Dark Horse confirm no Korra Comic news at SDCC.


After the recent reveal of the ATLA panel at SDCC fans have been speculating if we will still get Korra comics news at SDCC as previously promised by Dark Horse.


Dark Horse have now confirmed that the panels are only about ATLA comics and that there are several reasons for why they cannot reveal any information about the Korra comics at the moment. Most of us assume these reasons relate to finding a new artist with everything pointing towards Brittney Williams no longer working on the Korra comics.

It is nice to see that they are completely aware of the fan frustration with no real news on the Korra comics since NYCC last year, but with no suggestion about when we will get more news it doesn’t really help to ease the growing frustration. I would assume they are aiming for NYCC, but why not say that  if that is the plan. They don’t even break out the classic “soon” on when to expect news.

For me they are now in a position where they NEED to deliver with ATLA comic news at SDCC and whenever the Korra comic news does come out it has to be substantial and big as they seem to suggest.

Here are some of my thoughts in video form


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