Dark Horse Korra Statue revealed at SDCC 2015, out early 2016


First news update for SDCC 2015, right now the convention itself in terms of panels has yet to start, but the con is on and the exclusive merch is on sale, people have been getting their hands on the Avatar Print and Lin statue and the booths for the various companies are on display.

Before I get into the newly revealed Korra statue, I have heard news from people at the convention that there are HUGE issues with regards to the amount of Lin statues available. Donna, a member of this site, is reporting that there are only around 20 statues available for sale each day and people were able to buy 2 of them, no 1 per person limit. It seems like they have drastically underestimated the interest of Avatar fans. The main problem is that most of the statues being sold each day are people buying as many as possible to sell on Ebay for crazy prices. Many fans at the convention have given up on getting a statue this weekend already.

But in more positive news Dark Horse have announced a new statue that they will be releasing in early 2016 and it is at last a Korra statue.


Looks pretty nice to me, Book 1 Korra in a nice pose, nothing too fancy, but a great representation of the character, the size seems to be somewhere around 10-12 inches tall. No price info just yet. The main thing for me is that I really didn’t expect Dark Horse to announce more products, especially with Zwyer Industries recently entering the statue/model scene.

I definitely want to see if Zwyer announce more Avatar pvc kits before making any sort of purchase decision on the Dark Horse statue, but if it is not crazy expensive I might consider buying it when it is released.

Thoughts on the Lin statue stock problems and new Korra statue.

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