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Jeong Jeong Firebending

Once again it is I, Airspeed Prime here to bring you Community Opinion 7. This one is coming a little late as I have changed ” the timing on these posts, I request opinions at the start of a month and then the post comes out at the end, it is just easier to keep track of.

Chong and the Nomads

Characters like Chong and the nomads were really cool, but we barely saw them. This month it is all about the characters we wanted more of.

This month the Topic was actually suggested by site moderator O.G. Sokka, it is

Characters We Wanted to see more of and what they could have done if we had

One thing I always say about Avatar is that even the minor and one shot characters are amazing in a short time we grow to like them just as much as the main characters.What I asked people for in their posts was, 3-5 characters they wanted more of, why they liked them and what they could have done.

With that in mind, lets get started.

Airspeed Prime (Super-Moderator/Facebook Admin/Popular Post Writer)

As I said above some of the minor characters that don’t have a lot of screen time are amazing characters. Here are some of my favourites I wanted more of.

Chong, Lily and Moku/ I absolutely adore these characters especially Chong, the way they interacted with Sokka in 202 was hilarious, complete opposites in every way. They only appeared in that one episode so I think we really needed to see ” them again just to see where their attitude of focusing more on the journey itself rather than where they were going led them.

I would have loved to see the Gaang run into them while they were undercover in the Fire Nation and they don’t recognise them at all, and Sokka spends ” the whole episode trying to prove they are the people they met near the cave and just gets more and more frustrated, then again Chong thinks Aang may be the Avatar despite the hair which Chong loves.

Meng/ Who doesn’t love Meng, she is so amazing. Once again a one episode character is so good that I want more. That “Floozy” line at the end was hilarious and instantly made her such a great character.

I would have liked to either see the Gaang return to the village and Meng has a boyfriend (who is bald) and keeps commenting to the group wondering why Aang and Katara are not together yet, including tonnes of awkward KATAANG moments that or see her at the corination of Zuko where she finds her true love.

Longshot and Smellerbee/ SMELLERSHOT is going to happen. I loved seeing these two turn up with Jet in Book 2 but I wished they had came along with the Gaang after Jet’s death, their relationship could have been explored more and get more awesome expressions from Longshot that only Smellerbee can interpret, and he could have spoken in rare times and everyone listens.

Longshot could have had a great episode with the return of the Yu Yan archers, Archery competition anyone ?

Iroh/ Iroh’s past and Spirit World journey, simple as that. One episode all about Iroh’s flashbacks, probably when he is in prison thinking about how Zuko’s journey is similar to his own, we missed Iroh for alot of Book 3

Avatar YangChen and Avatar Kuruk/ The other 2 avatars we saw, we got some Roku and Kyoshi backstory, I would have liked to see Aang meet these two during the course of his journey as he meets Roku and Kyoshi. The Web comics gave us some more insight into these two but I need more.

A Yangchen one could have also given us more info on the Air Nomads and a Kuruk one more info on Koh.

There are so many more I could have chosen, but I could and would have gone on for weeks.

O.G. Sokka (Moderator)

Well this being my first Community Opinion post I’d like to thank Airspeed for asking me to contribute.

One of the main reasons I enjoy this show is in its details. The creativity and time spent on the “small stuff” like the Lionturtle door knockers at Admiral Chan’s house in” The Beach” and our subject for today. The minor characters you loved or wish you could have seen more of

I’ll break this down to 2 sections one for groups and one for individuals.

My favorite is the Yun Yan Archers. I love these special forces units and the “gun-men” of the Fire nation made for some great action packed scenes. Interestingly enough if you look at some of there still photos it appears as if at least two of them were female, which just makes them that much cooler. Vachir from the Rough Rhinos adorns similar paint and clothing which suggests mabey he was once a Yu Yan (Chinese for JADE EYE) archer himself. I don’t think it’s cannon but definitely plausible. Anyone up for a Dai LI vs Yu Yan showdown? Yes please! Oh and on a sidenote if the Yu Yan are under Firelord Zuko’s control and are good again I know a certain Freedom Fighter who could fit in pretty well like Ty lee did with the Kyoshi warriors.

