Box Office Results for The Last Airbender $70 Million in 5 days

Box Office Results The Last Airbender

In spite of severely negative reviews the built in fans of the Avatar The Last Airbender show have propelled The Last Airbender into 2nd place over the lucrative Holiday Weekend. (A distand 2nd to Twilight Saga Eclipse). Since then The Last Airbender has made over $70 Million in 5 days, although predictions abound that the movie will lose it’s appeal after word of mouth spread the word about the movies poor dialogue and pacing, will quickly burn down the movies popularity.

Although I agree The Last Airbender had it’s share of problems and *some* of the criticism is accurate, I think The Last Airbender had some gems of potential, in our forth-coming review, we’ll discuss some of the problems the movie faced, in addition to things it did right. Plus we are interviewing fans of the cartoon, people who were off and on watchers, and people who have never heard of Avatar The Last Airbender before. We are looking for constructive criticism to give to M Night in the event that he does produce the second movie it can hopefully tap into the small potential of the first and make something worthwhile.

Hopefully Night will listen to constructive criticism and can make changes necessary to make The Last Airbender Trilogy something fans can enjoy.

Box Office Results The Last Airbender

Box Office Results over Fourth of July Weekend, Graphic Credit:

Cinematical Box Office Results
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  1. Mystic Moonstar Said: Comment by Mystic Moonstar on July 6, 2010 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

    Some constructive criticism that I would like to give to M. Night Shymanlan if there is a second movie, is to try and pronounce the names of the characters right. That is the one thing that bothered me above everything else. Every time they said Sokka or Iroh I would mouth the correct pronunciation. I would also recommend having some of the more amateur actors, such as Noah Ringer, some more acting lessons. Noah has beautiful martial arts moves but his acting could be better. Also since the first movie has already been done I would ask that he not change any of the cast, that just annoys me when in one movie a character is played by one actor and then in the sequel they are played by someone else. I would also as M. Night to add a little more humor from the original cartoon back into the movies. A lot of the fans miss it. I liked the movie and hope that the second one gets made.


    jarhead462 Reply:

    I would have liked to have had a longer movie- I had read that Night’s first script was 2.5 hours- so what! Can we not pay attention that long? He chopped it up so badly, we had to have important things glossed over, or told to us. The whole movie felt hurried, scenes ended abruptly, and we did not get a feel for the characters, or see them bonding. Why do they care about each other? They barely speak to each other. The earthbender prison scene made absolutely no sense. So, no one thought to use the earth all around them to fight? Also, why couldn’t Aang have the discussion about being friends with Zuko after they escaped from Zhao, instead of Aang blurting it out as he ran out of the room at the North Pole? Night actually bothered to film them in the woods, where that conversation took place in the series. It was incredibly awkward where it was placed. That was far more annoying than the name pronunciation. That is how those names are supposed to be pronounced!
    I would like to see the Directors’ cut put out on DVD, with anything that was cut, put back in (Kyoshi warriors) and have Night make the next movie longer


    rocky Reply:

    I agree he could (should) have made the movie longer so the audience could see some more character growth and he would of been able to put more from the first season in it but he will put some in the next movie such as jet and king bumi, etc. I understand why he changed the names because he wanted it to be more authentic, but it was a little confusing at first but I got over it. Another thing is why did he say general iroh was in a 100 day siege instead of a 600 day siege on ba sing se, there was no need for that. Also, I just got the seasons on dvd for christmas and I LOVED the comentaries during the finale and the rest of the bonus features that came with each of the books.



    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Different Continuity *gets tired of saying that*
    100 days seems more realistic.

  2. RAWLS Said: Comment by RAWLS on July 6, 2010 at 8:20 pm | Permalink

    hey there,
    Feel free to check out my personal review –
    and let me know what you think. 🙂



    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Good review, i’ll look into some of that.


  3. OrderOfTheWhiteLotus Said: Comment by OrderOfTheWhiteLotus on July 7, 2010 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    1. Comic Relief: Star Wars has R2d2 & C3po, Harry Potter is dark/serious but still have comedy. Comedy helps when there’s those important conversations that might bored folks, and comedy jump there to keep the audience up.

    2. Just like how developed and rounded Zuko and Arroh’s characters are, The story needs to focus on the character development AND character relations (like Aang vs Roku, Toph character and attitude between each of the “gAang”).

