Detroit and San Francisco, a great place for Avatar The Last Airbender Fans

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San Francisco and Detroit would be fantastic places for Avatar the Last Airbender Fans to Live!

San Francisco has so much history and is a great place to live! And right now is such a great time to buy because there is a large selection of San Francisco homes for sale. We decided to come up with some great reasons why Avatar the Last Airbender Fans should think about living in San Francisco. First off, think of the San Diego Comic Con, while it’s in San Diego alot (about 7 hours from San Francisco) it’s sometimes held Right in San Francisco itself. Avatar The Last Airbender is featured at the Comic Con, multiple times!

San Francisco is also home to the World Famous “China Town” which has several obviously Asian featured elements which is a perfect fit for Avatar The Last Airbender Fans, The City is massive and there is just so much to do! Fantastic views, exotic locations to visit. Don’t forget about Pier 39 which has some of the best dining restaurants and exotic displays in the U.S.A. fantastic place to visit, and an even better place to live. There is several houses for sale in the area, ranging from small residential dwellings to large million dollar mansions. We saw some in the $200,000 range all the way up to $45,000,000 7 Bed 7 Bathroom Mansions. So a wide Range and fantastic selection at

As you walk through San Francisco you can’t help but notice the history and the attention to detail that the historic city offers. The City has a noted historic appeal with a modern tech edge which you can’t find anywhere else. I can’t believe we forgot about another amazing place nearby San Francisco. DisneyLand! it’s only a 6 hour drive to “The Happiest Place on Earth” DisneyLand is a great place to visit for sure, and while it doesn’t have any Avatar The Last Airbender attractions, it still is pretty fun.

All in all is a fantastic place to find great Housing in the San Francisco Detroit area, if your thinking of moving. Give them a look over!

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