enemy of the state and will be attacked on sight. I will give you to the end of the day to put your affairs in order, but by midnight you must depart and never come back.” There was a stunned silence. Arnook looked around but no one moved, “This court is adjourned, you may all leave.”

    Slowly people began to shuffle out. I couldn’t believe it. Lina and Taruk were banished. I looked at Lina. She had a firm expression, showing no weakness at all. I admired her strength and envied it. She wouldn’t allow Arnook the satisfaction of seeing her cry or breakdown. She just calmly walked out with a firm expression. Taruk on the other hand, did not look so sure of himself. He hung his head with a shocked and broken expression and limped forward.

    Lina’s parents were devastated, they were crying and trying to comfort one another, but Lina didn’t acknowledge them. We snuck away from them in the crowd and picked our way back to the ruins of Lina’s house. We all sat in the broken living room. Lina stared at the floor. No one said a word; no one knew what to say.

    Finally, Moji sighed, “Now what do we do?” She sounded defeated. The answer was obvious to me, but no one else seemed to know.

    Once I knew no one else would say it, I did, “Now, we go get Hyriu.” My voice was rough and broken, but firm. Seeing Lina show such strength helped me see my own strength. I wasn’t broken anymore; I was angry.

    Getting good don’t you think? So Taruk and Lina banished, what do you think will happen next? Next chapter is our first Hyriu chapter.

    Chapter 4: Beginning the Descent will go up Thursday.

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    Well I am sure you are all eager to see how Hyriu is doing. So let’s not waster any time, enjoy…

    Chapter 4
    Beginning the Descent

    Slowly the nightmares faded to reality, but personally, I preferred the nightmares; reality was much worse. As I regained consciousness, the pain was the first thing I felt. It blotted out all else, physical pain and mental. The mental pain was worse. Where time would mend my skin and restore my strength, time could not heal my mind. Time could not bring Wei back. He was dead, by my hand. I didn’t wield the blade myself but I might as well have.

    My eyes were still shut. I did not have the strength to open them. All I could do was feel the pain and remember the death and ruin I brought upon Hydronia. I cried. I cried in pain. I cried in sadness. I cried in fear. I cried just for the sake of crying.

    Eventually I couldn’t cry anymore. The numbness began to leave my limbs. I was kneeling. I could feel cold metal holding my ankles down. My arms were suspended to something on either side of me. I struggled to open my eyes. Even the dull light of the metal cell was too bright. I closed my eyes and tried again. I continued the process for several minutes. I was finally able to keep my eyes open without too much pain. There was a metal door in front of me. I could see four shadows under the crack of the door, like two pairs of feet standing guard. I looked around the metal room. I saw my arm and I looked away immediately. I could then feel the cold metal chains still wrapped around my arms. My right arm twitched slightly. The burned skin pulled at the cold links. I would have screamed but all that came out was a weak gasp. When I gasped, all the scabs on my lower face pulled apart. That caused even more pain. I felt two areas of my face where most of the pain came from. A burn on my chin and two snapper slashes on my right cheekbone. It was a chain reaction. When the scabs on my face opened, I arched my back in pain, which caused more scabs to open on my body. I was soon writhing in pain in a never-ending cycle.

    Eventually I was too tired to do anything but sit there as it felt like fire engulfed my body. I cried but I shed no tears. After I had mostly recovered from the spasm, I looked around the room. I saw that the chains wrapped around my arms were the same chains that were burned into my flesh. They had just used those chains to suspend my arms. The sight was so gruesome; I almost vomited. The skin on my arms was pink and white. Clear and yellow pus oozed from the rotting skin creating a foul odor. A green crust formed around the edge of the metal where it touched the skin.

    After nearly vomiting, I realized just how empty my stomach was. I didn’t know how long I had been unconscious but it was obvious I hadn’t eaten in over a day. The last time I ate was breakfast at the Shui Temple before Wei gave us his stupid lion and pig love story. Wei. I got choked up. I had killed him. My actions brought upon his death. I brooded on the thought for hours. I saw the guards change shifts twice.

    Finally, the metal door creaked open. Three guards came in. One of them nudged me with the butt of his speak; I moved slightly.

    “He’s awake!” he said startled.

    I winced at the loud voice. They pushed out and returned holding items. It was food and water. I tried to lunge for them, ignoring the pain but the chains restrained me.

    The guards laughed, “Somebody’s hungry, huh?” one mocked.

    Normally I would’ve been furious for them taunting me, but right then, I was too hungry to care. Two stood guard while the third fed me. It was just stale bread but it was the best thing I’d ever had. After that, they gave me water to drink. I drank with gusto. I was left alone after I drank and ate all they would allow.

    I soon passed out from exhaustion. I had haunting nightmares as I dozed in and out of consciousness. It got to the point where I couldn’t differentiate between dream and reality. I heard footsteps. Muffled voices began to speak. I raised my head slightly. Dark smoke drifted into the room from under the door. A cold laugh echoed from all around me. The metal on the walls rusted where the smoke touched it. The lamps flickered and cracked. One of them went out and the other dimmed so low that I feared it would go out. The smoke neared me. I was afraid of what it would do to me if it touched me. I pulled at the chains but screamed in pain. The smoke got closer. The laugh got louder. I struggled more. The smoke got closer. I screamed. The smoke got closer. It rose in front of me and formed a shadowy face with glowing red eyes. The smoke rusted the chains and they broke. I struggled to get away from the shadow.

    Then it spoke. The words were a small whisper like the smoke was trying to stay solid but struggled, but no less terrifying. “You can not escape. I am shadow. I am fear. You cannot run from shadow in a closed room. The walls are your fear. Your death is your salvation.”

    I tried to yell, but my voice escaped me. Instead, I just hugged the wall as if it could save me.

    Suddenly, the door opened and Wei came in. He was ghostly pale and his side was coated in dried blood. He walked with a limp. His eyes were milky white.

    “W-Wei,” I croaked.

    He stood there as the dark smoke surrounded him. His face was void of emotion, of life. He opened his mouth and let out a possessed groan. The groan turned into a scream.

    “Stop!” I cried.

    I put my hands over my ears. The scream turned into a roar of a crazed beast. The sound filled me with fear. Then it all just stopped. Color began to return to Wei’s face. The smoke vanished and the room returned to normal, yet Wei was still there.

    “Hy-Hyriu?” he said broken hearted. “Oh, what have they done to you?”

    He took a step toward me; I flinched.

    “Hyriu, it’s me, Wei,” he reassured.

    “B-But you died. I-I saw you die,” I whimpered.

    He nodded, “Yes, but L. E.’s magic brought me back. Then we came here. We came to get you.”

    “We?” I questioned.

    He stepped aside. In the hallway behind him were all my friends. Lamara, Moji, Dhanu, Koluk, Daminao, Ava, Shan, Tekton, L. E., Hana, Lina, and Fai. They all smiled at me warmly.

    They got me out of the chains and helped me onto the deck of the ship. I expected the whole fleet to be around us but we were on a lone ship. A Water Tribe ship was next to it.

    Fireballs came at us from all directions. My friends blocked the attacks while Wei helped me to the boat. We all climbed on and used waterbending to turn the boat around. We began to sail away.

    On the boat were more of my friends: Monk Sonam, Monk Yami, Dadao, Taruk, Kobun, Kare, Mr. Hui, Mr. Zhen, Kuhaku, Kanshin, Yang, Egalados, Gansu, Master Desu, Princess Yue, Hiko, and my parents.

    “What about Avon?” I asked Wei.

    “We didn’t see him,” he answered and stared back at the ship thoughtfully.

    I looked around at all my friends. Something seemed off. I was missing something.

    “Get down!” Wei screamed.

    Part of the ship erupted in flames. Splintered wood flew everywhere. Shan was knocked overboard in the fiery explosion.

    “Shan!” I cried.

    “It’s too late, he’s gone. We have to leave, now,” Wei urged.

    “No, we can’t leave him,” I cried. “Shan!”

    Suddenly, snappers crawled on deck. They slashed at the people. I saw them swarm Yang; they ripped him to pieces. I saw Instructor Chen get stabbed multiple times. Mr. Hui tried to protect Kare but a snapper stabbed Kare through Mr. Hui; they both went down. I saw all of them dying again. In the same way I’d seen it happen before. Soldiers stormed across the gangplank and onto the ship. Gansu was stabbed from behind, Desu in the side. Tekton was tackled by a snapper. Everyone was slaughtered around me. All I could do was watch in horror. The ship erupted in flames. The hot smoke of the fire was choking. I coughed and heaved on the deck of the burning ship. After the fit was over, I couldn’t even see the ocean or the sky. Just smoke and fire. I saw Wei make his way over to me.

    “Hyriu, are you alright?” he yelled.

    I looked up through the shadow and smoke. The smoke swirled around and burned his skin. He screamed in pain.

    “Wei!” I screamed.

    He writhed on the deck as the smoke burned him like acid. His skin blackened. His hair burned away and his eyes went white. Then the shadowy smoke enveloped him. It cloaked him in a robe of smoke and shadow. His milky white eyes glowed red and Avon laughed coldly.

    I was suddenly back in the metal cell on the ship. My arms were suspended and everything looked normal as if it never happened. That was when I realized it was just a tortuous vision. I cried. I cried and cried and cried. I heard voices outside the room but I paid them no mind.

    “He’s been crying and screaming like that for hours now,” one guard complained.

    “I know, what do you think he’s doing?” footsteps approached.

    “Beginning his descent.” Avon said.

    “His descent, sir?” the first guard asked.

    “Yes,” Avon said smugly, “he is beginning his descent into insanity.”

    Well that was…something. Hyriu is not doing good at all.

    Chapter 5: Salt in the Wound will go up Sunday.

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    Hyriu’s second chapter. I do warn you, there is one graphic scene, it’s not all that bad but I think it will make you cringe. Enjoy.