    3. To save more time, the movie needs more show, less tell.

    4. Now that were in book 2, Sokka finds love again with Suki, Katara has her first romance with Jet (to Aang’s despair), the search for a teacher fails with Bumi but they find Toph. Everything that is earth kingdom related is in that chapter. You may wish to bring back some concepts that were cut out though: Avatar Roku, for example.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah I definitely agree about the comedy, M Night was able to fit some good comedy in my opinion, he had the potential there but didn’t quite make it.

    Very good points, thank you


  4. Toraof theSouthernWaterTribe Said: Comment by Toraof theSouthernWaterTribe on July 8, 2010 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    Oh M. Night Shymanlan how I want to sit you down and have conversation with you… WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO TO THE LAST AIRBENDER?! There are several things I totally think could have been improved…

    1.) Why did you change the names? Was that necessary? It’s Aang not Ung we’re not banging a gong or gargling. Iroh pronounced EEroh I could tolerate but his name sounded like Emo or Eyore. Iroh is not goth or a stuffed donkey. And Sokka pronounced Soakka sounds like Soap-a. Didn’t M. Night watch the series? In Episodes 19 Siege of the North Part 1 Han mispronounced Sokka’s name as Soakka. If he’s going to make a second movie he’s got to change their names back. I cringed every time I heard their names pronounced wrong in the theater. X(

    2.) The screenplay and dialogue needed MAJOR improvement. It was too choppy. There needed to be WAY more character development. There was barely any talking and half of the talking was lame lines. I like to quote lines from movies. There wasn’t one I liked enough to quote. His heart wasn’t into it and everyone could tell. I didn’t feel with characters. I didn’t feel tense at all in the battle scenes. And what was with the Avatar not being able to have a family and not being able to hurt anyone? Where the heck did that bull come from? And the Fire Nation would not have turned away when Aang or Ung as he is called just makes a giant wave. They would fire another volley of fireballs. And what happened to Suki? And Roku? And Bumi? They were necessary characters. I can excuse Bumi reluctantly but he still was very important. But M. Night casted Suki and Roku then he cut them out! I could sit another half an hour! I could’ve sat another hour if he just did it right! If he cut out all this junk that was not in the show and kept in what was he would saved time anyway!

    3.) It needed way more comedy. Like Momo catching things, Appa licking people, something falling on Sokka (things always fall on the poor guy in the series), Sokka doing sarcastic comments. Anything!

    4.) Ozai and Zhao seemed too weak to me. They didn’t have that strong evil presence like the animated ones. They didn’t have the right voices and I didn’t like their hair so short.

    To give some positive feedback I did like all the actors except Ozai and Zhao. The costumes and settings were really neat and the visual effects were awesome. And the fight with Zuko and Aang at the Northern Water Tribe was cool. And I liked allot of other bending moves.

    I normally cut people slack when people make movies based on books or shows like with the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings movies. But there is a place to draw the line with changes. And in this movie too much was changed. Like in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The casting was good, the costumes were good, but they changed the storyline too much. The series was a hit for a reason. M. Night should have paid more attention to it and stayed closer to the series which I am very loyal to. When the DVD comes out I’m gonna watch all the deleted scenes and see if I like the movie better. I know I may sound like a total hard-core critic, but that’s my opinion.


    randomperson Reply:

    Actually M.Night DID watch the series, in fact, the first time he watched it was during those all Avatar:TLA Marathons Nickelodeon is famous for. His family and him got so into it they even skipped meals. And the second the Avatar:TLA marathon finished he called and said he wanted to do a movie about it.
    This is just a comment, I am not saying I approve of what he did to A:TLA. Since I haven’t been able to see the movie (I’ll go watch it tomorrow) I can’t say I dislike it. Even though I’ve heard pretty bad reviews about it.


  5. Alex Said: Comment by Alex on July 8, 2010 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

    I completely agree with the other comments!
    What the heck was up with the names! Did he do it on purpose or what? no excuse for that one in my oppinion….
    Not enough time for proper character developement, lines were spoken awkwardly, characters missing, I could go on……..
    There were a couple things that I liked, but he better step it up for the next movie.


    Admin / Jordash Reply:

    Yeah he changed the pronunciations on purpose, he changed them to the Asian pronunciations, still I don’t think he really got any advantage out of it (if any) it certainly hurt more than it helped.


  6. Zack Said: Comment by Zack on July 9, 2010 at 11:00 am | Permalink

    I hope MNS will take our comments seriously and as an airbender fan, I really hope the next sequences will be far more improved.