The Sun Warriors I found it interesting that everything in the Fire nation right down to there Northern Shaolin fighting style screams central and northern China. Yet there ancestors have sort of an Aztec feel to them. The message they brought really made the Fire nation seem
less evil and more misunderstood, like they just lost there way. Just a cool group and to see “The Masters” was really fun. I would have like to seen Zuko being able to turn his fire a multitude of colors by controlling the heat after learning from Ran and Shaw but you can’t win them all.

Alright then, moving on, now a few individuals I really would have like to see more of.

Avatar Kuruk. With Korra approaching I have tried to give the old waterbending Avatar another look. He has been described as a bit arrogant, having a “go with the flow” attitude, and being a bit of a show off. Other then Bryke describing Korra as hot tempered there might be a bit we can speculate on Korra based off Kuruk.

And then there was Koh. Speaking of Kuruk it’s time to shift to his biggest enemy. Being one of the oldest and wisest spirits is serious business so Koh got himself a hobby to relax. just so happens that hobby leaves seemingly innocent creatures (owls and baboons included) without faces!!
Wow what a way to punish a guy. “FOR YOU BEING A LAZY AVATAR AND NEGLECTING YOUR DUTIES, I SHALL.. I SHALL. STEAL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS FACE!!!” Man poor Ummi. and poor Kuruk for that matter, now Kuruk just wonders around the spirit world looking for a faceless chick. When I first saw Koh I really thought we would see him more because he was so interesting and the fact that Koh stated they would meet again, but it just never really went anywhere. I don’t really think he was evil because he did help Aang locate Tui and La, I just think he was apathetic towards living things because he feels they are beneath him and he needs a new hobby.

I like June alot as well but I’m sure alot of us do so I’ll leave her for someone else to write about.
A few other characters I liked but we barley saw include Oh by the way I putting them in deathmatches with each other and you can post who you think would win. Lol

Deathmatch 1.- The Cabbage merchant vs Foaming mouth guy

Cutie patootie 3 way deathmatch. – On Ji vs Jin vs Meng

Ok peoples Thanks for reading I had fun doing this mabey I’ll write something WAIT, HOLD UP, Whats that god awefull smell? Oh nevermind it’s just Jinju that dirty little airbending kid.
Whew “Ever heard of soap Jinju? Geez

till next time

Aangfan (Moderator)

In Avatar: The Last Airbender we saw a lot of backstory about Zuko, Sokka, and Katara (their nations, their families, etc.) We did get a glimpse of some of Aang’s backstory, especially in the episode -The Storm”. However, I would have liked to have seen even more history of the airbenders, the Air Nomad society, and how Aang got to be the 12 year old he was when we watched. There are two specific airbenders that I would have liked to have seen more of – Avatar Yangchen and Monk Gyatso. By exploring Yangchen, we would have seen what it was like for her, another airbender, to be an avatar and an airbender (as her primary element). Monk Gyatso would have given us more insight into their culture as well as how Aang came to be the boy he was. Also, how did Gyatso get to be one of the top five monks at the Southern Air Temple? He was, after all, just a goofy kid when Roku trained in airbending.

Speaking of backstory, there is one final character (from a historical perspective since she wasn’t -there” in the series) I would have liked to have seen more of: Ursa, Zuko’s mother. She was a vital part to Zuko’s personality and the cause of many of his right vs. wrong mental battles. I would have wanted to see more about who she was – where did she come from, how did she meet Ozai, etc.

There were two female minor characters that were both developed well in their short stints in the series. I would have liked to have seen more of both Jin and Song. Both took a liking to Zuko and were featured for only one episode (or even less). It would have been nice to see more of them.

