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Hello Avatar fans, Airspeed Prime here with Community Opinion 4, It seems to be popular so they will definitely be continuing.

This Time the Topic I chose was: You are The Writer of an Unaired Episode of Avatar.

Avatar The Last Airbender Fan Fiction

The Title Screen is Blank, Its your Episode Where does it fit in ?, What is the Episode Title ?

This one is a very creative topic that could have some brilliant ideas, Things people always wished had happened maybe a random episode that really doesn’t affect the Main story, but they have to fit in with all the previous and post continuity depending on where it fits in. How did our Community Fare ?

Here are the Opinions of our Community.

Airspeed Prime (Moderator/Popular Post Writer/Facebook Administrator)

My idea for an episode is based around a plot point I think needed just a little bit more development, Xin Fu and Master Yu trying to bring Toph back to her parents. They followed her, captured her and were left metalbended in the prison cell somewhere in the Earth Kingdom in Dire need of a toilet. My episode fits in after The Awakening 301 and The Start of the Invasion , doesn’t matter too much where exactly but I am thinking directly after The Runaway as it will show off Toph and Katara’s improved relationship.

That means this would become 308 moving every other episode up one, The Title would be: An Unexpected Meeting

Episode Outline:

Immediately after Aang has told his friends the story of Avatar Roku they find themselves coming up on a small Fire Nation Town, Katara and Toph are finally acting friendly again and are talking , Sokka and Aang are discussing fighting tactics in advance of the upcoming invasion (This gets Aang slightly aangsty in advance of his breakdown in Nightmares and Daydreams). They enter a local eating establishment as Sokka wants some meat (Aang makes a comment about not eating meat, Katara rolls her eyes and Toph fistpumps), they enter but Toph Stops them they look at her and ask what, she Points at two men at the Bar counter, The Gaang looks and Find Xin Fu and Master Yu (in fire Nation uniforms) drinking a certain fruity beverage, they look and are shocked to see them too, after a series of shocked exclamations Toph asks how they got out, they explain that after 2 days a group of Fire Nation Soldiers came across them and used Firebending and Crowbars to release them from their prison, they explain to the soldiers what happened to them and seeing that they are strong Earthbenders offers them places in the Fire Nation army, they accept knowing they won’t get the reward for returning Toph and that they will get some pay in the army.

Seeing their chance to earn more money for Toph and The Avatar’s capture they attack, Team Avatar defends with Toph taking command knowing their styles so well, Aang protects Katara as with a lack of water she is ineffective in the bar and she doesn’t want to wreck the place, Sokka then presses the attack with his space Sword easily chopping their earth attacks down, eventually Sokka pins Xin Fu and Toph pins Master Yu, they tell them to stand down and urge them to aid in the invasion and fight for the Earth Kingdom against the Fire Nation, they stubbornly refuse until Sokka notes that if they were free of Fire Nation control they would earn more money. They refuse the gaangs offer to join them in the upcoming battle, and decide to return to Gaoling to protect their hometown from the Fire Nation. The Gaang enter the Forest they start The Puppetmaster in.

I think this fits perfectly into continuity while wrapping up a loose end or two and some future references.

Ian Kolb (Facebook Fan)

My episode idea is this:

Starts after the episode “City of Walls and Secrets”. It should be called “Old Friends”. Toph goes out to find some info on how to reach the Earth King. While she is out she meets Iroh and they start talking again. Katara starts spying on Toph for three days when she finds out that she is friends with him. Toph hears her running and trips Katara with a rock. Katara blames Toph for betrayal. Then Iroh finds out who she is. They promise not to tell anyone else. Then after that Katara and Toph start thinking about a day out sometime. Thats when they go out for a day in “Tales of Ba Sing Se”. This whole time though, Aang and Sokka are searching for Appa. Then Aang finds some one has been searching for Appa too. Long Feng was searching for his bison when he buys him on the black market. The whole point of this episode is that Toph and Katara were ecoming better friends.