    Chapter 5
    Salt in the Wound

    I had strange nightmares. There were no distinct images, just flashes. There were disembodied voices calling to me. Bright bursts of light and sudden darkness. There were hundreds of voices, male and female, calm and angry, happy and sad, old and young; all calling to me. It was driving me crazy. I felt like I should listen to them but then it could have just been another vision. I decided to drive the voices from my head. I closed off my mind and secluded myself to my depressing thoughts.

    I don’t know how much time had passed. With no windows and the constant rocking of the ship, time was impossible to tell. The guards came in periodically to feed me.

    A schedule began to form. I would sleep. I would hear the voices. I would sleep again. Then I would eat. With that schedule, I began to build up a small amount of strength. They gave me enough food to not starve. Without the nagging thought of hunger, I could think clearer. My head was still filled with distant whispers. With my cleared head, one thought became prominent, I had to escape. I was a prisoner. Avon had taken me from my friends and from my home. I wasn’t going to be a good prisoner. I began discovering the guard patterns. I watched the shadow’s of the guards’ feet to see when the shift change was. I also studied the faces and attitudes of the guards. I learned their voices and faces.

    I was able to recognize the different guards. I named them based on their traits. Two guards treated me better than the others. If they came in to feed me and I was unconscious, some guards would hit me until I responded, others yelled at me or nudge me harshly. But the kind guards would simply put the bowl of water up to my lips and I would wake up. There was an older one and a young one. I named the young one Guard Tekton and the older one Guard Wei. Guard Tekton looked in his early twenties. He was always kind, but fearful. Whenever he came in with another guard, he tried to be kind but was also scared of the older meaner guards. He looked like he had just joined the army but was forced to do so.

    Guard Wei was an elderly man. He looked like he had seen too much hardship and done too many things and was tired of it. He had done his service and was ready to leave. Unlike Guard Tekton, Guard Wei wasn’t afraid to show me kindness and would snap at the other guards if they said something about it.

    On the other hand, there were three guards that were not so kind. The worst of the three I deemed Guard Taruk. He had a gruff face with a black goatee. He hit me on a regular basis and he would accidentally drop my bread and spill my water. Guard Tekton was terrified of him and would sometimes share in my abuse. The other two unkind Guards were Guard Kobun and Guard Kare. Guard Kobun wasn’t as bad as Guard Taruk, but he was still pretty awful. Guard Kare was only bad if he was with Guard Taruk or Guard Kobun. If he was with any of the other guards, he was alright. The last of the six guards was Guard Kuhaku. He just didn’t seem to care. He didn’t care enough to hit me but he also didn’t care enough to be kind. However compared to the other three, he seemed kind.

    I began to study which guards worked what shifts. It was a pattern, Tekton and Kobun to Kare and Taruk to Wei and Kuhaku. Then it altered: Wei and Kobun to Kuhaku and Kare to Tekton and Taruk. That was the pattern. It repeated over and over, though the time of day decided which pair of guards would feed me. Each shift lasted four and a half hours from what I could tell. With that information, I began to devise an escape plan. The ideal time would be when Kare and Taruk are guarding and about to feed me. I didn’t want to do it with the others because they were kind to me but those two; I was fine with attacking them.

    I counted the days, measured the hours and built up my strength. Even though I couldn’t perfectly measure the days, my natural sense of time guided me. I waited days until the time came. I saw the shadows shift signaling the shift change. Dinner would arrive in about an hour. I decided that was enough time to recover from ripping off the chains.

    I pulled at the chains with my right arm. The skin clung tightly to the metal. I stifled a scream of pain. I pulled again, harder this time. The tiniest fraction of burned skin tour away from the metal with more pain than anything I’d ever felt. I could not stifle that scream. I let loose my agony through my voice. The sound echoed off the metal walls.

    “Shut up in there or I’ll beat you until you can’t scream anymore!” Guard Taruk shouted at me.

    I pulled again. Again a fiery agony overtook me and I lost control.

    “That’s it!” Taruk said and opened the door. He saw the bit of skin I had pulled free. “Oh, well looky here, looks like someone was trying to escape.”

    I panicked. I tried to rip my arm free, but Taruk was quicker. Before I could blink, the butt of his spear came at my face and everything went dark.

    I woke up to a tall dark figure in front of me.

    “Salutations, young Hyriu,” Avon greeted mockingly. I looked away. “Oh, are you embarrassed? You know, being a prisoner agrees with you. In fact I have never seen you in a more miserable state. It is such a sweet victory for me to see you like this. You are probably the hundredth foe I have come across that I have seen in chains, and I must say, every one of them is just as savory as the first. Perhaps even better, because I know what others looked like and I try to imagine what your face will look like when all is lost but you know; the real thing is always better. But I am not here to just enjoy my victory. No, I am here because you tried to pull a little stunt and that will not do. I can’t have you escaping. No, now I see that I haven’t seen you when all is lost, you still have a bit of hope and defiance left in you.” He walked over to my right arm and ran his hand along the chains and burned skin, his black fingers radiated a numbing cold. “But in time that will be alleviated. One thing I have learned, even the bravest of heroes can endure only so much pain before he reaches his limit and finally breaks.” When he said ‘breaks’ he ripped my right arm free of the chains in one swift movement.

    The pain was excruciating. A blood curdling cry escaped my lips. I sounded like one of Avon’s snappers. A cold thought then entered my head. What if the screams the snappers unleashed were the cries of pain from all of Avon’s previous enemies he had encountered? As soon as I thought it, I knew it to be true. Their cries were the cries of all those that had been in my situation, and now my scream would be added to their multitude. Avon smiled coldly at me as if he knew the conclusion I had just reached. He examined my arm and then grabbed the chain and re-wrapped my arm in it.

    “Just something to think about the next time you want try and escape,” he said and the chain glowed orange. He re-burned the chain into my flesh reopening so many wounds and earning more screams of pain from me.

    He strode out of the room leaving me to my misery. I continued to scream. But he hadn’t defeated me yet. A new idea came into my mind. I was caught because I couldn’t endure the pain and screamed, so I would continue to scream. I would scream and scream and scream. Until I could scream no more, then I would scream again. Then I would earn my freedom. I would tear open my throat with my screams. Rip it up so I physically couldn’t scream anymore.

    The next chance I had to escape would be in two days. So I screamed for two days. I screamed for as loud as I could for as long as I could. Occasionally, the guards would beat me into unconsciousness to silence me, but as soon as I regained consciousness, I screamed. For a day and a half, I burdened the crew with my screams. Then, finally in the midst of the night, or so I thought, my voice left me. The last few hours my screams had been unusually hoarse and taxing. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer, and I was right. Several hours before Taruk and Kare would feed me, my voice left me. I tested my tactic more than once. I tried to scream on my own, only a breathless gasp was heard. I then pulled at the chain to unleash a true scream, still only a gasp, like a whisper in the wind. I coughed up blood, but even my coughs were like silent gasps of breath. I had achieved my goal.

    The time came when I knew what I had to do. I had roughly forty five minutes until Taruk and Kare would open the door to feed me for the day. I controlled my breathing. I entered a meditative state. I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth. I looked at each of my arms and the chains burned into my flesh. I went into Stage One to give myself strength. I took a deep breath and pulled on my right arm. The skin clung to the metal links. In several places my arm pulled free of the chain. In other areas the chain still clung to my arm and trudged at the burned skin. The worse part was when the flesh ripped off my arm revealing the fleshy, bloody undersurface. I screamed in agony; it was just a small whisper. I gave another pull and my right arm came free, with more flesh being ripped. I slumped on the floor with my bleeding and exposed but free right arm; the left one was still bound in chains. I was still screaming in silence. A deathly whisper escaping my chapped and bleeding lips. Hot tears spilling out of my eyes as warm blood and pus leaked from my arm. I focused to stay in Stage One. I heaved another great puff of air and pulled my left arm: skin ripped, puss leaked, and blood sprayed. The chain still held onto bits of my arm; I continued to pull. I pulled harder. Finally, the chain released my arm but bits of flesh still clung to the clinking metal.

    I laid on the floor, still whispering a scream. My eyes stung from the hot tears that still flowed. I laid like that for several minutes. I finally stopped crying. Every breath was a painful wheeze. I felt the humidity in the air: the water. I focused my breathed and extended my bending sense. I pulled the water toward me as little droplets. I felt puddles forming by my feet. I moved the water to my ankle chains. I froze the water. I had a flash of pain. A sorrowful thought echoed in my mind. It was a flashback. I was in chains again. I cut them. More chains came at me.

    I pushed the memory back. I froze the chains holding my ankles down, distorting and weakening the metal. Then I melted the water. The chains fell apart freeing my feet. I continued to lay there. I still had half an hour until meal time. I steadied my breathing. I resumed my gathering of water. I rebuilt my strength. It grew with the puddle.

    I lost track of time. I had a rather large puddle so deep; both my feet were completely submerged. I held the water back so it didn’t leak out under the door. I heard a door creak, footsteps neared.

    “Dinner, time already?” Guard Taruk asked.

    “Yes,” a third voice said. It was the same man every time, he never stood guard but he always brought the food.

    “I see you spared no expense in preparing the meal,” Guard Kare retorted sarcastically.

    “Of course, only the finest for our lovely guest,” the cook responded with the same sarcastic tone.

    I prepared myself. They said a few other things but either I didn’t hear them clearly or I was too focused to comprehend words. The cook walked away after handing one of them a tray like he always did. I would take out who ever wasn’t holding the tray first. I heard the clinking of keys. I took a deep breath. I heard the key turn. I looked up. The door opened.

    Guard Taruk and Guard Kare started to walk in; Kare had the tray.
    “Hey – what the-!” Taruk exclaimed.

    “How did you-?” Kare began.

    I didn’t hesitate. I thrust my arms forward, provoking a great stinging but also unleashing the water. Kare was smacked into unconsciousness. I didn’t let Taruk get any time to react. Before he could yell, I froze the water on his head and bended him into a wall. He crumpled to the floor in a heap. I melted the water around his head.

    I fell to my knees. Moving my arms had caused an uproar of pain. Blood and pus still leaked from the open wounds. I could barely stand it. I knew I would barely be able to move my arms let alone use them to bend.

