Avatar SDCC 2016 Exclusive Merch Revealed

Probably the last big reveal for Avatar prior to the show actually happening. We now know what the exclusives are for Avatar this year.


First up are the 2 Dark Horse Statues. The Korra has already been released, but this SDCC version has a sepia paint job for some reason. The Aang will be released in comic stores on July 27th, so this version is purely a “get it early” exclusive as far as I can tell, the paint job looks identical to the normal version. The descriptions do mention that they both come with certificates of authenticity and are very limited run statues. 80 dollars each is the price at the Nick booth. Check out larger images of the statues at the source of this news, http://nerdist.com/nickelodeons-comic-con-swag-is-all-that-and-a-whole-lot-more-exclusive/

SDCC 2016 ART print

This print from Joey Chou will be this year’s exclusive art print which will be available from the Gallery Nucleus booth. Bryan on tumblr reblogged this and stated he would not be attending the convention this year.

My Thoughts

The art print is nice, a very unique style. The statues are  a mixed bag, the Aang makes sense as an early release exclusive, but the Korra is baffling. What on earth are they trying to do with the paint work, I assume they are going for some sort of accuracy to the Shiro Shinobi recaps before each episode when they show footage old schools style, but why would anyone want a statue like that? Seriously if you think the Korra statue is cool tell me in the comments why, because I am struggling here.

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  1. Hyriu 85 Said: Comment by Hyriu 85 on July 12, 2016 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    The print art is very nice. That is one I would really want. The Aang statue is very nice, just Aang in his classic pose. The korra statue is cool to me only because it is just different and the difference makes it rare. The rarety of it what makes it cool to me. As for the resoning of the color is questionable. It seems they wanted a cool exclusive but didn’t put forth the effort of creating a completely new statue so they just did a repaint.



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