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Airspeed Prime here again to present to you the next edition of Community Opinion, this time is CO 15. Again involvement is down, but with schools starting up again and a severe lack of Korra news, the fandom is not as active as it could be. That said we have a few great opinion pieces this week so lets get into this months topic.

Your Dream Avatar Video Game

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What I asked people participating in this topic to do was to explain their idea for the type of Avatar Game they would most want, explaining the gameplay, story (if any) and so on.

So lets get straight into the opinions.

Airspeed Prime (Site Super Moderator/Podcast Main Host/Facebook admin and a few other things 🙂 )

My dream Avatar video game would be in the style of the game Skyrim, which is an open world style game where you are just in a world and can pretty much journey to where ever you wish doing quests and helping people along the way, with the ability to pick up nearly any item you see and then sell it. So naturally the game would be set in the Avatar World and you can go where ever you want assuming there is a ship nearby to take you to another nation or a sky bison to take you to an Air Temple.

I would just love to be able to just explore the Avatar world in this way, be able to just go to Ba Sing Se and see those amazing walls, visit Omashu to see the mail system, explore the remains of the Air Temples and even visit the isolated Water Tribes. This would just be an experience itself without any of the other stuff that would be involved. Who would not love to be able to visit common places from the show. Add to this being able to pick up items, such as food, weapons, armour and clothing to either use or sell on for money, then you can purchase goods from shops and markets, including the cabbage merchant!!!
In terms of your character at the start of the game you would create it yourself, choosing sex, height, hair and so on, a good and detailed character creator. You then choose the nation you come from and if you are a bender or not, obviously stuff like if you choose Air Nomad you are automatically an Airbender would happen, but if you choose a non bender you have a boost when using weapons, benders can also use weapons but are not as effective with them, this adds balance to combat. This character creation adds so much depth and replay factor to the game, who would not want to create multiple saves with different types of benders and non benders. Each character would have a series of ability unlocks as you level up, so better bending moves and the ability to bend for longer without rest for benders and increased weapon damage, new moves and stamina for non benders. Add to this various armour and artifacts that increase these stats also and you have so much room for character customisation.

The story would be set during the time of Avatar Kuruk, he was not a very active Avatar and so people had to sort out their problems, this story would explore the reasons why Koh stole Ummi from Kuruk and how your character was the one to end a threat to the world. You would start in your own nation, you choose which temple you are from as an Air Nomad (North and south for boys and east and west for girls), which tribe you are from if you choose water tribe and then what city you are from in the fire nation and earth kingdom. From there you gradually begin to do tasks for people before you discover the threat to the world, you come into contact with Kuruk and attempt to get him to intervene, but ultimately it is up to your character to end this threat.

The only problem I would see with this game would be that you cannot kill the enemies as then it would not be suitable for all to play as Avatar is to watch. So to solve this when you deplete an enemies health bar by bending at them or weapon strikes they stop fighting and crouch down exhausted and offer their items to you as winner of the fight, it is a decent way to avoid just killing everyone like Skyrim itself.

Quests would include stuff like helping an Air Nomad to find a lost Sky Bison, and as a reward he lets you use the Sky Bison to travel the world and makes you an ally of the Air Nomads. Helping an ancestor of Piandao to make swords and as a reward you get a powerful sword. Stuff like this and a game like this offers such a unique insight into the Avatar World.

There would even be naval battles and land battles between armies at stages as some of the nations do battle, you can control ships and   animals and so on. You can choose a side in these wars or try to end it peacefully.

In terms of multiplayer, the game would be online enabled and up to 4 friends can go into someones world to explore together.

Any more and I will go on all day, this is my idea for a dream Avatar game, not only would it be a fun game, but it would allow fans to experience the Avatar World as characters in the show and comics do, and for me that would be magical.


My dream avatar video game would be a game that is compatible with the Wii and any OS for PCs. I would call this game ”Avatar Elemental Clash”. This game is going to run on a Wi-Fi connection. Basically, in order to do an elemental move successfully in the game, you have to do the correct body movements (hands and feet) for the bending move whether it is fire. water, earth or air.