    I stood there for a minute or two, resting. I airbended the food into my mouth. I also airbended the two guards into my cell and locked the door. I tiptoed through the hallways. Air was my primary element. It was the stealthiest and there was an abundance of it. I used it to soften my footsteps and quicken my pace. A door opened farther down in the hallway. I sped forward, running on the wall. As soon as the soldier walked through the doorway, I pushed off the wall and kicked him in the head. I used airbending to cushion both our landings. I heard voices nearing from another hallway. I airbended the guy back where he came from and followed after him. I closed the door just as the voices entered the hallway. I followed the new hallway. It lead to some stairs. The stairs led to the deck of the ship. I climbed them up halfway and listened. I heard several voices talking about sea currents and weather. I counted four of them about fifteen feet away by the sound of their voices. I assumed there were at least three others with or near them. I summoned the winds underneath me. I built up tension. I took a deep breath. I had to focus hard to stay in Stage One. I leapt up the stairs and kicked a whirlwind at the men. My guess was slightly off. There were only six of them. The rush of air knocked them off their feet. I heard a rushing sound behind me. The air grew warm. At the last second I realized what it was. I jumped, airbending assisted, spun around, and landed. I kicked gusts of wind at the assailants.

    Using only my feet to bend was challenging at best. My arms would flare up in pain at the slightest provocation.

    More men stormed out of the ships tower. I looked around; the ship I was on was near the back of a large fleet. The soldiers were signaling other ships so they could help close me in.

    “Someone notify the Admiral!” a soldier cried.

    “Time to go,” I thought.

    I ran for the side of the ship. I heard cries. I tried to enter Stage Two but I didn’t have enough strength. I stumbled. The firebenders seized their chance. A wave of fire surged at me. I heaved myself over the side of the ship.

    I slowed my fall with airbending and created a sheet of ice to land on. Fireballs crashed into the water around me creating a cloud of steam. I whipped up the currents and created a wave. The wave carried me past the ships and out the back of the fleet. They tried to fire at me but their fire fell short. I continued forward. I was doing it; I was escaping.

    Thunder boomed overhead. I swore the sky had been clear before but now it was filled with dark thunderheads. I put all my power into that wave. I began to panic. I couldn’t go back not after all I went through to get out.

    I glanced back. A dark stream of smoke rose from the fleet. It flew at me in great haste. A bolt of lightning shot out from the smoke and connected with my ice rafter; the raft exploded.

    My momentum threw me forward. I flailed my legs wildly freezing a patch of ice. I hit the ice and slid. My arms rubbed against the cold ice. The rubbing burned but the cool surface steamed back the irritation. I laid there enjoying the blissful cold.

    A voice melted away my content. It was a mocking voice. It laughed. The laugh was cold, distant and terrifying. The cold of the ice numbed the pain. The cold of the voice was like frostbite.

    Avon landed in front of me on the ice. “Are we done playing tag?” he mocked and walked over to me, “because you’re it.”

    He jabbed his index finger into my arm; I gasped in pain.
    “It was a good effort, more than I expected,” Avon admitted. “I must say though, I am impressed with the lengths of what you did to escape. I mean, intentionally tearing up your throat so you wouldn’t scream when tearing off the chains, now that is determination. I underestimated your intellect and will, but I am glad you are more of a threat than what I first thought, I like a challenge.”

    I glanced up at him, secretly building up my power.

    “And you got this far, in the state you’re in, also impressive,” he continued.

    Without warning, I rose up and whipped around my legs. I broke up the ice raft and sent the frozen chunks at Avon. Caught off guard, Avon was distracted by my attack. I created a water spout and rode on that to get away. With only being able to use my legs, the water spout was sloppy and on the verge of collapse. Avon’s laughter echoed behind me. I felt another force pull on the torrent of water. All at once, it collapsed. I crashed into the ocean. That was when the pain began. My arms seemed to be lit ablaze it hurt so much. I screamed and let all the air rush out of my lungs. No matter how still I tried to be, my arms continued to burn. The salty ocean water filled my mouth – the ‘salty’ water. Salt. That was why my arms were burning. They were open wounds exposed to salty water. I had to get to the surface. I propelled myself upward using my legs. I broke the surface. I spit out the water and sucked in the air. Before I could enjoy it, I sank into the waves again. My arms burned as if acid had been poured on them. I used all my bending power but it was barely enough to keep my head above the water. Avon just watched. His hood shadowed his face as he glided above the water. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer. Just as my last bit of strength waned, Avon lifted me out of the water. I was able to see the smug look of satisfaction on his face before I passed out.

    Hyriu just can’t catch a break. Avon is really toying with him slowly destroying him. We will soon see the effect it is having.

    Chapter 6: The Doctor and the Butcher will go up Thursday.

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    A longer chapter today. And a very good one. WARNING: A lot of graphic and disturbing descriptions. I do not recommend eating while reading this chapter. Enjoy.

    Chapter 6
    The Doctor and the Butcher

    I had nightmare flashbacks. I saw Avon arrive. I saw the attack on Gulanoth. I saw Hydronia destroyed. I heard the screams of people just before they died. I heard my mother scream my name. I relived her death over and over. Each time the pain increased tenfold. Then a booming voice cried out:


    I woke up in a fright. I was back in my metal room. There were two people with me. One was Guard Tekton. The other one I did not recognize. My arms were suspended like before, but this time, my wrists were shackled. They were both staring at me in shock.

    The one I didn’t recognize spoke first, “You gave us quite a scare young man. Thrashing about and yelling. A nightmare I suppose. How are you feeling?” He had a slightly raspy but gentle voice.

    I stared at him blankly not sure what to do.

    “Go on, use your voice. While you were unconscious I feed you some honey and herb extract, it should have healed your throat some,” he urged kindly.

    I wet my lips and tried to speak. I only managed a small grunt. The man nodded encouragingly. “M-My throat…hurts,” I was finally able to say.

    The man smiled. “Yes, you’ll have a sore throat for a long time. Your voice will be rough and raspy. I don’t know if it will heal completely. We will just have to wait and see, though I do not recommend damaging your throat in such away again. As for your arms, that is going to be much more difficult. The burns were third degree all around. And they went unattended for several days. There will be heavy scarring and I’m not sure if they’ll be as strong as they once were. You have several deep gashes and burns all over your body but none of them are too serious. You’re a fighter, I’ll give you that.”

    “Who – who are you?” I grimaced. He offered me a honey colored drink. I gulped it down and it soothed my throat.

    “My name is Isha, I am one of the best doctors in the Fire Nation,” he answered. “So naturally Oz-I mean ‘Fire Lord’ Ozai forced me to tend to his wounded soldiers. Ah anyway I will be visiting you daily to check up on you. It’s my job to keep you alive. Since we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other, may I ask what your name is?”

    “Hy-Hyriu,” I croaked.

    “Hmm Hyriu, well it is unfortunate that we met this way but it is good to meet you all the same,” he smiled.

    I gave a weak nod in return.

    “I am required to have a guard with us at all times, though I get to pick which one I want,” he winked. “I’m a pretty good judge of character. I could tell the good guards from the bad. There’s this young man and the elder man. They are the best I can tell.” Guard Tekton shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I’m going to wrap up your arms and then that’ll be all for today, that is, unless you try to escape again and hurt yourself again.”

    He wrapped up my arms and left me. I was fed a few hours later. The hours of solitude had their ups and downs. The ups were the hours when I just stared blankly at the floor with only the voices in my head for company. The downs were the phases of depression, nightmares, and visions. I couldn’t differentiate between them any more. I kept reliving every bad thing I had experienced. Everything from failing a history test to the death of Wei.

    I also had more visions of escaping. I would see my friends arrive and bust me out. One time Isha helped me escape. Then the ship got caught in a storm and crashed. I escaped again and again, but none of them were real. It got to the point that I wasn’t sure what was real and what was fake. I got a habit of talking to the doctor, Isha. I mentioned my concern. He told me that whenever I was unsure if I was dreaming or not, to count my fingers and toes. No dream or vision was perfect, there would be flaws somewhere. In most dreams, he said, people have an extra finger. I began to count my fingers and toes on a regular basis.

    The visions were not the only way I was tortured. Physical torture was a specialty of the Fire Nation. I was introduced to a person called The Butcher. The name fit because he always had a belt with knives hanging from it. They all had dried blood on them, as if he just slit a few throats on his way to my cell. No guards were allowed in the room when The Butcher was there. The first time I met him wasn’t pleasant.

    The door creaked open and he strolled in and slammed it shut. I looked up at the lanky man. An array of dirty knives hung from his belt, all varying in size. He regarded me with a look like a new toy.

    “I’d introduce myself but you wouldn’t recognize my name. To you, I’ll just be known as a demon, as The Butcher. If you think you’re in Hell now, just you wait,” he mocked fingering a particularly large knife. “I will make this a living Hell for you. And the best part, the Admiral has given me free rein. I can do whatever I want to you, as long as the Doctor can repair most of the damage. As long as you’re alive, he doesn’t care all that much.” He unleashed a laugh that truly frightened me. It wasn’t like Avon’s, his was a laugh of Darkness and power. But The Butcher’s laugh was of a maniac. He was completely insane. He knew no bounds. He had no rules. He tortured people for pure enjoyment. That was terrified me. I was trapped in a room with an armed maniac.

    “Now then, where to start, where to start?” he muttered to himself. He grabbed a skinny small knife. “Hmm your arms look a little infected. I should probably remove the infected parts, eh?” he smiled sinisterly.

    He advanced forward and grabbed my right arm. I grunted in pain.

    “Oh did that hurt, I’m sorry,” he mocked. He grabbed a flabby piece of skin and pulled on it. The skin was white and dripping in pus as if it was diseased cheese. I winced in pain. He used the razor to cut off the skin. He examined the rest of my arms and cut off the rest of the diseased skin. The cold blade stung and burned. I wanted so bad to beg for him to stop, to plead. I wanted to burst into tears, but I knew he wanted that. I remained quiet. I grimaced in in pain and gasped, but I didn’t beg or cry.

    “Well, wasn’t that fun?” he asked as he rounded on me. “Unfortunately play time is over, for now.” he strolled out whistling.