I hope you liked my feed back.


Wow, what a fascinating idea that is. An episode between the start of book 1 and end of book 3, no flashback/forwards

I already have the idea. I would make the gaang stumble across an island off the Earth Kingdom where a unique tribe of waterbenders lives. It would be earlier in season 2; after they’ve found Toph but before the Library. These waterbenders, however, will have learned to use waterbending with far more skill than Katara has yet. They would teach Katara and Aang lots of skills: separating water from the salt in the ocean, forming water into difficult structures like snowflakes and thin strings, taking water from the air, bending the water in plants like the swampbenders did, taking water from odd places like dirt or brick, and bending ice without liquefying it. As a conflict, there could be a master waterbender there that was all smart-alec like and picked fights with Katara, and they have a bending battle with that person. Sokka may also develop a crush on that same person!

A B-plot could be Zuko receiving a letter from his mother. Iroh would of course be suspicious, and Zuko would of course look passed this and want to meet Ursa more than anything. They would follow this letter, maybe Zuko having flasbacks of his mother (I know, no flashbacks, but these wouldn’t include anything important; just emotional). At the end of this B-plot they would find it was just one of Azula’s tricks and have to escape, Iroh pwning them all”Β ;)


Episode 221: the rebellion. Earth bender rebellions led by a colonel are fighting back against the fire nation army in ba sing se by attempting to reconquer certain parts of ba sing se but are failing miserably. Finally they decide to collapse the earth kings palace while azula and zuko to capture them are inside but the dai li find out about their plan and warn azula so she comes up with the plan of bringing the families of the rebellers inside the building without their knowledge so when they collapse the building many of the family members are injured instead of azula and zuko once the earthbenders reveal themselves to try and help their families axula walks out of the dark with some the most poweful firebenders in the army. The rebellers fight back and lose badly so azula sends the rebellers away to prison. Meanwhile zuko is still confused about wether he made the right decision by betrayong iroh to help azula. Also, the gang is meeting up mwith katara and sokka’s father to alert him of the invasion plan.


ok Rough outlines.

My idea for an episode would fit in between The Chase and Bitter work in Book 2 Earth.

The main focus would be one Uncle Iroh, and Azula and what happens from Azula’s failure to capture or kill Aang.

The start opens with Katara pleading with Zuko that she could heal Uncle Iroh from Azula’s fire shot, even Aang tries to get Zuko to understand how important it is to let Katara do her healing on Uncle Zuko continues to refuse their help and finally forces the gang to escape from his growing fury and anger creating a delayed time where Uncle is completely unconscious and during that time he is near death and suddenly see his spirit returning to the Spirit World.

The next scene would be of Azula returning to the Firelords Palace, kneeling before Fire Lord Ozai and the dialogue between a white hot Angry Fire Lord and his bitter disappointment in her failures

Uncle Iroh now in the Spirt World suddenly appears next to the mystical monkey, who falls over from the sudden shock of Uncles appearance. Uncle gets up and is met by Yue & Avatar Roku. Uncle looks relieved that he appears dead and wants to go and look for his son Yue gently stops Uncle, and outlines the urgency of the Avatar’s role in brining balance to the world. Reminding Uncle Iroh of his role in helping Zuko find his destiny and the need to use what ever means he can to help prevent the Avatar’s capture.

We see a view of Uncle Iroh still unconscious as Zuko finally manages to get uncle to a safe place and begins to bind his wounds we hear Zuko pleading with Uncle not to leave him (die) like his mother Ursla did that Zuko needs Uncle to guide him and apologizes for all the wrongs he did to him, and even making promises to learn how to make his favorite tea

