Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack Photo Gallery

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Check out pictures of instruments that made the Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack possible

Mbira African Thumb Piano The Last Airbender

Mbira African Thumb Piano

Taiko Japanese Drums used in Avatar The Last Airbender

Taiko Japanese Drums, wow Taiko Drumming actually looks like a martial art, lol

Armenian Duduk

Armenian Duduk

Dizi Chinese Flutes

Dizi Chinese Flutes

Pipa The Last Airbender Music

The Pipa Was the most difficult instrument for Jeremy to learn (The Pipa is a Chinese Musical Instrument)

James Newton Howard The Last Airbender Composer

James Newton Howard will be Composing The Last Airbender Live Action Movie, I'd say he has an extremely tough act to follow. (James Newton Howard Composed Batman Begins, King Kong, The Village, Unbreakable and several other Movie Soundtracks)

Watch Jeremy Zuckerman Playing a Guzheng (Chinese Zither)
Iroh with Tsungi Horn

Jeremy had the easiest time coming up with a soundtrack for Iroh, a character with which he could quickly relate. Iroh is pictured here with a Tsungi horn, which surprisingly was a fictional instrument.

Katara The Last Airbender

Jeremy had a hard time finding a theme for Katara that was emotionally malleable (e.g. it would fit Action Scenes, Sad Scenes, etc..)

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To learn more about Jeremy Zuckerman go to http://jeremyzuckerman.com the company behind the Avatar The Last Airbender Soundtrack can be found at http://thetrackteam.com

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