    Shortly after, the doctor came in with Guard Wei. He grimaced when he saw my arms.

    “I see you’ve met that monster,” he spat. He had a bucket and towel along with a leather casing of something. Guard Wei had several boxes of bandages and splints. “I had to be prepared. I didn’t know what he would do to you.”

    “You- You knew he would come?” I spoke with difficulty.

    He nodded his head with regret. “Yes. I found out a few hours ago. He is a truly vile man, well he isn’t a man, he is a monster.”

    “The Butcher…is insane,” I managed. My breathing was labored. I had to take a breath between each word.

    “The Butcher hmm,” Isha mused. “A fitting name if ever there was one.”

    “Indeed,” Guard Wei agreed.

    They washed the wounds and slathered them with paste. I began to grow fond of Isha. He was kind and actually showed distaste for what was happening to me. He only ever brought Guard Wei or Tekton with him.

    I was dumbstruck with how kind they were. They were Fire Nation soldiers and yet they were kind. It made me think about how many kind soldiers I had fought. How many men had died because of me? Men with families. Men with wives, children, mothers and fathers. The thought was too much for me to handle.

    However, for all the kindness the doctor showed me, The Butcher showed ten times as much brutality. Every time I saw him, I filled with such dread it was deafening. I’d felt dread before, but this it was more than just dread. All the times before, I knew something bad would happen but I could at least do something about it. I could try and stop it. In that room chained up, I was helpless. I filled with dread because I knew I was about to me humiliated, forced to scream, to cry, to beg. And there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    Then there were the voices. I never could discern any words, but they were whispers alright. Back in the corner of my mind. They pushed and pried at my thoughts. I blocked them out. I knew it must be the spirits trying to talk to me, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t help me. And I didn’t want anyone to see me in that state, chained up, helpless, weak. I didn’t want to be humiliated further by getting their sympathy.

    I didn’t know where The Butcher got his torture ideas but they definitely came from a dark and twisted mind. One day he came in tossing a lemon and catching it casually. He sat down on a box of medical supplies. The doctor had them moved into my room so he didn’t have to carry everything back and forth. The Butcher grabbed one of his knives and looked at it with a maniacal glint in his eyes. He stood up and skipped over to me humming as he did so. He pushed the tip of the blade into my bandaged arm.

    “Say, Hyriu?” he said happily. “Have you ever tried lemon?”

    He then dragged the knife forward slowly, moving it in in rhythm of his voice. I didn’t respond, only winced.

    “I haven’t, though I think I will,” he continued to drag the knife up my arm across my chest and down my other arm. “But not yet!”

    He jabbed the blade into my right shoulder. I grunted in pain. He turned to me and smiled as if he were amused.

    “You never answered my question,” he leaned toward me, twisting the blade in my shoulder. “Have you ever tried lemon?”

    I glared into his cold eyes, “No.” Then I spat in his face. He ripped the knife out of my shoulder and slashed me across my mouth. I tasted warm blood.

    “Well good, I would like to see if you like it or not so I knew if it is a good snack.” He hadn’t whipped my saliva off his face which really bothered me. He just let it drip down his face as he spoke. He then used the bloody knife to peel the lemon. He ripped off a piece of the lemon skin and looked at the fresh cuts on my arms, now dripping blood that pooled on the floor. “Please tell me how you like it,” he said with maniacal glee.

    He shoved the lemon skin into the new cuts, squeezing the lemon juice into the wound. I clenched my teeth. It stung so much. It felt worse than sandpaper rubbing my arms, and I knew how that felt, The Butcher did that the day before. He then dragged the lemon skin over all the cuts on my left arm. The lemon juice felt worse than the seawater, so much worse. I couldn’t help it, I screamed.

    “Oh, is it sour?” he mocked.

    He threw that peel to the floor and cut off another. He repeated the process. I screamed in agony and The Butcher answered my screams with his own villainous remarks. My arms were covered in blood and lemon juice, and he only used half of the lemon peel. He pulled off another part of the lemon, not the peal but the actual juicy fruit this time. He grabbed a strange clamp and grabbed my head. He forced the clamp on my head and it forced my eye to stay open. With his free hand, he leveled the chunk of lemon a few inches over my eye; he squeezed. The juice dripped into my eye. I screamed. The juice stung and burned. Hot tears streamed down my face and burned on the way. He switched eyes and the burning increased. My vision blurred but before it went away, I saw The Butcher put the last of the lemon in his mouth.

    “Hmm I did enjoy that snack,” he walked out.

    My eyes still watered from the juice. I couldn’t see anything clearly. I cried silently for several minutes. Losing my sight was horrible. I heard footsteps and the door opened. I couldn’t tell who it was but I saw two figures. I stopped crying and I waited for some indication to know who it was.

    One of them sighed, “Hyriu.”

    I recognized the voice, “Isha,” I resumed crying. “I – I can’t see anything.

    “What was it?” he asked. I felt him unbinding my arms and muttering things to the guard.

    “Lemon juice,” I sobbed.

    “I’ll have to work fast so no permanent damage is done,” Isha said rummaging through the different crates. “Okay Hyriu, this is going to hurt. I am going to flush it out with clean water. Try not to bend the water at me.”

    He splashed the water into my eyes, doing one at a time. It hurt and it took all my willpower to not bend the water out of my eye. I blinked and slowly the pain lessened.

    “There we go, you’re eye sight will take some time to be fully restored and even them I’m not sure I got the juice out in time,” Isha explained.

    “Why – why is he doing this to me?” I pleaded still crying.

    “Admiral Chan’s orders. I have noticed he has been different for the past few weeks. He has been unusually cruel. He seems to want to break you down into nothing. He wants you to break down completely,” Isha said gravely.

    “I – I don’t know how much more of this I – I can take. H-How long are we going to – to be at sea?” I asked.

    “We will arrive to port tomorrow, but I believe the Admiral intends to keep you here until you break. Or for as long as he can if you don’t break.”

    I hung my head and cried silently. “I just want it to be over. I just want to go home. I want Hydronia to be fixed. I want Wei to be alive and Chen and Tekton, and Meili and Sh-Shan – I’m so sorry Shan,” I broke down.

    I was so horrible to Shan and I never apologized. Then he went to the land raft just as I told him, and it blew up.

    A hand laid on my shoulder. It wasn’t Isha’s light wrinkly hand, no this was strong but gentle. I looked up, my vision was still clouded but I could tell it was the guard standing in front of me.

    “It’s alright,” a voice said. It was a young uncertain voice, shaky but kind. I had heard all the other guards speak so immediately I knew who it was: Guard Tekton. “You’ll get through this. You’re stronger than any person I’ve seen. I saw you during the Fall of Hydronia. I’ve never seen anyone fight like you. You were willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends and family. I don’t know if I could do that. You gave yourself up, right in front of everyone. You stood up to that- that thing that claims to be Admiral Chan. Now show your friends and that monster how strong you are be getting through this.”

    There was an awkward silence.

    He stepped back, “Uh sorry.”

    “Th-Thank you,” I managed.

    Later that night. Guard Tekton visited me. He brought some tea and a bowl of noodles.

    “Here,” he whispered.

    I sipped some tea and he fed me noodles.

    “Where did you get this?” I asked amazed.

    “It’s my dinner,” he looked away. I stopped eating. “No, it’s okay. You need it more than me. I get three meals a day, you barely get one.”

    I ate the noodles begrudgingly. Guard Tekton would visit me almost every night. He would bring food and drinks. Sometimes we would sit in silence other times he would talk to me, tell me about his life before his parents forced him into the army. His little comforts were enough to keep me sane. I knew that without his kindness, I would have fallen into insanity long ago.

    But with his kindness, Avon and The Butcher brought more pain. The visions were very subtle, so subtle I wasn’t sure when they began or when the ended. I constantly counted my fingers and toes to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. The Butcher walked in on one of these moments.

    “Counting your fingers eh? Now why is that?” he inquired. I looked away. “Not going to tell me huh? Well that’s alright. I don’t need to know. Whatever the reason is, I’m sure it isn’t good.” he pulled a small knife from his belt. It was a short blade but sharp. For a brief second , I saw my reflection. I didn’t recognize myself at first. My face was covered in scars and scratches. My eyes had sunken into my skull and they were bloodshot and rimmed with red. The sight of myself was horrible. That was what I had been reduced to. I counted my fingers, looking for reassurance. I wanted to find an extra finger, to show I was dreaming, but I didn’t, ten fingers and ten toes.

    “That’s enough of that,” The Butcher said. He grabbed my right hand. “You don’t need the middle one, do you?”

    I struggled. He lowered the blade to my middle finger. I wiggled my fingers, trying to break his grip.

    “None of that now, wouldn’t want to lose any more fingers,” he sneered.

    He began slicing at the skin. At first it felt like a severe paper cut. It stung but the pain kept increasing. He wasn’t being careful either. My other fingers were being cut as I resisted. Then the blade got down to the bone. I felt the cold steel grinding the bone. The feeling itself almost made me pass out. The Butcher grabbed my finger and twisted it sideways. I screamed as the bone cracked. He sliced some more. He had a process. Break and slice, break and slice. I don’t know how long that process was but it felt like a lifetime of pain. When it was done and he held my severed finger, he looked at it. He didn’t seem satisfied with his work. He proceeded to cut off three toes, two on my left, one on my right. On my left foot, it was the middle toe and the one next to the big toe. One the right is was the toe next to the little one. I was barely conscious when he left. He stomped on the toes and finger on his way out.

    His tortures got worse. The next day he had two firebenders assist in heating an iron rod and pressing it against my back. He did it three times. One day he put a green substance on my wrist and ankle cuffs. It burned my skin on contact. He also feed me some strange concoction. I later realized it wouldn’t let me sleep. Every time I began to nod off, a painful jolt went through my body. Isha explained it’s medical purposes. They would give small doses to patients if they had a head injury or something like that. I was literally on the edge of exhaustion. He always gave me just enough so it didn’t wear off. He then gave me other substances. He forced them down my throat if I resisted. The side effects were nightmares, pain, and nausea. The room spun. I would sway in my chains on the verge of throwing up. He did a great many other things but I couldn’t list all of them.