Returning to the Fire Lords great throne room we hear Azula trying to convince Fire lord Ozai that she deserves another try at capturing or killing the Avatar and should also be allowed to kill Zuko for betraying & dishonoring the Fire NationThrough the dialogue we get to sense just how Azula is used to being the one her Father always loved. We see just how ruthless Azula would be, to please her father and to make amends for her failure. Promising that she will not fail again. She lies about the Avatar’s escape, blaming Zuko for trying to stop her from capturing the Avatar, she continues the lie by saying Zuko tired to kill her, leaving her no choice but to wound Uncle Iroh, and that she needed to distract the Avatar before he could kill her aswell

Cut back to Uncle Iroh’s discussion with Avatar Roku continues on what Iroh can teach Zuko in the up coming days Reminding Uncle that he must look for more than just one option or ally to help win this struggle finally the discussion comes to an end in the Spirit World with Yue, introducing someone of great importance to Uncle, a figure steps away from the shadows of a huge tree.

Back in the Throne room Fire Lord Ozai is growing tired of Azula’s presence, she tries one last tactic to get in her fathers good books to no avail. Ozai decides to send her to join the war efforts on the frontline in the Earth Kingdom until further notice we’re left with the parting shot of Azula’s face stricken at the verdict.

Sooo as I said it’s a rough idea and probably needs oodles of massaging and work on but enjoyed thinking how this would all fit in and work and probably have forgotten some details that would not make the story fit into the real ATLA world.

Combustion Man

My Episode idea is called Zuko’s Lost Letter

In this episode, Mai and Tylee would escape from the boiling rock. This would occur right after they betrayed Azula. The episode will focus on Mai, with Tylee helping her. Mai is desparate to find out why zuko left her and betrayed the fire nation. With the help of TyLee, they search through the palace for answers. There, she discovers a lost letter from Zuko, saying that they will wed if he makes it out alive. Their snooping does not go unnoticed. They are confronted not by guards, or by Azula, but by Ozai himself. They must fight for their life to escape.

-Mai and Tylee are locked up. Azula visits then, tying to get an understanding of their betrayal. They reveal their fear of her, and that they were never really friends. This sends Azula even farther into her psychotic aggression.

Since the warden is related to Mai, he cannot stand to see her behind bars and arranges for her escape. This will cost him his reputation.

They make their way back into the fire nation palace with the help of friends, and through a series of secret passages they used as children. Once in Zuko’s room, she finds a lost letter, or journal that explains everything that zuko has gone through. It also says that he wants to spend his life with Mai, assuming he is alive after the battle. This is all the information she needs to fully support Zuko.

Their snooping does not go unnoticed. They are confronted not by guards, or by Azula, but by Ozai himself. With no firebending ability, they must fight for their life using their incredible skill. They manage to catch Ozai off-guard, and Ty-Lee delivers a nerve-attack. Ozai recovers almost instantly. But not in time to block their escape. he chases them through the palace, using pheonix-like wings to fly. They make it to another hidden passage, only to find out that Ozai sealed it. Mai and Tylee prepare to make their final stand. Boasting, He thanks them for the brief exercise. He adds that if they were not traitors he could use them in his army. He pins them down, Mai says “finish it,” to which Ozai replies, “No, I will let you live on one condition. Tell everyone you know, and my traitorous son, that the Phoenix King is coming.”


The big theme in Book 3: Fire were the -Field Trips with Zuko”. Someone took a field trip with Zuko, and they learned something new and benefitted from it.

My idea for a lost episode would be between -The Boiling Rock” and -The Southern Raiders”. The whole group go searching for food. There happens to be a freak storm which causes Hakoda and Zuko to be separated from the rest of the group.

They seek shelter in a cave while the storm rages on. At first their is an awkward silence because Zuko does have difficulty opening up to people, but Hakoda does have a special way of getting people to open up. He starts off with commenting about the weather, trying to engage the Fire Prince into a conversation, which he does, then, the Chief starts talking about his kids, the hilarious antics that Katara and Sokka did when they were young, getting Zuko to laugh.

But it also makes him reflect on Fire Lord Ozai who was a polar opposite, there were no antics, he didn’t joke with him. There wasn’t a lot of laughter unless it was with his mother.

