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One of the biggest events we did on the site for each book of Korra were the Awards. One for each book, now that Korra is over we have the complete results of the 4 different Book Awards and this post is here to compile them for you.

Korra Awards


Before I get into the results, you can find some discussion on the results on our Award Special Podcasts

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Book 2 Spirits Results Podcast –¬†

Book 3 Change Results Podcast –¬†

Book 4 Balance Results Podcast –¬†

Now lets recap the 4 book’s results, I will go through the results category by category listing ¬†the winners.

Note/ The winners below were the results of 2 weeks of open voting.

Best Main Character

One of the biggest Awards each year, who is the best  of the best when it comes to the characters with a lot of screentime. This is a battle between the series regulars like Korra and Mako and the characters specific to each Book. Characters like Amon and Tarrlok for Book 1 and Unalaq and Wan for Book 2.

Book 1 Winner – Korra
Book 2 Winner – Wan
Book 3 Winner – Korra
Book 4 Winner – Korra

Best Supporting Character

The main characters get most of the attention, but often the supporting characters become huge fan favourites, they may not get as much screentime, but what they do get they use effectively.

Book 1 Winner – General Iroh II
Book 2 Winner – Varrick
Book 3 Winner – Jinora
Book 4 Winner – Varrick

Best Minor Character

What about those characters who only get a few scenes here and there, less than any main or supporting character? The great thing about our fandom is that we care about all characters no matter how long we know them for. If this had a more fancy name it would probably be “The Cabbage Merchant Award for Best Minor Character”

Book 1 Winner – In the Book 1 Awards we only had Main and Supporting
Book 2 Winner – Zhu Li
Book 3 Winner – Varrick
Book 4 Winner – Meelo

Best Spirit

This was a new award introduced for the Book 2 Awards, spirits were not really part of Book 1, 3 or 4 in a big capacity so we took it out.

Book 1 Winner – Not used
Book 2 Winner – Raava
Book 3 Winner – Not used
Book 4 Winner – Not used

Best Technology

This award was used in Book 1, but we decided to take it out for Book 2 as technology was not really a focus at all.

Book 1 Winner – Equalist Electrified Weaponry – Shock Gloves and Kali Sticks
Book 2 Winner – Not used
Book 3 Winner – Not used
Book 4 Winner – Not used

Best Character Development 

While the best main character focuses more on popularity, this award goes to the character who really earned it. The fan favourite may not have had the most development, this goes to a character who had an important and meaningful character arc.

Book 1 Winner – Korra
Book 2 Winner – Korra
Book 3 Winner – Korra
Book 4 Winner – Korra

One of only 2 awards where the same thing one all 4 awards.

Best Quote

When I correct these awards to count up who won, this award always gets the most individual choices usually 50+ quotes per Book. Goes to show that sometimes a funny quote wins, and other times a very meaningful quote wins out.

Book 1 Winner – “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change” – Aang
Book 2 Winner – “Do The Thing!” – Varrick
Book 3 Winner – “As long as I’m still breathing it’s not over!” – Tenzin
Book 4 Winner – “I need to attach this ring…. to your finger. Zhu Li Moon, will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?” – Varrick

Best Location

The avatar world is a gorgeous place, with so much variety in locations. From great Air Temples, to giant arenas and much more. Always an interesting award to see what wins.

Book 1 Winner – Pro Bending Arena
Book 2 Winner – The Tree Of Time and surrounding area
Book 3 Winner – Zaofu
Book 4 Winner – Republic City Post New Spirit Portal

Best Animal

The unique hybrid animals are such a trademark of Avatar, so it was obvious that this would be an award. The key question each time is do people vote for the animal that gets character focus and is named, or just a cool looking animal.

Book 1 Winner – Naga
Book 2 Winner – Naga
Book 3 Winner – Sky Bison, specifically the baby Bison
Book 4 Winner – Badgermoles

Best Episode

I always find this a fascinating award to see what wins. Because the voting starts immediately after the finale ends, I always wonder do people just go for the power and emotion of the finale which is the newest thing or look back at an earlier episode that is considered a classic.

Book 1 Winner – K112 Endgame
Book 2 Winner – K208 Beginnings Part 2
Book 3 Winner – K313 Venom Of The Red Lotus
Book 4 Winner – K413 The Last Stand

Funniest Moment

Self explanatory, what is the most hilarious moment from each book.