    One night, as I was ripped out of nightmares every few seconds with a jolt, I heard footsteps. It wasn’t time for anyone to visit me, they should all have been asleep. It couldn’t have been Guard Tekton either as he had already visited me that night. It was several pairs of feet, they reached the door.

    A cold and familiar voice spoke, “I’d like to see our guest, if you don’t mind,” Avon said.

    “Yes, sir,” Guard Taruk said and the door opened.

    In walked six people. Four of them were normal soldiers, but the two in front, they were two people I had never seen but looked strangely familiar.

    “Ah Hyriu,” even though I had never seen his face, I recognized Avon’s voice immediately. He was not wearing his hooded black cloak. He was in his human form. He had a defined jaw and cheekbones. His face was angled and inhuman like. Like L. E.’s disguise, he had normal human qualities just with an exotic look. His eyes were golden red. His hair was jet black. He wore regal Fire Nation armor. A crimson cape flowed down from his shoulders. Next to him was the second in command by the look of it. He wore a Fire Nation helmet. I didn’t recognize his face. It was narrow and pale. He had green vivid eyes and a long scar down his face that went from his left eyebrow to the right edge of his mouth.

    “Well, what are we going to do with him?” the officer asked. I recognized his voice: Silver Mask. The scar must have been from when Lina slashed his mask. It struck me that Silver Mask wasn’t a Shadow Eater. He wasn’t some dark magic of Avon. He was a real man with flesh and blood.

    “I think he needs a new kind of torture. He has endured as much physical pain as we can offer at the current time. So, Lieutenant what do you think about moving him to The Desert?” Avon asked.

    “I think that is an excellent idea. A new kind of torture,” the Lieutenant said.

    “To The Desert he shall go. You have your orders,” Avon said and smiled evilly.

    “Yes, sir, Admiral Chan,” the guards said.

    ‘He had some how convinced everyone he was Admiral Chan,’ I thought. I then began to wonder what ‘The Desert’ was and what tortures awaited me. Silver Mask walked over to me and made me drink something. Instantly I began to fall asleep despite the jolts and nightmares. Just before I passed out, I thought of Isha and Guard Tekton and how I never got to say goodbye…

    Well that was pretty messed up. Though we got some interesting things, eh? We got to see what Avon and Silver Mask look like. Next chapter we return to Heiwa Valley and Lamara.

    Chapter 7: Gathering Forces will go up Sunday.

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    There is going to be a pattern. 3 chapters with Lamara, 3 with Hyriu, 3 with Lamara, and so on. Personally, in the beginning of the book anyway, Lamara’s storyline is my favorite. So let’s get back into it. Enjoy.

    Chapter 7
    Gathering Forces

    “No! And that is final!” Chief Arnook finished. We had gone to him and asked again if we could go after Hyriu. “And I thought I banished you,” he pointed an accusing finger at Lina.

    “You gave me until the end of the day, it is not midnight just yet,” Lina snapped.

    Arnook let out a disapproving sigh.

    “I advise caution, Chief,” Torriku muttered. “She is in her teen years, the lot of them. It could be that time of the month when they get-”

    “When they get what?” I shouted. Everyone looked at me in shock.

    “Lamara, when did you start talking again?” Arnook asked desperately trying to save the conversation.

    “Come on, Head of Hydronia, please tell us what time of the month it is,” I challenged.

    He looked at me with disapproval. “Enough!” Arnook shouted. “I will not have pointless arguments in my courtroom! I think it would be best if you all left.”

    We turned to walk out. As we were walking, I heard Torriku mutter to Arnook, “I think that one is engaging in sexual activities. I’ve heard they get more temperamental when they are with child.”

    I stopped walking and turned slowly, “What did you just say?”

    He looked at me, caught off guard. “I-”

    “You think I’m having sex!?” I demanded.

    “You’re not denying it,” he smirked.

    I formed an air ball, but before I could throw it, Lina grabbed my arm, “Lamara don’t.”

    “Listen to your friend,” he taunted; Arnook buried his face in his hands.

    Lina looked at Torriku, “I’m glad I was banished. I don’t want to be apart of any society with people like you in them.”

    “There are people like me everywhere, you’re an outcast and no one will accept you.” Torriku retorted.

    Lina looked away, a tear in her eye. I had never felt so angry before. I felt the air pressure in the room build up. Suddenly all the windows imploded. I ignored it and strode forward, the others followed me. Right when I stepped past the doors, I slammed them both shut with airbending.

    “What a jerk,” Fai said.

    “I can’t believe they replaced Wei with…him,” Ava agreed.

    “So now what do we do?” Koluk asked.

    “I do not know, but I have to leave,” Lina said sadly.

    “No, you don’t,” Ava chirped.

    “What do you mean? I am banished,” Lina asked.

    “From the Northern Water Tribe, not from Heiwa Valley. We talked to Monk Dadao, he was happy to accept our proposal,” Daminao smiled.

    “And your proposal was what now?” Lina inquired.

    “For you to live in the Air Temple,” Ava and Daminao said together.

    Lina’s face lit up, “What? Really?” They nodded. “What if Arnook finds out?”

    “He can’t do anything, it isn’t in his jurisdiction,” Koluk realized. “That’s genius!”

    We helped Lina get her belongings. Her parents were delighted when we told them Lina would be living with the airbenders. We were about the head to the Mountain Pass, when Lina stopped.

    “Wait,” she said. She whispered to Ava.

    Ava muttered back, “Yeah, yeah, I think so.”

    “Follow me,” Lina instructed. We followed her through the maze of ruined houses. We came to what was left the Warrior Training Field. Part of the circular stands had collapsed. Lina walked inside, we followed. In the center, a lone figure sat on some rubble. We walked over to the person.

    “Taruk?” Lina announced our presence.

    Taruk jumped and looked back at us and relaxed. “So you’re leaving I guess.”

    “Yes, what about you, do you have your stuff packed?” Lina asked kindly.

    “You say it like we’re going on a little vacation,” Taruk snorted. Lina waited for an answer. “No, I don’t have any stuff.”

    “What do you mean, your house sustained only a small amount of damage?” Lina asked.

    “Yeah, but my father kicked me out after the trial. He said I wasn’t welcome there. They didn’t let me take any of my things,” he voice was void of emotion. I actually felt sorry for the guy for once.

    “Well, do you know where your going to go?” Lina asked.

    “No, probably just get on a boat and see what happens,” he stared at the ground.

    “With no provisions, Taruk that is a death sentence,” Lina reasoned.

    “Yeah, well I don’t know what else to do,” he muttered.

    “You could come with me,” Lina suggested.

    Taruk looked up at her, “Really?” then he composed himself. “Where are you going?”

    “To Heiwa Valley, they talked to the monks and they said I can live there,” Lina said.

    “They’ll never accept me there. Not after the last time I went to Heiwa Valley,” he said.

    I remembered the time Taruk chased Hyriu out of Heiwa Valley and when I punched him.

    “I will talk to them for you,” Lina offered. “Come on, Taruk, they will let you in, trust me.” She held out her hand.

    Taruk looked at us then took her hand and stood. I saw Fai shift slightly, glaring at the joined hands. Lina let go of Taruk’s hand after he stood though. We all then headed toward the Mountain Pass. I felt bad for Taruk but I still hated him. I didn’t like the idea of him living in my home but I kept my thoughts to myself.

    We arrived at the top of the pass and we walked through the tunnel. Waiting for us were all the Monks along with some of my friends including Ostria, Ranlon, and Deepika.

    “So, how did your audience with Chief Arnook go?” Head Monk Dadao asked kindly. We all grumbled. “I see,” he said, almost relieved. “Ah, Lina I see Ava has told you her idea for you to live here with us. I take it you accept?”

    “Of course,” Lina smiled.

    “Who is this?” Monk Seng motioned to Taruk.

    “I believe this is Taruk, one of Lina’s friends and he too was banished, am I correct?” Monk Sonam said.

    “Well yes, this is Taruk and yes he too was banished. I was kind of hoping he could come too. He does not have anywhere else to go and he was banished for standing up for me,” Lina said nervously.

    The monks exchanged looks. Monk Dadao spoke, “Of course he is welcome here. Air Nomads never turn away someone in need. It will not be a problem to have him live with us. Would you like to go get your belongings, Taruk?”

    “Um, I don’t have any belongings,” Taruk said uncomfortably. “My parents disowned me.”

    Monk Dadao hesitated so Sonam jumped in, “Well you can have a new family here. As well as new belongings. You are a sword fighter yes? I can’t say we have many swords here, but I’m sure you could speak to Daminao about forging a new one. Uh, Ostria, Deepika, Ranlon, come.” they did. “I’d like you all to meet Taruk, he is the newest member to join us here in Heiwa Valley. I’d like you four to get acquainted and show him around. As well as his new home. I believe we have a few vacant rooms here in the temple as well as some open houses in the valley. Show him those as well.”

    “Uh okay,” Ranlon said. “Hello, uh Taruk is it?” Taruk nodded. “Okay, well um, follow us, I guess.”

    They walked away.

    “Lina, that was a good thing you did,” Monk Sonam said. “I think being here will help him. I think you’ll fit in here nicely.”

    Lina smiled appreciatively. We dropped her things off in her room, it was close to the Air Nomad Library. Then we went to the medic to discuss our next move with L. E. and Shan.

    “So, how’d it go?” Shan asked as we sat down around him. He was looking a lot better. Color had returned to his face, the bags under his eyes had faded some and he was able to talk and move around freer.

    “Horrible,” Moji replied.

    Shan nodded as if expecting such an answer.

    “He did not give us his blessing?” L. E. came over with a cup of water for Shan.

    “Nope,” Koluk said bluntly.

    “He barely gave us any respect,” Moji added.

    After a moment of silence, Shan asked, “Now what?”

    “We go get Hyriu,” I answered.

    “Okay but um, how if Arnook won’t let us leave?” Koluk asked.

