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Hello Avatar Fans, Airspeed Prime here for the eleventh time to present to you a Community Opinion. I apologise for this taking so long, with Christmas, Korra leaks and The Promise everything just got in the way. I also apologise if  there is not as many opinions in this months post, with everything going on this was not the main priority, but enough of that. We are here for a topic and this one is a variation on a previous Community Opinion Topic.

Community Opinion Title

So The topic for Community Opinion 11 is as suggested by community member Atry

Your Wacky/Funny Avatar Story Idea

To explain further, I asked people to make up a story or scene in the Avatar world with no regard to continuity or canon, one that would be crazy or funny or both. Crossovers with other universes were allowed once it was mainly Avatar focused. Only rules were to keep them suitable and clean.

So lets get into the Story ideas !!!

Airspeed Prime (Super-Moderator/Popular Post writer/Facebook Administrator)

So my idea for this story came from just a random idea I had always had after I had seen the end of the show for the first time, so it has been in my head for a while now.

The basic idea was that After 321, Hakoda and Chit Sang formed a crime fighting team like Private investigators.

With this topic I expanded on that idea making it over the top and mad.

So my story is their first case as a PI Duo. Hakoda is the older one so he knows all about the various types of criminals, but cannot be as physical as before because of his injury at the Invasion (It flared up again), that said there is still a lot of fight left in him. He is also the bad cop of this team. Chit Sang is the criminal who has renounced his ways after his meeting with Team Avatar, he is the physical side of this duo but lacks the brains of his partner Hakoda. Chit Sang always calls Hakoda “Chief” and is the Good cop, but they can easily switch roles.

Onto the story, it is their first case and none other than The Cabbage Merchant comes to their Headquarters in Omashu asking for their help. He is close to tears when he reveals what has happened. Despite all of the times his cabbages have been destroyed he could always grow more, until now, someone has destroyed his cabbage….patches and he wants JUSTICE. Hakoda and Chit Sang are right on the case and call in a specialist in these types of investigations, SLEUTH SOKKA, who has had experience with the Cabbage merchant.

Together the now three investigators find evidence including herbs and plants that lead them to The Herbalist, they do a good cop, bad cop routine on her and find out she has been keeping information from them. She is scared beyond belief as she reveals that Miyuki is behind the destruction of the cabbage patches. Sokka reveals that through his own investigations that Miyuki is actually behind nearly every crime ever to happen in the world for the past 5 years, it all clicks in place when he remembers what Aang told him from when he met the Herbalist, she had mentioned that Myuki was in trouble with the Fire Nation. So they head to the Fire Nation and enter find out that Miyuki has Fire Lord Zuko captured and is sitting on his throne. A massive fight ensues, Chit Sang is injured badly by Miyuki, but Sokka and Hakoda together manage to take down the Cat-Menace. The episode ends with Miyuki in Prison, she turns to face Ozai who is in the same cell, “You have done well, my Cat, everything is falling into place ” he says stroking Miyuki.

Tracy (Moderator)

My idea would be for Zuko and Uncle Iroh to meet Chong and the Singing Nomads. Of course Iroh is having a blast. he even has a crown of flowers on his head while he drinks THEIR tea. He sings, he dances and has a wonderful time.

All the while, Zuko sits off to the side, scowling, mortified that his uncle is making a fool of himself. Absently, he grabs a cup of tea, the Nomad’s tea, when suddenly, he starts tapping his foot to the music. Soon, he’s dancing around and singing, acting as silly as he usually is serious, wearing his crown of flowers.

But the next morning, when he wakes up and Iroh starts to speak, Zuko interrupts by saying. “We will never speak of this again.”


Iroh and Azula feel that Avatar Aang and his friends worry too much. So to cheer them up they take cactus juice, energy-enhancing tea, Bumi’s happy medicine, dragon-blood, universe juice and mix it all together into a nice punch bowl for all of them.

Katara, Zuko, and Toph drinks it all (saving nothing to the others) and get so high they grow to the size of skyscrapers and gain power 100 times that of Aang. In their ecstasy they decide to test their power by trying to beat one another.