    Beside the actors pronounce the characters’s name incorreactly, I hope MNS will stick to original costumes of the characters. The costume for Aang character should be like this:


  7. SadPuppy Said: Comment by SadPuppy on July 9, 2010 at 11:25 am | Permalink

    This is what I didn’t like:

    A. DIALOG was beyond horrible
    case #1: “KatarA!. don’t break that sphere”.. i mean really??
    #2 : “i could take you back to the village” “we’re going” *end scene*
    #3 : the whole in-your-face diss at Zuko at Zhao’s tea party

    B. ACTING (or lack of it)

    C. Casting
    EEroh or Iroh : the whole fat happy calm dude is what made Iroh(EEroh) popular.. he was supposed to be Zuko’s uncle not awkward adviser guy..
    Sokka or Soakka : he is dutifully noted as the meat lovin’ sarcastic guy.. wheres the funny? he’s beyond stiff.. Jackson is just too pretty for the part.
    Aang or Uhng : hes like 13 or 12 at the series.. here it seems he is older than Katara having that broody face/voice..

    you know what? i could write a book of how Shamalamalan screwed this amazing series up so i really can’t write more than that,


    rocky Reply:

    I laughed until I cried when zhao dissed zuko at that dinner because I just imagined zuko from the show sitting there which would piss him off so much he wouldn’t be able to control himself. Ps that’s when zhao and zuko should of had the agnai kai. Sad that didn’t make it into the movie


  8. Jamarr Said: Comment by Jamarr on July 11, 2010 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    Hmm constructive criticism Ill try watering it down at bit I actually don’t want to see another movie from the guy. The major issue was character development I mean without the character development then what are we really watching? And then everything happened Way to late in the movie.. Katara, Sokka and the whole southern village learn that Aang is the Avatar when Zuko takes him away.. That should have been at the very beginning of the movie not in the scene with the Earthbenders when in actuality that was like the 6th or 7th episode in the series maybe even 10th in other words you started from episode 1 and skipped all the way to episode 10 or whatever witch means there’s a lot of crucial details and a lot of bonding we missed out on.. The whole movie was unorganized he should have used the episodes as an outline for the movie but he didn’t.. they didn’t even learn his name til the scene with the imprisoned Eartbenders.. How do you travel with someone around the world and you don’t even know their name? Way to go Shylaman what are you showing our kids? And what’s up with Ozi he’s nowhere near intimidating it doesn’t even look like he’s in shape I’m gonna stop here but there’s so much more I have to say.. I think we’ll be better off with a new director actually mess up your own creations


  9. Jamarr Said: Comment by Jamarr on July 11, 2010 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    I also had a problem with M.Nite Being in the movie it seemed like he took this as a joke and The Fire nation Being indian I could see them more of the Earth kingdom or not at all.. The firenation is more of a chinese dynasty and should have a more intimidating leader.. Stay true to the series the only good I feel you did with the cast is the Northern Water Tribe they were all good except Aangs Master He looks like he could have played Iroh actually their parts should have been switched around Just a Terrible job.. If I were to direct and I suggest that I do I would have Leaned more towards “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” a beautiful movie and if it was mixed with the Last Airbender and another director it would be the best movie EVER please just consider it


  10. Skibop Said: Comment by Skibop on July 12, 2010 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    I agree with a bunch of people here. This movie was terrible.
    1. I hated how they pronounced the names wrong. Someone mentioned earlier that they tried to pronounce it in Chinese, but what’s the point of that when none of those characters are actually played by a Chinese person?
    2. The actors/tribe should have stayed true to their decent in the show. Even though the fire nation in the movie were all indian, the other tribes were basically scattered. It’s just odd how in the show only Sokka and Katara are dark skin, but the rest of the nations are light skin. I think they should have kept it like that in the movie for all the fans.
    3. I hate who they cast as Katara! She’s nothing like Katara in the show, the one in the show is so beautiful, the one in the movie is ugh. I also hate how Iroh isn’t even fat and tea loving like in the show. I was looking forward to that because I like Iroh alot because I share his love of tea. And I didn’t like how Zuko and Ozai’s hair was short. What’s gonna happen when Iroh and Zuko flee to become refuges? In the show they cut their hair, so how are they gonna hide now, put in extensions? smh
    4. Kind of corny, lack of jokes. The only “humor” they had in this movie was at the beginning when Katara tried to waterbend and it landed on Sokka. It didn’t make me laugh though, as it was kind of lame. They need to keep the comedy in the movie as it is in the show, after all, that’s what Sokka is mainly there for since he’s not a bender.
    5. The ending! What kind of ending was that?! A giant wave intimidated the fire nation ships and sent them away?! That was the most disrespectful thing I think, how the ending was not accurate at all. I expected at least for them to show the koi avatar state monster at the end since the director already basically messed up the events in the movie. That was just smh! maybe it could have been lack of money, but even so I would have preferred a cheap version of the real thing then some crummy wave… oh and another thing! Aang isn’t even a waterbending master yet, so how could he have had the skills to make that big wave anyway? And he wasn’t even in the Avatar State at the end >:(