    “You’re not much of a rebel are you?” Shan asked with a smile. Koluk gave him a look. “Right, stupid question, of course you’re not.”

    “I believe Lamara is suggesting we go against the Chief’s wishes,” Moji smirked.

    “What, betray him?” Koluk exclaimed. Just then someone pulled back the curtain and walked in; it was Chief Arnook. We all grew pale.

    “Excuse me, does anyone know where Monk Dadao is?” he saw us. “Oh, hello children.” His eyes stopped and narrowed on Lina.

    “I believe Head Monk Dadao is in his study,” Hana told Arnook.

    “Ah thank you, well goodbye,” he said in a distracted way and left in a hurry.

    We all breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Again, we can’t betray Chief Arnook, at least, I can’t,” Koluk insisted.

    “Either you betray Arnook to save Hyriu or you betray Hyriu and forsake him to Avon’s tortures,” Dhanu spoke up. “I’m in. I’ve had enough of Northern politics.”

    “Me too,” Moji stood. “I never really fit in here anyway, no one will miss me if I leave.”

    “I think Gen Li might,” Koluk joked.

    I thought about how Gen Li and Moji’s relationship had started out rough but they’d grown close since our arrival.

    “Just don’t say anything to Exo,” Shan teased.

    Moji’s face flushed, “I – I don’t know what you mean.

    “Anyway, I’m in,” Shan said.

    “I don’t know, I need to establish stability in the patients and if they take a turn for the worse…” L. E. was saying.

    “L. E.,” Hana walked over. “You have removed all the poison that you could from Tekton and the others. All you’re doing now is speeding up the process. We can get along without you.”

    “I don’t know…” she said again.

    “L. E.,” I stepped forward. “We are leaving, with or without you, we are leaving.”

    “Fine, if you are leaving, then I’m coming. I will not leave my friends. I’ll grow a large field of herbs just in case,” she added to Hana.

    “Alright,” Hana smiled.

    Koluk nodded, “Now all we need is a plan.”

    Oooo, betraying Chief Arnook. How interesting. Taruk living with the airbenders will be interesting I think.

    Chapter 8: Plan of Betrayal will go up Thursday.

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    Back again. A shorter chapter but still good. Let’s see what this plan is…

    Chapter 8
    Plan of Betrayal

    We didn’t want to discuss our plan there in front of all the patients. L. E. triple checked all the patients to make sure they were stable. As we walked through the hallways, we heard shouting. We looked at one another and followed the shouting voices. It was Arnook and Monk Dadao. They were arguing about Lina.

    “…banished her from the Northern Water Tribe!” Arnook yelled.

    “Is she in the Northern Water Tribe? No, I believe she is in Heiwa Valley, that is her home now,” Monk Dadao said calmly. “Which was decided many years ago to be it’s own separate nation. She is under out protection.”

    “You allowed her to train secretly and now you are sheltering her! You have betrayed me!” Arnook challenged.

    “I have not betrayed anyone. Air is the element of freedom, she is free to do what she wishes here, as is everyone welcome in our home,” the Monk said sternly. “If you wish to speak with her, then I would be more than happy to arrange a meeting at her convenience. She came to us homeless, it is our custom to take care of the less fortunate. You do not command me and therefore can not order me to throw her out on the streets. If it is a choice between betraying you or my culture, then you should probably leave.”

    Arnook hesitated, “Very well then, we will discuss this matter later.”

    He stormed out. We shrunk back into the hallway; he didn’t see us. Monk Dadao came out massaging his temples; he saw us.

    “I take it you heard most of that?”

    “Uh yeah,” Moji replied.

    “Things seem a bit tense, huh?” Daminao said.

    “Arnook is just under a lot of stress. We can’t just blame him. He comes to Hydronia after an attack, he learns some of his close friends were killed, and Hyriu was taken. Then he has to deal with the repercussions of it all and restore order and peace. Cut him some slack, but only as much as he deserves,” Monk Dadao told us.

    We all remained silent.

    “So, what are you all up too, eh?” he inquired. We glanced around nervously. “I hope nothing bad.” again we were silent. He looked at each of us. “Do not go after Hyriu.”

    “How- How can you ask us not too?” I said. “We can’t abandon him.”

    “We won’t, but Chief Arnook was right in denying you. This is a mission for the best of the best, you kids have been through too much already. You have experienced more horrors in a few months than most people experience in a lifetime. You need to rest and recover.”

    “We’re not kids,” I retorted.

    “But you are. You’re all fourteen and fifteen, children, teenagers, adolescents. You don’t have to endure any more horrors. Let someone else do it for you,” he pleaded.

    “Monk Dadao, he is our friend. Yes, we have endured much, but we’ve endured it together. We survived because of each other. Now, Hyriu is out there alone and you ask us not to go after him?” Koluk said.

    “We have direct experience dealing with Avon,” Moji added.

    “Which is why, when a team is assembled, you will tell them everything they need to know,” the Monk said. “I forbid you to leave this temple. If you try to leave, I will do what I must to stop you.”

    “Fine,” I said roughly. “We’ll stay, for now.”

    He nodded and walked off.

    “Are we really giving up?” Lina asked.

    “Of course not, the only difference is the number of nations we will be betraying,” I replied.


    We went behind the Greenwall to Daminao’s home. His house was a little ways up the mountainside. Half of it was an actual building, the other half was dug into the mountain. He had a large forge in a cave. There were no distinct walls, just support columns and curtains we could draw back. We sat in the forge.

    “Okay, we need a plan to escape,” Dhanu began.

    “We could sneak down into Hydronia one at a time. Someone can ready a boat, and then we can hopefully sneak away while it’s still night,” Moji suggested.

    “Hmm, good plan,” Koluk commented.

    “Who is going?” Daminao asked.

    The thought hadn’t occurred to me. I had assumed the same group that had been with us before. I hadn’t considered Daminao, Ava, Lina, and Fai would want to come too.

    “Well, those of us that came back with Hyriu, and I think at least Lina should come,” Moji said. “It’d be an easier transition for her. It would also give her time to deal with the whole banished thing without Arnook screaming about it everyday.”

    Lina gave her a look that said ‘Thank you.’ Moji smiled back.

    “Alright, I agree,” Dhanu said and we nodded.

    Daminao, Ava, and Fai shifted uncomfortably.

    “Daminao and Ava should come too,” I began. “We can use all the help we can get and they’re airbenders.”

    They smiled at me gratefully.

    Lina looked at Fai. “Wh-What about Fai?”

    We all looked at each other. “Yeah, Fai can come-” Moji began.

    “No,” Fai interrupted.

    “What?” Lina looked at Fai.

    “I said no,” he looked at her. “There is no reason for me to come. Yeah, I would love to come and help Hyriu. To become a renowned hero, but I can’t. You all know what Avon is like, I don’t. And like you said, Daminao and Ava are airbenders, they are always useful in a fight. But me, a nonbender who can barely fight, I’m not needed with you guys.”

    “I need you,” Lina pleaded.

    “No, you don’t” Fai almost laughed. “Lina, you are much stronger than me. You want me to come, but you don’t need me to. You can protect yourself better than I can. Where I need to be is here. I need to help rebuild Hydronia. I need to be with my family, with my little brother and sister. They need me right now.”

    They embraced.

    “But if I can do anything to help you escape, I will,” Fai said.

    “Alright, well I’ll have to modify my plan. Lina can’t just casually walk into Hydronia. Hmm,” she thought for a second. “Okay, Koluk, Dhanu, and I will go visit the refugees and help out for a bit. Then head to the docks and ready the boat. Fai you can help us with that. L. E., you will take Shan and walk him around to help him heal. Lead him to the boat. We need him on incase of a speedy escape. Daminao, Ava, Lamara, and Lina will then leave the temple, hopefully they can get by unseen, but I think Monk Dadao will be watching. So we will probably need distraction.”

    “I know just the girl for the job,” I said and smiled.

    I found her watching Ranlon teaching Taruk how play air ball.

    “Hey, Ostria,” I walked over; she looked up in shock. “I need your help with something.”

    “Is it more entertaining than watching Ranlon?” she asked.

    “Oh yea. It involves a high stake sneak out and breaking all kinds of rules.”

    I saw a glint light up in her eye, “I’m listening.”

    Interesting. I really like these little 3 chapter arcs. They are so fun to write. They a story of there own. There is exposition, rising action and a climax. The next chapter is the climax of this trilogy of chapters.

    Chapter 9: The Escape will go up Sunday.

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    said 2 years, 2 months ago

    This is a fairly fast paced chapter. The plan might not work as they think and a new revelation may hinder them. Enjoy.

    Chapter 9
    The Escape

    We continued talking at Daminao’s house for many hours until we had every bit of the plan thought out. Once Ostria agreed, we filled her in. We decided to carry out the plan two days after Lina had been banished. It allowed us to work out any new kinks in the plan and allowed Shan more time to heal. He made great progress, by the second day he could walk short distances without help.

    The two days also allowed us to organize our supplies. We subtly gathered food, bedding, and other such necessities for our journey. Daminao’s house became our base of operations.

    “Okay, so we have, food, medical supplies, blankets,” Moji listed off a few other items, “Anything else?”

    “Our weapons,” Koluk suggested.

    “Right,” Moji nodded. “Well I don’t think we should all march around heavily armed, we can preload most of our weapons and carry the rest when we leave. I can carry my dagger easily enough without suspicion. Koluk, you have a knife yes? Okay good, we will preload your sword and you can keep your knife on you. L. E. you don’t use weapons besides your wand, that’s not a problem. Dhanu you have your bow-” Moji stopped short. I remembered Dhanu’s bow broke during The Fall. “Sorry, never mind. Have you found another bow to use?”

    “No,” Dhanu said quietly.

    “I have a few spare ones that I’ve made, maybe you could use one of them?” Ava suggested; Dhanu nodded.

    “Speaking of which, Ava we should probably preload your bow as well as with your swords Daminao,” they nodded. “Lina, you just use your fans which are easy to conceal. What about you Lamara?”

    “I just have my mini staff,” I said slightly downcast.