Hakoda also speaks fondly of Kya, and how the family together worked hard, but enjoyed one another, That there was a lot of love in that family. He was also saddened that he couldn’t complete Sokka’s warrior training because he had to leave.

At this point Zuko speaks up and says he did a wonderful job raising his children, that both were honorable, that despite Sokka’s hilarious antics, he was a terrific warrior. This being done while hiding that longing in his voice. This man would never have banished his wife nor would he have scarred his son. No, this Water Tribe Chief took pride in his family.

This also makes The Prince even more determined to make things right with his uncle who acted more like a father to him than Ozai ever did. Even when Zuko was at his worst, Uncle Iroh stood by him, rarely losing patience with him, he just hoped he hadn’t crossed the line where he lost him.

Along with Hakoda’s wise words, he teaches Zuko to hunt and fish, even urging him to skin the animals even though it made him a little queasy. He had quickly developed a great respect for Sokka’s father, wishing the man was his own.

All too soon they are rescued, but Hakoda is someone Zuko secretly goes to for advice as well because he understood without judgment.

Jordan (Site Administrator)

I think a cool new episode would be on similar to the “Tales of Ba Sing Se” It really allowed the authors to flesh out the characters personalities alot more and added alot of depth.”Β  An episode like that was perfect for Ba Sing Se where things were relatively peaceful at least for a time.”Β  So it might be hard to fit that type of episode anywhere in Season 3 except for during the time where they were in class and exploring the Fire Nation, that would have been some great opportunity for story-telling.”Β  It’s a hard choice though, any new episodes with Aang and crew would be awesome!

Our Communities Thoughts

A very creative topic this time, Giving us some awesome Ideas for episodes, some that I believe would be brilliant Avatar episodes should they be animated. I really wanted the ideas to fit in well with all previous continuity, and our community hit every note with their ideas. Their ideas really add to the series, developing characters more, explaining some open plot threads, but most off all they are really interesting episodes. These amazing ideas bring up an interesting thought I had, That in some series of Avatar fans should get the chance to write an episode, we are so into it that there wouldn’t be mistakes and it would be by the fans for the fans, I would be interested in seeing how well received a fan written episode would be compared to ”Β regular writer episodes.

See you next month for the 5th Community Opinion, I will be sending out PM’s looking for opinions around March 17th so keep an eye out, I could choose you.

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  1. Mako Said: Comment by Mako on March 5, 2011 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    I’ve actually written a fic under this exact premise, and while I realize the content has sort of be over done, I like how I portrayed it.

    This would occur immediately after the events of The Southern Raiders with some flashbacks to events not shown in the end of Book 2 (I know, no flashbacks, sorry). The inspiration actually came from fan speculation that in The Southern Raiders we might find out more about Ursa in addition to Kya’s story. Anyway, after ariving on Ember Island and hiding out in the Fire Lord’s own house, Zuko discovers a note written by his mother shortly after her banishment. The short version, we discover Ursa went into hiding in Ba Sing Se, under the protection of the Order of the White Lotus (most likely unbeknownst to Iroh). When our heroes and villians get into the city she watches her son from afar because the Order won’t let her reveal herself just yet. Eventually she confronts Azula anyway. They have a conversation similar to the one Azula had with reflection-Ursa (probably the sourse of it) that ends with Azula burning her mother to death in a fit of rage. At the end of the episode Zuko finds Ursa’s grave and is seen weeping uncontrolably over it. This only strengthens his resolve to help Aang defeat Ozai.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Sounds pretty interesting!


    Donna Reply:

    ooooo noooooo!!!! please don’t let Ursa be dead! Do you have a link to the fic you’ve done please πŸ™‚ Would like to read more… Thanks for sharing:)


    Starbender Reply:

    I think there should be an episode of the things that Aang said they were going to do in episode 102.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    That would be interesting.