So for example, if you wanted to do a fire kick, you would have to stand on some sort of Wii platform, like the Wii fit and actually start kicking with your foot. The harder you kick the bigger the flame you produce in the game. The same thing applies for punching in the game for elemental moves.

This game does not have any storyline in it, it is one of those beat em up games, where you just keep on fighting until you’re bored. However, this game does have different levels and settings where you get to choose the difficulty of your game. You can fight anything as easy as one fire nation soldier/ equalist to thousands of Amons/Ozais/Avatars. You get to set up your terrain too.

Avatar Elemental Clash has all the characters from ATLA and TLOK. So you can be Avatar Korra fighting Avatar Aang. Although, literally, that makes no sense since Aang is dead and Korra wouldn’t even be born if he hadn’t died. Keep in mind, this is a game so it doesn’t need to make sense lol.

Lastly, this game is also an MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online Game) where you can fight thousands of benders worldwide. You can also have team matches and clan wars. Overall, this is my type of dream avatar video game that I would want to play and stay addicted to.

Warning: This game may make your body fit, just make sure you don’t get too aggressive and break your TV :)



If I were given the chance to create my dream Avatar game, it would be like this. If any of you are familiar with Star Wars Battlefront 2 then it would be like that but Avatar style of course. For those of you not familiar with the game I will explain it for you.
There are several different modes: Story Mode, Conquer the World, and Instant Action. I will start with Story Mode.
Ok so you could pick a side, Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, or Fire Nation. If you choose air nomads, you would be an air bender right when the fire nation attacks. You would start at the Southern Air Temple and fight off the attack and then move on to the Eastern Temple defend it, then to the Northern Temple and finally the Western Temple is the big last battle.
If you choose the Water Tribe, you would star in the Northern Water Tribe when a small fleet of fire nation ships attack. Then Zhao attacks and you would fight off several attacks and work your way to the Day of Black Sun, which is where you would end, and you would win there.
If you choose the Earth Kingdom, you start at Omashu. When it is attacked, you fight and win then you move around the Earth kingdom fire nation attacks including The Drill. You eventually work your way up to the Day of Black Sun also and that’s where it ends.
If you choose the Fire Nation, you start in Zhao’s attack on the Northern Water Tribe and succeed. Then you attack Omashu and take it. You also fight off the invasion force. Then you move around the Earth Kingdom taking small cities and you work your way up to attacking Ba Sing Se.
Now for ‘Conquer the World’. You choose which nation you want to be. Then you start with what ever your nation has land wise on normal circumstances. Therefore, after that you just choose places to move your army to where you want it to attack. You would see the world map and what land you have would be your nations color: water tribe: blue, fire nation: red, earth kingdom: green and air nomads: white. You cannot go to any location in the Avatar World, only places of significance to the show, like Ba Sing Se, or where Aang fights Ozai, places like that. If you and another army meet at a location of no significance then the game would default to a place that fit’s the nation your in for instance if you meet randomly in the Earth Kingdom then if would go to a forest of a plain, in the Water Tribe: tundra in the fire nation grassy plains with a volcano close by, Air Nomads then a mountain range. If your army meets another army in the water then it is a navel fight, every nation has ships except the Air Nomads, which would just travel in packs of Sky Bison. In Navel Fights, you could operate a catapult and attack your enemy that way. You could also attack the enemy fleet directly by either using a boat, bending skills or a Sky Bison to get to a different ship and attack the crew or sabotage the ship itself by taking out catapults or the engines.


This is what the World Map would look like roughly.

Ok here’s ‘Instant Action’. This is my personal favorite. All it is is that you pick a location from a list of all places where something big happened in ATLA and you pick what nation you want to be and battle it out for fun no story lines or world domination just fights.
I think I should explain how the game works now. To win a battle you have several options. You can take out your opponents entire army, each side has 200 people give or take a few depending on where you’re fighting. You could also capture all command posts. Command posts are places where your army spawns to. Command post can be located in several places. Let’s take the Northern Water Tribe Capital for example, there would be one at the wall, the palace the healing huts maybe, the water bending training field, places like that. What a CP looks like is there is a small pedestal type thing on the ground with a light shooting out of it about 2 times taller than the average man, glowing the color of whatever nation has that CP.