    “We can preload that as well, have you found a replacement staff? Are there even spare staffs anywhere?” Moji asked. I shook my head.

    “Wait a minute, actually, I know just where to find one,” I smiled.


    We walked swiftly up to the small temple. Thankfully no one else was there. The sunset bathed the valley in orange light. The plan was underway. If all was going as it should, L. E. and Shan would almost be to the boat where the others should already be waiting.

    “Why are we here again?” Ostria asked.

    “I need a staff, there are plenty here,” I answered.

    “But isn’t it forbidden to take one?” Ava asked.

    “It is also forbidden for us to leave,” I responded.

    We were near a small temple on the east side of the valley. It was near some ancient caves. I pried on the door; the lock held. I pushed on it harder, it opened with the sound of cracking wood. We crept in and closed the door. The sunlight trickled through the gaps in the boards which gave us enough light to see.

    “Let’s hurry,” Lina urged.

    I began sifting through the many discarded staffs. I had just found one to my liking when the door burst open. We all turned in shock.

    “Lamara, what are you doing?” Monk Seng cried.

    I picked up the staff, twirled it, and knocked him into a tree.

    “Let’s go!” I shouted and we ran out.

    They all had stunned looks on their faces, I was stunned too. I had attacked Monk Seng. I just hoped I would be able to leave before anyone else found out. We stopped running and adopted a brisk pace across the mountain side. We headed for the main staircase that lead up to the main temple. I couldn’t see anyone in the fading light. We went up the stairs, three at a time, as quietly as we could. When we got to the porch, we slowed our pace a bit to appear normal. I lead, with Ava on my right, Ostria, my left and Daminao behind me. Lina was in the middle trying to stay hidden. Suddenly, Monk Dadao jumped in front of the tunnel that lead to the Mountain Pass. We all jumped back slightly in surprise.

    “Where do you think you all are going?” he demanded.

    “Oh, no where,” Ostria stepped in front of me with a matter-of-fact tone. “We were just hanging out. Maybe go see how things are in Hydronia.”

    “Don’t bother lying to me. A whisper has already reached my ears of your little plans to leave. I will not allow it,” he narrowed his eyes.

    “Who told you? No one could have-” I began.

    “Yamal!” Ostria cursed. “The little prick was probably eavesdropping.

    “It doesn’t matter how I know, the point is, I know and I am stopping you,” Monk Dadao said sternly. “Return the staff and stand down.”

    I glanced at the others. I adjusted my grip on the stolen staff.

    “Don’t make this be decided with conflict, you know how much I hate it,” he warned. We made no move to attack but we also didn’t back away. “Lamara, Daminao, Ava, Lina please I beg all of you, don’t go on this wild chase.”

    “How do you know I am not going?” Ostria inquired.

    “Your brother was very informative,” Monk Dadao said. “Now again, I ask all of you to stand down. Please, don’t go.” he pleaded, I saw the gleam of a tear in his eye.

    “Why?” I asked. “Why do you care so much if we leave? Why does it bother you so much? It has to be more than it will upset Arnook, there is more to it. Isn’t there?”

    He sighed, “Yes, you leaving would upset Arnook but he’d have to deal with it. I almost want to support your decision to leave if it wasn’t for…”

    “For what?” I demanded.

    “You may not know this but since I am the Head Monk of the Shui Air Temple, the only existing group of surviving Air Nomads, that makes me the most spiritual Air Nomad left, now that the Avatar is dead. I can speak with spirits and even travel to the Spirit World on special occasions. Usually only on the solstice can I do this. But should the need be dire, I can do it under different circumstances. It so happens that two days ago, as I was meditating, a spirit contacted me. She said her name was Kan Dao, the Spirit of Sight.”

    The name resonated within my head. I’d heard Hyriu mention her as one of the spirits he spoke to for advice.

    “She told me how she can see visions of the future. One in particular, if you and your friends leave the Northern Water Tribe, not all of you will return.” He paused, “She said one of you will die if you go after him.”

    We stood there in shock. I didn’t know what to say. One of us would die if we left?

    “Lamara! Are you listening to me? One of you will die on this venture! Shouldn’t that convince you to stay?” he pleaded.

    I was quiet for a moment, then, “If we stay here, he will suffer a fate worse than death. I know what Avon can do to a person. He made me want to kill myself after just a few days of horrible visions. Hyriu has been gone for almost three weeks. Imagine the kind of damage and pain he might be enduring. Avon will drive him mad! If one of us is going to die, then I’ll make sure it’s me!” There was a tense silence. I glanced at the others, they all gave me determined expressions. “We are leaving.”

    Monk Dadao took a deep breath, “I thought I could stop you with words, I was wrong. Apparently the only way to keep you here is with force!” he took a fighting stance.

    At once we created a powerful gale and knocked Monk Dadao aside. We ran for the tunnel. From the ground, Monk Dadao thrust out his hand and we were pushed to the ground. Lina and I were closest to the tunnel. Ostria was in the middle, Ava and Daminao were still by the stairs.

    “Monk Dadao!” a voice cried.

    I looked up; Monk Sonam had run to the fallen Monk. He saw us and seemed to understand. Ostria shot a gust at him. He flipped to the side and kicked at her. They began to fight. Lina and I ran for the tunnel, suddenly we were thrown into the wall. I saw Monk Dadao the source of the blast. Daminao shot a blast of wind at him, Dadao countered it. However, the minor distraction allowed Lina and I an opening. We made it to the tunnel’s entrance. I turned and saw Ostria on the ground while Daminao and Ava fought the two monks.

    “Go!” Daminao yelled at us.

    “What about you?” I yelled back.

    “It’s okay. Leave without us,” he insisted. I could tell it pained him to say it but he and Ava couldn’t get by the monks.

    Just as Ostria started getting up, Daminao was blown into a wall. He hit the ground unconscious. Ava looked at Monk Dadao nervously while Sonam turned to us. Ostria flew in front of the doorway.

    “If you want them, you’ll have to go through me!” she said and thrust her hands forward with a wind blast.

    Lina and I ran through the tunnel. Just before we reached the balcony, we were both shoved to the floor. I looked back; Sonam was charging forward.

    “Lina, keep going, jump off the balcony, okay?” I urged. After a moment of hesitation she nodded. I swung my new staff and sent a gust of wind at Sonam. I then turned and ran.

    I saw Lina jump off the balcony, I followed suite. I turned in the air, shot a blast of wind at Sonam while opening my glider. I airbended Lina atop the glider. We flew down the mountain.

    Hundreds of soldiers ran toward the docks. Monk Dadao must have told Arnook about our plans. When we reached the bottom of the mountain, I angled the glider to the distant docks.

    Just then, something knocked us out of the sky; we hit the ground hard. I struggled to get to my feet. I looked for the source of the attack. I saw Torikku storming through the Fountain Yard for us. He launched another ice attack, this one aimed at Lina. I outstretched my hand and my staff flew into my grasp with the help of my bending. I smacked aside Torikku’s ice and sent a slash of my own. He sent more ice, I redirected it with powerful gusts of wind. A fierce snarl formed on Torikku’s face as the fight escalated. He pulled water from nearby fountains and sent the tsunami at us. I twirled my staff creating a spherical shield of wind; the water passed around us. I reached out with my right hand and created a cyclone. Torikku stumbled forward trying to fight my gust but it was too strong. He flew forward a few feet, then zoomed forward at a tremendous speed. I swirled a ball of air with my left hand and slammed it into his chest canceling out the cyclone and sending him flying into the frozen wave wall guarding the palace. He hit the ground heaving and coughing.

    I opened my glider and we resumed flying. In the distance I could see our friends by a boat. I saw L. E. launch a wave at the charging soldiers. Koluk swung his sword while Moji propelled herself on fire. As we neared the docks, I heard Lina open one of her metal fans. She jumped off the glider and onto a soldier, taking him to the ground. I landed and whipped my staff around in a whirlwind knocking down the surrounding men.

    “How’s the boat coming?” I yelled as I swung my staff.

    “Almost done,” Dhanu muttered. Koluk sheathed his sword and helped him.

    “Where are Daminao and Ava?” Moji asked punching a blast of fire.

    “The Monks were onto us. They said to leave without them,” I answered; Moji nodded.

    L. E., Lina, Moji, and I held off the soldiers while the boys readied the boat. We made sure not to hurt the soldiers, just knock them out.

    “Ready!” Koluk yelled.

    I let loose one final wind blast. We all rushed onto the boat. L. E. began waterbending us out. We zoomed out of the docks just in time. We all sighed with relief as the boat cut through the waves of the Bei River. We had escaped but we had another question to answer: Where do we begin?

    Well that was exciting. After this, what do you think they will do next?

    Chapter 10: The Desert will go up Sunday.

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    Well prepare yourselves, Hyriu is back but you won’t be happy about it. Oh and, there are some pretty disgusting descriptions in this one, you were warned.

    Chapter 10
    The Desert

    “Get up!” a gruff voice said.

    I slowly came too. I was on a metal floor. I stirred just as a heavy boot collided with my ribs; I grunted in pain.

    “Get up you rat!” the voice said.

    I took a breath of air. It was hot and dry air that made me cough. I realized my hands and feet were shackled. I looked around. I was in a large room. Everything was metal with a red tint as if it was all rusted. There were large cages hanging in rows from the ceiling. I was able to get to my feet. My legs shook from effort. I was breathing heavily from the strain.

    “Walk,” the same voice instructed.

    I was surrounded by guards; the one that spoke was behind me. I shuffled forward. The air dried my throat and skin. I looked in the cages. In them were broken bodies. They were all old men and women. They had paper white skin wrinkled from age. There eyes were sunken. Their hair was thin and white. They were rotting away before my eyes. The only sign of life was when their glassy eyes moved as they watched me. Some didn’t move at all. A foul odor perfumed the air. It smelled of rotting meat. I realized it was the stench of rotting corpses. Some of the prisoners were dead. No one bothered to move their body; it just stayed in its cell to decompose. I retched off to the side.

    “Ah gross!” one of the guards said.