    The only thing I really liked in this movie was who they cast as Princess Yue because she was really pretty like in the show, and who they cast as Sokka. I also like who they cast as Azula even though she didn’t have any lines yet.

    Even though I didn’t really like this movie, I still want them to make the sequel and threequel. Ima give this guy a break only because it was the first book, which didn’t really have any action compared to the last two. But he better step it up though. I’m looking forward to see Toph in the next movie, but knowing this director, he’ll probably pronounce her name as “Toe”


    rocky Reply:

    I liked the ending but I didn’t understand the why the fire nation troops that were left behind in th NWT bowed down to accept aang as their avatar (just didn’t make sense to me) one more thing I didn’t like was the thing about how the avatar could never have a family because avatar roku had a family which caused zuko to be good when he found out what happened between his grandparents (firelord sozan and avatar roku) besides why would aang care about not being able to have a family because I never thought that the air nomads really even had families.just mentors and friends (I might be wrong about that last part though).


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    If they didn’t bow they would have been killed by a massive wave, also they saw they were no mach for such raw power.

    About Aang family, Different Continuity simple as, many other things have been changed to


  11. Sean Said: Comment by Sean on July 21, 2010 at 6:28 am | Permalink

    The only reason this movie made money was because of it’s established fan base.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Completely Wrong, alot of fans chose not to see it, because of other “fans” reviews.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    And The Movie was always going to be a summer blockbuster, especially given the amount of advertising it got.
    It had action and cool CGI so it had “The Transformers Effect” which drew in alot of people.


  12. McKay Said: Comment by McKay on August 19, 2010 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    Well, I REALLY wanted to see this movie. BIG fan of the series. Since the first previews I saw, I was totally pumped! And MNS as director! I was TOTALLY geeking out.

    Then the movie came and I was to busy to go see it. Now things have calmed down and I have time to see one. But NO ONE who has seen it has told me I should go. In fact the buzz has been incredibly negative.

    I’ve spent the last 20 minutes reading reviews and it’s been pretty abysmal. So now I have to figure out what movie I’m going to see instead.


  13. aiya Said: Comment by aiya on December 11, 2010 at 7:38 am | Permalink

    Damn!! There is sooo much I can say about this movie that disappointed me to the fullest I can write a book, “How M. Night Shymanlan Screwed up the Epic Series Avatar the Last Airbender”.

    1) First off.. Why would a sane person in their mind change the pronunciation of the names of the characters in this amazing series. WRONG MOVE. Everytime I heard someone say Aang, Sokka or Irohs name I twitched in pain…If he was smart enough he would change it to match the series

    2)Are you kidding me….the casting was ridiculous… are you bind… or do you just want the movie to flop. Why is everyone indian for the fire nation….is it because you are. If you actually watched the series.. perceiving the style of the way they dress/talk and fight.. Fire -Japanese, Air – Chinese , Earth – Korean/Chinese, Water – Navie. I would say do a re-casting of everyone and do a remake of the movie and redem yourself.

    Aang is not white and angry
    Sokka is not white and too serious
    Katarra is not white and does not act accordingly
    Iroh is suppose to be FAT and not brown.

    3) Dialogue was horrible… no comedy.. if it did …it was beyond lame and boring. Acting was so poor.. i don’t want to continue.

    4)Bending. The fire bending should be an element where they can self produced even if that element isn’t there. Earth pending….need i say more.

    I’m implore the director to remake the movie… and more research..cause the director doesn’t deserve to be a fan.. if this is his creation.


  14. Hannah230 Said: Comment by Hannah230 on August 1, 2012 at 12:24 pm | Permalink

    how could they make that much money that was a bad movie with bad acting


  15. Hannah230 Said: Comment by Hannah230 on August 1, 2012 at 12:25 pm | Permalink




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