To capture one all you do is stand next to it with no enemies close by it takes roughly about 20 seconds for it to change and its harder than it sounds(at least on Star Wars it is). Those are the only ways to win a battle on land to win a battle on water is take out the entire army or sink all of your enemies’ ships.
Time to explain the armies themselves. When you fight, you are a normal soldier in the army. You can choose several different ranking warriors. For Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation the rankings are as follows: first is the average soldier with a sword and a bow with 150 arrows, next is a spearman/pike man with a bow with 75 arrows, then is a regular bender, after that is a prodigy bender, and finally is a master bender. Since the Air Nomads have no military, they are a little different. Their rankings are as follows: bender-in-training, bender, prodigy, master, and Head Monk.
Heroes/Villains. What heroes/villains are, are characters you can be if you get a lot of points. You get points by killing an enemy (you lose points if you kill someone on your side), capturing a CP or doing something like sinking a ship or breaking through the walls of Ba Sing Se or killing an enemy hero/villain. Different locations have different H/V’s to offer but I’ll just tell you all the ones you can be for each nation: Earth Kingdom: Toph, Suki, Bumi, Haru, Long Feng. Fire Nation: Zuko, Azula, Iroh, Ozai, Mai, Ty Lee, Zhao. Air Nomads: Monk Gyatso and Aang with only air bending. Water Tribes: Katara, Sokka, Pakku, Hakoda, Hama, and of course Hue. Also if you get a BUNCH of points, and I mean a lot, you can be your nations Avatar, Water Tribes: Kuruk, Earth Kingdom: Kyoshi, Fire Nation: Roku and Air Nomads: Aang, and if you get a lot of points while you’re the Avatar then you could unlock the Avatar State.
All benders would have virtually the same attacks just altered slightly to fight their element. There would be an average attack (fire ball, air blast, etc.), large attack that hits multiple targets (large gust of wind, small wave, etc.), small long distance attack (ice shards, small rock), large long distance attack (large fire ball, the move Long Feng used on Jet, etc.), an attack to knock back close by enemies (earth shockwave, etc.), and finally a super move: tornado, earthquake, tsunami, and lightning. All benders also would have a move to move quicker around, water: a wave you ride on, earth: earth wave, fire: fire rockets, and air: gliders. Only air and fire can fly but air can fly farther and longer. Each element would also have a supper jump move to get to higher places. Non-benders would have several ways to attack with their weapon or they could use their bow.
When fighting on the ground there would be some sort of machines to operate to help win the battle. The Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation have tanks they can use. All nations except Air Nomads would have catapults but air nomads could still operate them if they wanted. All nations have an animal to attack from, Water Tribes: Yaks (seen in Book one at NWT), Earth Kingdom: Ostrich-horse, Fire Nation: Komodo-rhino with mini catapults, Air Nomads: Sky Bison flying low to the ground.

Now for the health bar and all that stuff. You all know how the health bar works, but there are ‘healing huts’ for you to get your health bar back up (water benders’ goes up faster that anyone else’s). You also have a chi bar. Every time you use a bending attack(some benders can have weapons too so not all of their attacks could involve bending ) it will go down some but will go back up automatically slowly, the bigger and farther the attack the lower it will go.
Finally last but not least, effects. They would be very realistic. Like for on the location would react to the battle around it. Say if a house got hit enough by attacks it would collapse. In addition, if a fire attack hits something like the ground, building, etc. then it would leave a scorch mark or catch on fire depending on what it is. Moreover, one of the big things about fighting just outside Ba Sing Se’s Outer Wall you have to break through it. However, don’t stand to close or some rocks could crush you. Well that’s my Dream Avatar Videogame.

Our Communities Thoughts

So there you have it, 3 great opinions for 3 different types of games, what about you, do you have an idea of your own, what is it, tell us in the comments below.

Community Opinion 16 will open for opinions in 1 week, so keep on eye on this thread for that announcement, the deadline will be October 30th.