Finally, more on Koh. He was one of the most original characters in the entire series and we know that he has had dealings with avatars before. So what happened to him? Did Aang ever meet him again?

Tracy (Moderator)

The characters I would have liked to have seen more of in Avatar: The Last Airbender are:

Jin. I thought she was bubbly vivacious, and sweet. I think so much could have been done with her character, I think she was a far better match for Zuko. Had they matched her to him, I think the story line with Zuko’s journey might have been even more interesting and intense.

In her own sweet way, she had the ability to keep him humble. This was a girl who loved the world and all it had to offer. She didn’t question a whole lot, she accepted. She would have cared for Zuko whether he was a Fire Lord, or a simple tea maker.

It would have been interesting seeing her as a part of Team Avatar because she was such an endearing young lady. She was so unassuming, so trusting, she loved life, and that would have been healthy for Zuko.

The next two, I have to couple together because, well, I saw them as a couple. Longshot and Smellerbee. The two of them had much more story to tell, both were very intense, deep characters that deserved to have more time on screen. I would have liked to see how they would have fought during Sozin’s Comet.

Longshot was a skilled archer, he would have been quite useful in the end there in helping the gAang battle the Fire Nation.

I also would have liked to hear more of their back stories and simply heard Longshot speak more. Nothing was known about Smellerbee’s past. I would loved to have known more about her.

I would also loved to have seen their relationship blossom more.


As surprising as it may seem, I really wish Jet hadn’t been killed off. I would have liked to have seen him fight until the end. What would have happened had he stayed with Team Avatar, perhaps when they joined up for The Day of Black Sun and then gone to The Western Air Temple with them, and seen his reaction to Zuko humbling himself. How he would have handled the whole situation. Would he have been resentful? Or would he have been forgiving? Or would he need a special field trip as well.

And then all of them there at Zuko’s coronation and their reaction to it. They all deserved much more story, I think.

Arthan (Moderator)

The story contained in Avatar the Last Airbender is rich, and though we would love to know more from a lot of the people we saw in it, it would have made it a neverending story. Despite this, if I could choose some characters to know more of them, they would be the next.

Piandao, he is a very charismatic character, though we’ve seen more things about him than others secondary characters, I wish we could know even more about his life.

He is a famous sword master, knows the secrets of the forge and is a very smart person as is proved when he recognizes the Avatar in his Fire Nation disguise -I think I’m a little old to be fighting the Avatar”. Moreover he doesn’t profess a blind loyalty to the Fire Nation or the Fire Lord Ozai being a member of the White Lotus Order.

I’ve missed knowing more of him, how he became the sword master he is now, how he entered the White Lotus Order, his former collaborations with the other members, etc.

The Mechanist, the master inventor, the mind behind a lot of devices and artifacts.

He has a brilliant mind, invented a lot of war devices for the Fire Nation just to keep them away from his home at the Northern Air Temple, besides he’s improved the Temple comforts for a better staying. Some of his inventions for the Fire Nation are amazing: The War Balloon, the Tank but when the moment arrived he opted to face them, not at the beginning though.

His story could be told in more detail: the flood disaster in his village, the arrival to the Northern Air Temple (how he managed to get there?), his starts as a sort of scientific, his first encounter with the Fire Nation Agents.

Combustion Man, the mind firebender, the quiet enemy.

A mysterious man, few things are known about him. His ability is not seen on another person: firebending from his mind and in a very powerful way. He is like a bounty hunter hired by Zuko, determined and extremely dangerous. He doesn’t talk and uses several prosthetic parts in his body.

We have a lot of questions about him, his origin, how he has learnt to firebend with his mind, how he lost his arm and his leg and became a lethal killer. It’s a story worth to be told.

Guru Pathik, the Chakras teacher, the onion-banana juice maker.

A strange and very old character, he appeared out of nowhere, in moments of great necessity, to teach Aang how to reach the Avatar State at will. He’s shown deep knowledge and abilities like finding connections between things or people (Appa-Aang), meditation benefits and a great empathy’s sense.