Book 1 Winner – Meelo fights the Equalists with Fartbending
Book 2 Winner – Bumi takes out the Northern Water Tribe Camp in the finale completely by accident
Book 3 Winner Р 3 way tie between Zuko and Eska interacting, Ryu and Granma Yin telling Mako to date Nice Girls
Book 4 Winner – The Villain Conference call from Varrick’s story in Remembrances

Most Emotional Moment

I always find it interesting what emotion people go for when they vote here. Sad, Happy, depressing or exciting, there is a lot of variety in this award.

Book 1 Winner – Lin sacrifices herself to save Tenzin and his family and gets her bending taken by Amon
Book 2 Winner – The destruction of Raava and the loss of the past Avatars
Book 3 Winner – Korra crying at Jinora’s tattoo ceremony
Book 4 Winner – Hiroshi Sato giving his life to help save Republic City

Most Shocking Moment

The moment that made you go “NO, THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN?”, simple as.

Book 1 Winner – Amon and Tarrlok are revealed to be brothers and the reveal that went with that of Amon being a waterbender
Book 2 Winner –¬†The destruction of Raava and the loss of the past Avatars
Book 3 Winner – Zaheer kills Earth Queen Hou Ting with Airbending
Book 4 Winner – Tie between The Death of Hiroshi Sato and Korrasami happening

Most Epic Moment

In other words, The most awesome/amazing moment of the book the moment that made you scream “Oh Yeah” or gave you chills.

Book 1 Winner – Korra goes into the Avatar State at the end of K112 Endgame
Book 2 Winner – Wan and Raava bond forever at Harmonic Convergence and defeat Vaatu
Book 3 Winner – Korra vs Zaheer in the finale
Book 4 Winner – Korra saves Kuvira by blocking the Spirit Weapon blast and creating a new Spirit Portal

Weirdest/Most Random Moment

The Cactus Juice Award, do I need to say any more?

Book 1 Winner – Meelo Fartbending
Book 2 Winner – An actual talking, friendly mushroom spirit!!!
Book 3 Winner – Tie between Varrick’s airbender finder and Bolin’s bird call
Book 4 Winner – Varrick’s odd retelling of Bolin’s story in Remembrances

Best Shipping/Romantic Moment

Everyone’s favourite award ūüėČ Romance for good and bad is a big part of Avatar and Korra so it has to be represented here.

Book 1 Winner – Mako and Korra kiss in K112
Book 2 Winner – Bolin and Eska’s unexpected real emotional connection in the finale.
Book 3 Winner – Bolin and Opal showing their support for each other with their fears for the future
Book 4 Winner – Tie between Zhu Li and Varrick getting together and Korra and Asami getting together

Best Fight

UFC have fight of the night at every event, in Avatar we have Fight of the Book.

Book 1 Winner – Korra vs Tarrlok in K108 When Extremes Meet, A violent bending battle in Tarrlok’s Office
Book 2 Winner – Unalaq/Unavaatu vs Korra in the finale, a huge fight that changed multiple times. Going from Korra vs Unalaq and Vaatu to Korra vs Unavaatu and finally to giant spirit Korra vs Unavaatu.
Book 3 Winner – Korra Vs Zaheer in the finale, an emotional final battle
Book 4 Winner – Korra Vs Kuvira in the Colossus’ control room

Best ATLA Reference

Korra is definitely its own show, but it knows what came before and often calls back to the original show in many great moments. A must have award.

Book 1 Winner – Cabbage Corp and all of the Cabbage Merchant references like “Not my Cabbage Corp”
Book 2 Winner – The sudden return of Iroh in the spirit world
Book 3 Winner – Korra speaking to Iroh and informing Zuko that Iroh is in the Spirit World
Book 4 Winner – Toph’s uninterested stories of her most epic moments from ATLA

Best Airbending Moment

The first in a series of 5 awards covering the 4 elements and also non benders. The best moment to use Airbending in each Book.