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  1. Joey Said: Comment by Joey on October 1, 2012 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    You read my mind with that skyrim idea. i would NOT stop playing that game if it existed. And avatar battlefront 2 would be equally awesome. it would be a great multiplayer game.


  2. Kelly Said: Comment by Kelly on October 1, 2012 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    Ah Man I didnt see an opportunity to do this 🙁
    ah well, the skyrim one sounds like a blast!

    I also hope they make an actual good kinect avatar game where you learn ACTUAL martial art forms to do the bending 🙂

    Thats my dream game and It has a chance of coming true Unless nick stays stupid and continues not making much Korra merchandise at all. I at least expected a video game, whats up with that. Avatar had a game for each book 🙁


    Joey Reply:

    Yeah they need some more Korra merchandise. The only thing i can get my hands on is a scroll poster off amazon. Most of the stuff on the nick store is too expensive or doesn’t interest me. 🙁


    KoolKorra Reply:

    I got my hands on a scroll poster too!

    Kelly, I think i might’ve copied your idea about the Kinect. Sorry.


  3. Hyriu 85 Said: Comment by Hyriu 85 on October 1, 2012 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    When i was on facebook and saw the Avatar page in my news feed with my picture in the little square i completly fan-girled and since i’m a guy thats kind of embarresing but luckly noone was around and the Avatar Skyrim idea Airspeed was incredible i mean i could go where ever i wanted in the avatar world i go from the Great Divide to Piandao’s castle thats amazing and Avatar Elemental Clash would also be very cool i have always wanted a game like that but then i think “what if you break the Wii pad by jumping on it to hard” then they came up with the camra thing that reads your movement which i think would work better.


    HypnoManiac(Amonics Leader) Reply:

    LOL in the case, if you jump on the wii pad too hard, you would have to go buy yourself a new one that’s not made out of plastic! 😛


    Hyriu 85 Reply:

    lol ya


  4. KoolKorra Said: Comment by KoolKorra on October 1, 2012 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

    oh i didn’t know about his. Maybe i should start getting involved in the Opinion next time.

    Here’s mine.

    I want it to be on the Kinect (Xbox 360) and we travel the world whether in Aang’s Time or Korra’s time and we do the bending moves that they do but they’re not uber complex.

    In each place we travel depending on the character (Aang or Korra), there is an adventure waiting to happen in that area. The mode of Transportation will be Appa for Aang, and depending on where Korra’s going, a ship or maybe Naga if it’s short distance (like a few blocks down republic city).

    I want this to be made mid or after book 2 because Korra will explore the world more and we see new places like we get to go to the NWT again, the Air Temples and who knows? a new Joodee from Ba Sing Se!


  5. calluxtor Said: Comment by calluxtor on October 2, 2012 at 9:44 am | Permalink

    airspeed prime definitly but i thInk you should be able to be avatar or an avatars ally/foe, descions you make early on in the game will affect future descions for instance lets say you Might fight a war and go to the east air temple, if you attacked them or did something bad they would not help you so you go to another place or earn there trust or something like that or go somewhere else e.t.c

    i think there should also be servers and online modes so therea battle mode where youre an a arena and need to fight or do challenges against other people (eaither 2,4 or 8 people in this sever at a time). you would have another server where ,save or break, in which you would help defend a town or concouqer a town with other people. and finally as the last person said you all play on the hosts world and roam around.

    it should be available on xbox 360, ps3, wii and pc


  6. Cosmobender Said: Comment by Cosmobender on October 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

    And of course my game am I right? XD


    KoolKorra Reply:

    haha. Yes


  7. FairladyZ2005 Said: Comment by FairladyZ2005 on October 2, 2012 at 11:42 pm | Permalink

    I just want something I can play on my PS3. Sadly my version is not the one that is backwards compatable with the PS2. So much for my atempt to play Into the Inferno. I gave my copy to a friend instead.


  8. Brandy Said: Comment by Brandy on October 3, 2012 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

    I would LOVE the second one. It really sounds awesome.


  9. AVATAR FAN 101 Said: Comment by AVATAR FAN 101 on October 19, 2012 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    this sounds awesome



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