At first they bend all available elements of the planet in typical fashion, but as their excitement grow they begin to fight so much the whole world swirls up into a storm. Unsatisfied they fly into space and begin to storm up the universe.

Katara bends all the water of 2 galaxies and forms it into an ice comet the size of 20 galaxies.

Toph bends all the asteroids of 200 galaxies and form them into a fist the size of 2 000 galaxies.

Zuko bends all the suns of 20 000 galaxies and creates a supernova the size of 200 000 galaxies.

And then they do it 12 more times and start fighting viscously.

All while Katara, Toph and Zuko bend all the elements in the universe into a raging storm with Sokka tossing galaxies after them like boomerangs, Aang, Iroh, Azula and all other inhabitants of the world get trapped in the storm. Aang goes into the Avatar State enhanced by the storm into a God-like form. He shows himself before his friends and ask them to stop, drunk with power they refuse to listen.

So Aang harnesses all the energy of the multiverse into an Avatar state 2 000 000 times more powerful than the Big Bang. With it he implodes all the dimensions of existence, holds it for ten seconds. The he releases it into a force that can never be comprehended or even put in words. The end result is that everything goes back to normal, except that now Aang has gained all the knowledge in existence, allowing him to bring ultimate balance and peace to not just his own world. Everyone in the world from the youngest toddler to the oldest elder celebrates, in reward for bringing salvation Iroh and Azula are rewarded with their own personal space colonies. To that they say:

Iroh: We just wanted to cheer them up a bit, we even tasted it ourselves before we served it, what happened?

Azula: It might be because before we served them I got bored and slipped in some of your jasmine tea into the punch bowl while you looked away.

Iroh: *smirk* You sneaky girl.

Azula: You know I am ;)

Admin/Jordash (Site Administrator)

This reminds me of a forum topic we had a while back where we told a story where the next forum poster had to post a continuation of the story that the previous poster talked about (and a person couldn’t post twice in a row).

The story went something like this: Toph, Suki and Sokka are walking through the world looking for Sokkas space sword, when they chance upon Longshot and Smellerbee, Smellerbee says he knows the location of the sword but will only give it to someone who is the champion in an all out duel. Aang and Katara happen upon the duel and decide to join in. Katara wins and is shown Sokkas space sword but refuses to give it to Sokka until Sokka apologizes for making her wash all his clothes. Eventually through a series of events (including characters from every movie and book imaginable) Sokka is able to get back his space sword without apologizing.

Teejizzle Singh (Facebook Fan)

Zuko goes on a long quest alone to find his long lost mother, on the way he will meet new friends and even see Aang and Katara along the way. But finding his mother locked in a prison cell he battles a weird man with a mask, beating him
but almost dying he finds out his mother was actually a spy for the earth Kingdom and was taken far away and her real husband was torturing her. He takes off the mans mask and he is the cabbage man.

The Cabbage Man is Zuko’s real Father !!!

The cabbage man uses a new type of bending during the fight, CABBAGE BENDING.

Hannah Snyder (Facebook Fan)

After the battle between Aang and Ozai was over and things had settled down, Iroh went back to Ba Sing Sei to manage the Jasmine Dragon. But when he returned, he found that Foamy, who had moved from Kyoshi Island to Ba Sing Sei, had talent in the art of making tea. While Iroh was away, Foamy had taken over the Jasmine Dragon for his own tea-making purposes. Iroh was outraged, and demanded that Foamy give him back his shop. Foamy took a fighting stance, growling at Iroh. A fierce battle proceeded. After a what seemed like hours of fighting, it looked like Foamy had the upper hand. But, just when it seemed Iroh was doomed to lose, He spied a vase to his left. Grabbing the vase, he slipped it onto Foamy’s head, pushing it down just far enough for it to get stuck. Iroh was victorious. He walked triumphantly into The Jasmine Dragon, While Foamy stumbled around with the vase on his head.

Our Communities Thoughts

So there you have it, Community Opinion 11, while not as long as others our Facebook fans really saved us this month. We have some fantastically Random, Mad and Funny ideas.