Book 1 Winner – A tie between the Airkids saving Lin in K110 Turning The Tides and Korra finally airbends in K112 Endgame
Book 2 Winner – A tie between the original airbenders using clouds to fly and Korra using airbending to throw Unalaq through the portal in the finale
Book 3 Winner – Tenzin Vs Zaheer, battle of the master airbenders
Book 4 Winner – Korra and the Airbenders combine their power to try and knock over the colossus

Best Waterbending Moment

Book 1 Winner – Korra’s amazing water spout and bending as she enters The Battle Of Yue Bay
Book 2 Winner – The fight between Unalaq and Tonraq
Book 3 Winner – Kya vs Ming-Hua, super octopus form!
Book 4 Winner – Korra freezes the Colossus in place

Best Earthbending Moment

Book 1 Winner – Lin uses Seismic Sense, the signature ability of her mother, Toph
Book 2 Winner – Bolin saves President Raiko with an amazing earthbending display, using both normal and pro bending styles
Book 3 Winner – Bolin Lavabending for the first time
Book 4 Winner – Bolin, Lin and Su topple a building onto The Colossus

Best Firebending Moment

Book 1 Winner – Iroh uses firebending to fly from Bi-Plane to Bi-Plane in the finale
Book 2 Winner – Wan uses the Dancing Dragon with a Dragon
Book 3 Winner – Mako uses Lightning to take out Ming-Hua
Book 4 Winner – Mako uses traditional lightning generation to overload the spirit vine power source of the colossus

Best Non-Bender Fighting Moment

The bending gets so much attention, but the Non-benders have got some great skills too.

Book 1 Winner – Asami saves Tenzin in “Turning The Tides” by taking out many Chi Blockers by herself
Book 2 Winner – Bumi takes out the camp of Northern Soldiers
Book 3 Winner – Asami vs bandits on motorbikes
Book 4 Winner – Asami’s fight with Wu’s kidnappers on top of the train

Most Attractive Male Character

The most fun awards are up next. Most attractive characters.

Book 1 Winner – Mako
Book 2 Winner – Mako
Book 3 Winner – Mako
Book 4 Winner – Mako

My question is, given how many people hate Mako, why did he win this award every time?

Most Attractive Female Character

Book 1 Winner – Korra
Book 2 Winner – Korra
Book 3 Winner – Asami
Book 4 Winner – Korra

Best Voice Actor

The only award for those who work on the show who did the best job at bringing their character to life.

Book 1 Winner – J.K Simmons as Tenzin
Book 2 Winner – Janet Varney as Korra
Book 3 Winner – Janet Varney as Korra
Book 4 Winner – Tie Between Janet Varney as Korra and Zelda Williams as Kuvira

Best Music Piece

The music of Avatar and Korra is always fantastic, so this was a no brainer to include.

Book 1 Winner – The Legend Of Korra Variation of the Avatar State Theme as heard when Korra goes into the Avatar State at the end
Book 2 Winner – Wan’s variation of the Avatar State Theme as heard when he defeats Vaatu
Book 3 Winner – Service and Sacrifice, plays during Jinora’s Tattoo ceremony
Book 4 Winner – “The Legend Of Korra” ¬†the final piece of music in Book 4 as Korra and Asami walk into the spirit portal together

Most Disappointing thing about the Book

The first of 2 more opinion focused awards, this one is the one negative award.

Book 1 Winner – The general feeling that that book was a little rushed and that there was not enough time to properly develop everything set up
Book 2 Winner – Book 2 having a slow start in comparison to the amazing run of episodes from Beginnings Onwards.
Book 3 Winner –¬†The general feeling that that book was a little rushed and that there was not enough time to properly develop everything set up, with a big emphasis on the lack of character for the villains.
Book 4 Winner – ¬†The general feeling that many of the supporting and minor characters were left with their stories unresolved. Emphasis on the lack of exploration of Baatar Jr’s issues with his father, showing Jinora and Kai’s relationship, a final scene for Bolin and Opal’s relationship.

Most Surprisingly Good aspect of the Book

The thing about the Book that really surprised you with how much you enjoyed it.

Book 1 Winner – How great and integral to the plot the whole Yakone psychic bloodbending plot was. It added so much intrigue and mystery to the book, with Amon and Tarrlok turning out to be his sons.
Book 2 Winner – How much this book changed how we think about the Avatar world. The Spirit Portals being left open, the loss of the past Avatars and finding out the origin of the Avatar. Things are different going into Book 3.
Book 3 Winner – How intense and dramatic things got in the second half of the book, characters being killed really ramping things up and making you fear for so many characters.
Book 4 Winner – How well this book brought The Legend Of Korra as a series to an end. A great ending to a great series.

Final Thoughts

Really it is up to you guys, do you agree or disagree with the winners, tell us in the comments below.


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