It would be amazing to see how he met the Air Nomads, or if he taught someone else, but the big question is what he has done after Aang’s departure to save Katara

Starbender (Moderator)

Short but sweet from Starbender:

Onji-Since she and Aang liked each other she could have brought a fire nation opinion to the group.

Teo-He had the spirit of an airbender and he was smart like his dad.

Kuzon- had still been alive,” like Bumi, if he was still alive we could have seen into Aang’s past.

That is really all.

Ishan Brahmachari (Facebook fan)

Other than appearances in Book 3, nobody ever got a feel for who Ozai actually was, I mean, of course he was a power hungry monster, but there’s gotta be more.Like the way Azula had the whole mom thing messing up her mind.

Haru really didn’t get so much screen time either. He is a strongwilled earthbender, and it would’ve been great if he could’ve joined the team in Book 1. He could’ve been Aang’s first teacher.

Princess Yue could have been present throughout the series. She does have two appearances (other than the north pole), and is mentioned another time by Sokka, but she could’ve helped him more, maybe on a full moon, she could have visited him or something.

Neerav Yadav (Facebook Fan)

Well they should have shown more about HAMA at least 2 episodes so we could have known about her past in southern water tribe and she could have taught more of her amazing tricks to katara cz she knew a lot and i think one episode was just not enough for that.

And also there should have been more about The Deserter-JEONG JEONG he was such an amazing character and powerful Firebender AANG should have came back and looked for him so he could have learned a lot more of Firebending that would have been awesome.

And there should have been more of General Iroh I mean 3 or 4 episodes about his battle at The city of Ba Sing Se since the battle was fought for 600 days.We could have seen his wonderful Firebending there because of which he came to be known as Dragon of the West and also how Lu Ten died.

And yes in the episode Lake Laogai after AANG and team leave JET to look for Apa they should have came back to know what happens to Jet although we know Jet dies but they could have taken the other 2 freedom fighters with them and they could have helped them in rest of the Book-2 EARTH episodes and things would have been a lot more interesting.

And there was a lot of about Avatar ROKU and Avatar Kyoshi but nearly nothing about Avatar Kuruk and Avatar YangChen so there should be more about both of them especially about Avatar Yang Chang Airbender as she was also an airbender.AANG should have taken her help as she was also an airbender and thing could have been a lot more interesting.

The Canyon Guide in Book-1,Chapter-11,The Great Divide also deserves a bit more of the screen time he was such an great Earthbender so Aang might have learned a bit of basic Earthbending when the old man’s hand get well and it would have been nice.

Admin / Jordash

There are 2 side characters I would have loved to see more of:

Jeong Jeong Firebending

Jeong Jeong was so Bad A, we only had really 2 episodes where we saw some action from him, he would've been awesome to see more of.

The Blue Spirit with Aang

The Blue Spirit (Technically Zuko) was so freaking awesome, we did have an entire episode dedicated to him, but more would be way sweet. Hopefully in Korra we can see someone take up the Blue Spirit mask that would be awesome.

Piandao Master Swordsman

Piandao was also an awesome character, I am glad we got to see the White Lotus in action at Ba Sing Se.

Also the Cave singers were way funny so they have some excellent comic relief potential.

Our Communities Thoughts

There you have it, A wide range of characters chosen by people. Showing the overall quality of characters in Avatar. Thanks to everyone for their opinions.

What Characters do you want to see more of ? Post in the comments below

See you next Month for Community Opinion 8, if you want your Opinion in the next post then just be active on the forum, I am always looking out for new members who are very active. I will PM those whose opinions I want at the start of July. Also if you are a fan of the sites Facebook page there is a chance to get your opinion in there a few days before the post is put up on the site.

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    i would like to see more of piandao, king bumi, the nomads, kuzin, jin, and koh, and more avatars.


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