I will see you all next month for Community Opinion 12 which will actually be a special edition Community Opinion in honour of the 7TH Anniversary of the premiere of Avatar The Last Airbender. I will not be sending out PM’s to people asking for opinions, but rather anyone who wants to can PM me their opinion. The Topic will be

“7 years since the premiere, your memories of the first time you saw 101 and 102 and Thoughts on them now 7 years on”

If you want to be involved in next months Community Opinion please PM me your Opinion on this topic here

Also keep an eye out for a post that will explain other events we are having on the Site to celebrate this event.

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My name is Morgan Bannon, I am a 22 Year old Male from Ireland and I am the Site Super Moderator. I have watched and been a fan of Avatar since it premiered. I am also a news post writer for the site and host the site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast. My strength as an Avatar fan would be just a good knowledge of Avatar Canon and characters.

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  1. Atry Said: Comment by Atry on January 31, 2012 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    Why give me credit when this didn’t even turn out as I wanted it to?


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    The idea was still yours or at least inspired by yours.


    Atry Reply:

    How can I be proud of it? My first time (maybe only) offering a topic for opinion, and it’s given a low priority. All other opinions have had 10 posts on them, this was only half as much.

    Not only that, I wanted it to be wackier. I wanted it to look like we where all on drugs when we wrote these. Not funny really, hallucinetic and psychadelic is what I was hoping for. Basically this was supposed to be a mindf***.

    I wanted to freak everyone out, and it only turned out as something half-@$$ed that none will find freaky. You’re asking me to take pride in this by putting my name on it? I won’t stand for it.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Lol, I tried my best to get people involved, but it was a busy time in the fandom, with The Promise and all these Korra leaks out. It just didn’t take off.
    It has happened before, 1 or 2 of the others did not get responses.

    As for the topic, you probably should have mentioned that stuff when you suggested the topic, what you said came across as Wacky/Funny rather than completely out of this world cawazy.

    I will remove your name from the topic if you wish. Though honestly I thought it turned out fairly well, Hannah’s one was great when I saw that on Facebook.

    And I do have to question what on earth you were hoping to accomplish suggesting a topic that I probably would have chosen anyway, I do not think anyone would have freaked out at the topic any more that they would over what we have here.
    +Drugs are not really that funny, except the obvious Cactus Juice stuff 🙂
    While Miyuki, she is funny 😉

    Atry Reply:

    Don’t come with any “suit yourself” rambling. I said I wanted it to look like it’s on drugs, with no logic or common sense to it.

    What I wanted to accomplish was gain some recognition as a great asset to bringing new ideas to the Community Opinion. Or is that too much to ask?

    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    But this was a new idea, The reason I asked for ideas for topics is because I had none. It may not have come out exactly how you wanted but it is in the same vein of thought, not as crazy and mad as your own contribution to the post, but the other stories are still quite crazy.
    And being serious here not sarcastic or jokey, what do you want me to do about it, I pm’ed you weeks ago about the topic specifically telling you that I choose your idea and you did not reply telling me that your topic was actually a bit different.
    The people that were available to get involved this month really liked the very creative side of this topic and they know the idea came from you. Plus i would not have chosen the idea if I did not like it or if it was not original.

    I don’t know where you got the “Suit yourself” thing from.

    Tracy Reply:

    I’m sorry, I thought my idea was funny. 🙁

    GenderBender Reply:

    It was!


  2. Tracy Said: Comment by Tracy on January 31, 2012 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    Oh my gosh, I was kept in stitches, good work everyone!


  3. GenderBender Said: Comment by GenderBender on February 1, 2012 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Great stories everyone 🙂


  4. Destiny of Awe Said: Comment by Destiny of Awe on February 2, 2012 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    Those stories were…..weird. IN A GOOD WAY!


    Atry Reply:

    Weird is GOOD 🙂


    Tracy Reply:

    I have a weird one for you. Imagine Ozai in a pink ballerina tutu, singing “I Feel Pretty.” Or is that pure demented?


    Atry Reply:

    If that would happen I don’t think anyone would find him threatening anymore.

    Tracy Reply:

    I would be very afraid. LOL


  5. Rysz Said: Comment by Rysz on February 7, 2012 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    CABBAGE BENDING! Best bending ever.
    Great stories, I’ve really enjoyed them. 🙂



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