Best Places To Watch Avatar The Legend of Korra Episode 3 Online


If you’re like me, the best way to watch TV is the convenience of online streaming. I was excited to find that The Legend of Korra is available online legally (commercial free) from some great locations:

Here is my recommendations for watching Korra if you don’t really watch TV in the “conventional” method anymore.

These online options are a day or two behind the TV Air Date, but they are super convenient.

Update: Nickelodeon Just Put The Legend of Korra Episode 3 Up Online (Commercial Supported) You Can Watch It Here

Commercial Free Options

#1 – Amazon Instant Video

#2 – iTunes TV

Looks like online locations are a day or two behind the TV release date so if you want to catch Korra right as it airs you have to watch it on TV on Nick, Nickelodeon is also putting episodes up online on their website! But it’s nice to know that there is some good online options out there. Let’s hope Korra becomes more available in easy convenient access areas like this.

Know of any other good (Legal) places to watch The Legend of Korra Online? Share it in the comments.

The Legend of Korra Episodes Online

How Do You Watch The Legend of Korra Episodes?

The Legend of Korra is shaping up to be a must watch series, previous fan of Avatar or not.

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