    A foot kicked me and I fell into the pile of bile. A hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me back onto my feet. We finally got to a cell that had no one in it, alive or dead. A guard opened the door. They unlocked my shackles. Two men picked me up and threw me in. I hit the floor hard.

    “Welcome to The Desert,” one of the guards said as they closed and locked the barred door.

    The cell was literally a cage for humans. I didn‘t have much strength so I just stayed in my collapsed position. All the injuries The Butcher had given me throbbed with pain. There was nothing in the cage. No blankets or pillow, just a bare metal floor. There were over fifty cages, all the same size, about seven feet by seven feet. Most of them were empty, just filled with black grime, maybe the leftovers of a prisoner long dead. There were only ten people in the cells, and who knew how many were actually living. There were small grates in the ceiling; it was daytime. I looked at the other cells. Underneath each cage was a square hole too deep to see the bottom. The man in the cell next to mine was slumped against the bars. His face was a pile of wrinkles with two pale glassy eyes that watched me.

    Two days. For two days I laid there. I was given no food or water. When they feed the other prisoners, we were all bound. Our hands to the bars and our feet to a metal loop in the floor. When the two days were up, my hands and feet were tied like everyone
    else’s but this time, they didn‘t skip me. They held a pot on a pole. They held it up to my face. In it was a pile of grains, but it was food so I shoved my face into the mound of grain. They had a stale taste and biting crunch. As I ate, I realized there were some globs of liquid here and there.  A realization hit me. They didn‘t clean out the grim from the previous prisoners. They feed one then used the same pot on the next prisoner, just pouring more grains in. There was saliva from other prisoners in it. I also tasted blood as I chewed. It was all I could do to not vomit. Then something caught my tooth, it was hard like a rock. I spit it out to the side. To my horror, I saw it was an old decayed tooth. With my tongue I checked all my teeth, they were all there. It was someone else‘s tooth. That did it. I moved to the side and vomited. I heard exclamations of disgust from the guards. They moved to the next prisoner who ate like a rabid dog.

    Then came the water. The same way they did the grains, no washing just filling it up with more water. As the guards were filling the pot for me, the old man in the cage next to me looked at me.

    “Don‘t do it,” he barely whispered in a voice that matched his wrinkly face.

    I didn‘t know what he meant. They leveled the pot up to me. I began slurping the water. As soon as I the cool water went down my throat, a frenzy broke out. I gulped down the water. When I had drunk my fill, I grabbed the pots of water with my bending grip and unleashed the water. I cut my bonds with the water and attacked the guards. They shouted in panic. I saw the keys on a guard‘s belt. Even though it pained me, I waterbended with my arms. I grabbed the keys with a water whip and swung them into my hands. I ran to the lock and ripped it open with the help of the keys. I jumped down to the walkway, I water smacked two guards and froze the other two. More came down the gangway. I looked for an escape route. Guards came from every direction. I gathered the surrounded water and attacked. In my weakened and frenzied state, I attacked in a brutal, sloppy and violent way. I was being overwhelmed despite my efforts. They soon tackled me to the ground. I saw one guy pull a large lever. Out of the dark pits beneath the cages, what looked like a brazier lifted up. The guards wrestled with me, one of them struck me in the head. The world spun and I was dazed. They opened my cage and threw me in.

    Two men marched forward and punched two blasts of fire under my cell. I was confused when their intentions hit me; they had lit the brazier. Black smoke rose around my cell; I panicked. The hot dry smoke began to burn my eyes and fill my lungs. I tried holding my breath but that was a hard thing to do in a panicked state. I couldn’t help it, I took a big gulp of air, it was mostly smoke. I coughed as the smoke stung my lungs. If possible, the smoke dried out my mouth even more. I tried to moisten my lips but my tongue was dirt dry. Just as the smoke suffocated me, the metal floor grew hot. It seared my skin. I screamed and jumped up. It burned my bare feet. I could hear the laughter of the guards as they watched me struggle. It kept getting hotter and hotter. I tried to hold myself up on the bars but I didn‘t have the strength. The bars were also burning; I let go. I hit the burning floor hard. I screamed and writhed around in pain. I was exhausted but the pain forced me to move. I heard the turning gears of the pyre lowering. The metal was still hot though; I continued to roll around in agony, a scream still ripped from my mouth. The smoke stopped and that helped my breathing. The metal cooled after a while and I began to recover after a few hours.

    “I did warn you,” the old man said sadly.

    I gave a grunt in response. When I had some strength I propped myself up on the bars. The man was still looking at me.

    “I – I had t-to try,” I managed to say.

    “They all say that,” the old man said. They all have to try. They all fail. They all burn.”

    “D-Do any of them listen to you” I asked.

    “No, but it clears my conscience. If I don’t warn them, they blame me. So me telling you was more for my benefit than yours.”

    “Who are you” I asked weakly.

    “What’s your name”

    The man looked taken aback. “No one’s asked for my name in a long time” He stopped and thought for a few seconds. His face lit up, “Shiwa, my name is Shiwa. We” he motioned to the other cages- “are what is left of the waterbenders from the Southern Water Tribe.”

    You made it through eh? Well that was disturbing. And the waterbenders from the southern tribe, that was surprising huh? The next chapter gets interesting, the title alone should tell you that.

    Chapter 11: The Death of Hyriu will go up next.

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    Let’s see how Hyriu is holding up…

    Chapter 11
    The Death of Hyriu

    The Desert was truly a horrific place. The stench was unbearable. I vomited on a regular basis. The grains were disgusting. They sat like rocks in my stomach and caused painful cramps. There were no toilets or rest rooms for us. I had to choose a corner of the cell to relieve myself. It was always a humiliating and awful situation. There was also no bedding of any kind. Falling asleep was a true blessing. I still had side effects from the toxins The Butcher gave me. It seemed some permanent damage had been done. Every time I started going to sleep, I was jolted awake about five times before I drifted into uneasy sleep. My nightmares were worse than ever. They caused actual physical anguish.

    The burns I had sustained from my punishment became infected. The guards didn’t even try to tend to my wounds or even bother with acknowledging my presence.

    The other prisoners were in worse condition. Most of them ate, slept, vomited, and went to the bathroom in the same place. The old man next to me was the only one who managed to move around. They all had infected scars and wounds from burns that went unattended.

    With the hanging cage, lack of hygiene, and the way the guards treated us, I began to forget what it was like to be human. I was turning into a starved damaged animal. It degraded my mind. My thoughts began to turn into needs. I needed food. I needed water. I needed sleep. I needed to relieve myself. I needed my humanity back.

    I saw the long-term effects of being in there on all the other prisoners. Some of them had been driven into crazed, hungry savages. The sight was sickening to see once proud masters groveling in their own filth.

    Shiwa was my only company. When the guards weren’t near, we would talk. He told me about the Southern Water Tribe. He didn’t remember much. He was eight when the raids first started. At first, they were able to fight off the Fire Nation, but their numbers were dwindling. They went on for two years until he was captured and brought here. He said it wasn’t as cruel back then, but it was still pretty bad. He said for two years, new prisoners arrived from the south. The last girl brought there was a young woman. He said she escaped using demon magic, he wouldn’t say any more than that. Though, he did have several comments on how she walked right by his cell, not even looking at him as he begged for her help. He said the older masters only lasted a few years. Almost all of the younger children died with in three. Shiwa talked about how he longed for humid air, for a cold breeze. He longed to waterbend, to swim, to feel ice and snow, to see a river, to see the outside world.

    I told him about the Northern Tribe. He was very interested in our different ways of life. I told him about the Warrior Games and the Winter Solstice Festival. He loved every minute of it. He would repeatedly ask me to describe the Gambing Palace and all its wonders. Talking about it made me remember all the horrors and damage I’d done.

    Eventually, I told him about me. I talked about my friends, family, bullies, school, everything. I explained the Beifen Legend and Avon. He was really interested in that.

    I also told him how the war was going. He grew sad again when I told him how the Avatar died and Ba Sing Se fell.

    Every now and then, the guards would catch us talking, that resulted in whippings, beatings, and burnings.

    The longer I stayed there, the more I changed. I became less and less like a crying child begging for release, and more like a rabid animal backed into a corner. I could feel my sanity slipping. At night, I imagined how I would slaughter each of the guards. Would I blow out their kneecaps with a wind gust or slowly roast them over a fire until the screams stopped? Or perhaps I’d force them to drink disgusting water then rip it out of them as shards of ice.

    Each night I got worse and worse. Every time a guard would walk by, I smiled insanely as I imagined his face contorted with fear as I ripped open his chest. My smiles unnerved them. They always quickened their pace when walking by, much to my devilish glee.

    I also began to break out in rages and fits. I would scream, yell, and punch the bars until I could see the white bones poking through the skin. I also had seizers. They seemed to happen at random. Though, there were usually triggered by fear. I would shake uncontrollably and start vomiting. A lot of time nightmares triggered them. Twice the guards had to stop me from suffocating on my own vomit.

    Lack of food had me shuddering on the floor clenching my stomach. I wasn’t able to think clearly. The prison seemed to be spiraling slowly all the time. I was always on the verge of throwing up. It was miserable.

    The voices pried at my thoughts more than ever. Deep down, I knew I needed to talk with them; they could pull me back. But if I was going to survive there, I needed to fall into the abyss. I needed to become someone else. I needed to let Hyriu die.

    I let the nightmares flow over me. I embraced all the dark thoughts that plagued my mind. My fingernails had gotten longer in my captivity. I tore them down to the bloody nub. I would spend hours opening and closing my fingers, staring at the spot where my right middle finger should have been. I could feel my face be contorted into horrible expressions as time went on. The guards were terrified of me and I liked that.

    I had no sense of humanity left. No sense of morals. No sense of myself. Anything left of the kind Hyriu that grew up in Hydronia had been burned out of me. He was dead. I was a new person and with the darkness inside, I was ready to escape. Nothing could stop me.

    So Hyriu is not doing good. At all. He has fallen into the pit of insanity. He may find that crawling out of the pit is harder than falling into it.

    Chapter 12: The Rise of Dhatu Yaban will go up Monday.


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