  2. Donna Said: Comment by Donna on March 6, 2011 at 2:22 am | Permalink

    So awesome that no ones was alike or same as the others! πŸ™‚ Plenty of work here for the writers and who knows maybe some of the plots may turn up in the comic series? One never knows πŸ™‚ Great work everybody… now if we can only convince Nick to create the animation for each story πŸ™‚


  3. Combustion Man Said: Comment by Combustion Man on March 6, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Each story is so unique. Thats really good. There is probably enough talent here to publish an actual book. Art and all


    Starbender Reply:

    We should all sign a petion saying that these ideas should be considered for a new Avatar season by Nick


  4. Jordan Said: Comment by Jordan on March 6, 2011 at 10:13 pm | Permalink

    I liked Zuko’s Lost Letter :} GREAT job Combustion Man.


    Combustion Man Reply:

    Thanks Jordan


  5. a_girl Said: Comment by a_girl on March 7, 2011 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    these all sound so intresting!! my idea would be either an episode similar to the scene we see in the last airbender with aang and his master or an episode where we get to see everybodies alto ego. they are both tottaly random but thats all i got for now…:p


  6. Matthew Said: Comment by Matthew on March 8, 2011 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    So? This is an Working Legend of Korra Title- Avatar: Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra unaired pilot?


    Matthew Reply:

    Disregard this comment. I found out a couple minutes ago.


  7. Tracy Said: Comment by Tracy on March 12, 2011 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    Wow. I loved all your ideas! πŸ˜€ It’s amazing how something like this will bring out creativity!


  8. Swampbender Said: Comment by Swampbender on April 6, 2011 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

    I think that maybe they should have done more in the desert. Maybe introduced some sort of Sand bender girl or guy to help them out… maybe have them join the group, idk.

    Okay, here’s the idea πŸ™‚

    When they first meet the professor in the desert, they also meet dark-haired, dark-skinned, and dark-eyed Sand bender Lina. Her style of bending is like a mix of earth and air (remember, sand). She gets annoyed however, when she is mistaken as an airbender, and has been previously persecuted for it, because she is the only sandbender who has ever traveled out of the desert. (in book 1, she was captured by Zuko). She travels with the professor, and helps navigate in the desert on his ‘expeditions’. She’s also the younger sister of Gashwin, the Sand bender who stole Appa.

    After they barely make it out of the library alive, Lina is upset by the professor’s loss, but knows that the gaang won’t be able to survive with out her help. She is able to lead them to a sand glider, but is too late to stop Sokka from drinking the cactus juice that makes him get all… well, you know.
    The compass on the sand glider points them to the wasp-hive, although Lina has never seen it before, she recognises the holes in the stone, and advises against going inside. But against her judgement, Sokka– still a little loopy– runs in, and proceeds to eat the wasp-goo on the side of the wall.
    When they are attacked by the desert-wasps, Lina is able to fend them off, but is unfortunately stung, and knocked out. When the sand benders show up, Gashwin accuses her of being a traitor to their tribe, by traveling in a “stolen sand glider”. She is banished from the tribe, and makes the descision to join the gaang. (I know, I know, that messes up the girl: boy ratio in the group)
    You like?????


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah I loved the look of the Sand-Benders, more scuffles with them would have been cool.


    Aislinn Reply:

    My epidode idea is…
    Its the episode after the last chapter.
    All is peacful till Ozah (dont know how to spell it but Zukos dad) wont tell Zuko where is mother is. Out raged Zuko threatens him in no good position Ozah gives in. He tells him where she is. In no place he suspects… dead in a grave near Ba Sing Se. Zuko quickly runs from the room and consistently keeps traveling to Ba Sing Se on foot. The moment comes… his father.. did not lie. He did indeed find her grave. He fallen to his knees in sorrow and silently weeps. But what he and no one else knew is that his mother watches him from a distance actually alive regretting to say she is dead. Using Nuetroging (Bommie taught anng about this its about waiting and striking at the right moment.) she uses all her might not to comfort him. She can not come out from hiding… for she is the only one who knows there are still the Di lee agents, Long Feng, Azula (still atempting to break out) and for all who knows Conbustion man. (if he still is alive probbably is.) Azula controlls Di Lee, Di Lee tell Long Feng, word gets out and look a knew target. For they all are after Zuko who his mother is his weakness. Knowing and knowing she shouldnt come up to him she cant resist and runs toward him tears of happiness fall from her face. Zuko amazed stands back. Questioning who she is he somehow reconizes her after all these years. With no awnser he runs up and hugs her they are reunited. As they return to there home they are both welcomed. Word gets out and an attack is fired. Although it missed they now know that some one is after her. After constint following they cant find out this masked person. At the end of the episode they find Ozah escaped… along with Azula.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    That sounds like a really cool episode!

  9. Starbender Said: Comment by Starbender on May 8, 2011 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    I think there should be an episode showing the waterbending master that’s Katara and Sokka’s grandad,when he goes back to the southern watertribe.The tribe is going badly without Sokka and Katara,so he helps rebuild the tribe.


  10. Leon Stark Said: Comment by Leon Stark on June 10, 2011 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    Book 4: Air – Chapter 1: Dreams and Intrigues


    Aang brings Ozai down to his level, on his knees and places his hands on Ozai’s forehead and sternum, with the voice of the lion-turtle describing the action. The light changes from comet orange to air-sky blue and Ozai’s bending is gone. Zuko lies wounded as Katara ties Azula to the metal grate with the chain within the ice cell. Azula has her flaming hissy-fit and the first cry since her diaper-days.
    Zuko is installed as the new Fire-Lord and invites Aang to join him with the statement, “This is the real hero, the Avatar.”
    Zuko in front of the now powerless Phoenix King, “What happened to my mother?”

    Aang sleepwalks at the apex of the full moon, mounts Appa’s neck and places himself into the position of a Spirit World journey. Aang looks up and finds himself at the Western Air Temple, and walks to the council chamber. No reason, just an incredible draw. Two figures play Pai Sho. Avatar Roku is not doing so well against the bald headed, saffron robed figure sitting back to the door. “I Think Avatar Roku needs some help. With all the games of Pai Sho I played with you, maybe you could help him.


    “I called you here to listen to our old friend.

    “We are Nomads. so it would be impossible to tie us down. When you disappeared, small groups were left at all the Air Temples to watch for you, while the rest were told to follow the ancient maps to the Fifth Mountain of the Ancient Tao. “When the Fire Lord started his attacks on the Air Temples, there were enough to put up a fight, but nowhere near enough to provide a defense.

    “How can I find the rest of the Air-Benders?”

    “Each temple has in its council rooms, ancient scripts that would be known to the most ancient Avatars. It would take that knowledge to read the clues.”

    “The Northern Air Temple is a wreck, others have taken it over.”

    “The clues should still be there, in an archive, or somewhere else. You are wise and clever, so you and your friends will figure this out and return them to the world.”

    Aang woke up at dawn with a mission.

    Zuko dreams of a dark fire-pit full of lava, but tall pillars with the remains of the unrepentent. He finds Azulan, his grandfather, tied to a pillar. Zuko gasps, “Grandfather.”

    “Zuko, you have to repent for me. I sought to put your Uncle on the Fire-Lord platform, but the treachery against Lu Ten made it necessary to put your father on the throne. I questioned his loyalty would have banished you myself, if you were not so valuable as the next generation. Your mother opposed me, so I banished her. Your father scarred her to identify her as a traitor, unfaithful. For this I challenged him to an Agni Kai before his brother returned from Ba Sing Se. Apparently, I lost, and the souls of those who came before tied me up for the freedoms I denied them.”

    Zuko woke to the crowing of a pig-rooster.
    Mai saw visions in her dream of dirt, mud, badly cooked food, worse tea, barns, caves and all “icky” things, and a feeling of traveling. Echoing in her head was the sound of ‘You will NEVER leave me again!'”
    Suki walked, taking her guard-stance at midnight. A fog rolled into the vale she walked. A voice whisper/ whistled in a breezeless air, “Suki, you are the companion of Sokka. The Moon spirit walks with you, and you are the first woman to kiss him in love. You are to watch him and be close to him, and he to you.

    Suki looked around in the mist, and the mist formed into the image of Yueh, the Northern Water Tribe princess who became the Moon Spirit. “You are Sokka’s and he is your. I watch you both.” Suki felt both tires and excited. Somehow, this brief encounter took half a night.

    Zuko announces a leadership council to the Lords and Generals. Minh Luo, Mai’s father will be the chief administrator. Pian Dao would be the head of the law enforcement, Jian Jiong would be the head of the military. Mai’s uncle, the Warden of the Boiling Rock would be elevated to Chief Warden over all prisons. Fire-Sage Shai Yu would become the Chief Fire Sage, to appoint new Fire Sages to take the place of those who turned against the Avatar.
    Dai Li agents free Azula and Ozai. They have to fight their way to a hidden cove where a loyalist ship was waiting. Zuko heard the horns blown in case of a prison beak and rushed toward the prison, encountering Azula an a couple of fire-benders. Zuko closed his mind and practiced the moves his uncle taught him, mentally separating Yin and Yang, and let loose his first lightning. It missed, but shocked Azula. This was followed by fireballs aimed at his sister. Azula tried to retaliate, but one of the loyalists sent her to the ship as the soldiers fought and held the path. Zuko stood down. “I am certain I will meet them again, and again, … and again.”
    Zuko returned to the palace and announced, “I am going to search for my mother, I need to know. I also have some debts to pay to balance myself and those who I have used to get here.”

    “I have to find out about my people. Who’s with me?”
    The whole gAang is ready to join. Zuko pipes in, “Toph, there are some Earh-Benders who need to be taken down a notch or two. You always thought there was a life-changing trip you need to take with me. Here it is, and you can give Mai some pointers.”

    “Do I get to fight?”

    “There is at least one fight here, and maybe more. There is an Earth-Kingdom general who needs a taking down. Please don’t take offence but for it to be a blind girl would be truly justice.”

    “None taken, just let me at him.”

    “In first meeting him, just try to act like a helpless blind girl. I want him to be off his guard for this.”


    As Aang and Katara, Sokka and Suki get ready to leave, Aang hears through the ground Dai Li agents out to stop them. They wind up floating in the new courtyard swimming hole Aang and Katara make to trap them. Aang flings them with rock-pegsand Katara catches them with ice-slides.
    “We have to go, NOW! Appa, YIP YIP!”
    Zuko and Mai are on their way to the airship when the palaquin-bearers are walking in soft sand. A rock-box surrounds them, but Toph slices it off and separates it to slam the Dai Li agents into the wooden walls. She ties them up with metal bands from a couple of water-barrels.

    The three of them get into the air-ship and start off. A group of officers stand at attention to greet them. One of them speaks, “Lord Zuko, we have assembled to ask if you remember us.”

    Zuko looked at them and smiled, “You were all part of my crew when I was looking for the Avatar. Thank you for your service.” A pause, “We have a new mission, find evidence of my mother. If we hear anything about air-benders, take notes and report them to me. I will let Aang know if there is anything interesting.”

    Close: The Airship lifts off and starts to fly away.

    Sokka and Suki are in the saddle holding each other. Aang is holding the reins of Aapa and Katara is wrapped around him. Aang says, “You know, we have to take a trip to the Southern Water Tribe to let your family know.”

    Sokka says, “Yeah, they should at least know, if not approve. I think they will.”

    Azula sits with her father on deck. “Which first, Zuko or the Avatar.”
    “Zuko, the traitor needs to be taken down, and you are the girl to do it.”

    Squeaking cackle.



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