Avatar Online Podcast – Smoke and Shadow Part 3 Preview Special

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Avatar Online Podcast – Smoke and Shadow Part 3 Preview Special – March 6th 2016


Morgan (Airspeed Prime) is joined by Greg (Greg2b) to discuss the recently released Smoke and Shadow Part 3 preview pages. We also go through our final speculations on how we think each character arc/plot will play out.

Next Week will be The Movers Podcast Episode 29 for the anime Rideback.

Podcast is 1 hour and 29 minutes long

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Podcast is just over 89 minutes long

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My name is Morgan Bannon, I am a 22 Year old Male from Ireland and I am the Site Super Moderator. I have watched and been a fan of Avatar since it premiered. I am also a news post writer for the site and host the site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast. My strength as an Avatar fan would be just a good knowledge of Avatar Canon and characters.

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  1. AvatarKorraPark Said: Comment by AvatarKorraPark on March 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    Hey, I’m the one that asked about the comics on Twitter after the panel, just wanted to clarify a couple things.

    The panel itself was actually for the “In-Store Convetion Kick-off” event, which is a weird sort of experimental “con” that I think Diamond Comics runs, where they actually stream the “panels” live to a few hundred comic book shops across the US. (This is only the second year it’s been held)

    I didn’t attend for various reasons (even if I wanted to, there weren’t any participating comic shops in my state), but I did participate in the QnA they had on twitter after the fact (in fact, I think I was the ONLY one who participated).

    I asked about what’s going on with the Korra comics in general, not specifically the FCBD comic. They said that due to where they are currently in production on the full comics, they didn’t have anything to say beyond what they had said at the panel. I asked them if they could repeat what was said since I couldn’t attend, and they let me know that the guys at the panel (VP of marketing and VP of publishing) had mentioned (I’m guessing unprompted, since the panel was live streamed and they only 15 minutes so I’d assume it was scripted and planned ahead of time, hence the online qna after the fact) that they were still aiming to release later this year, and that they reminded everyone that the “FCBD preview will be available in May”.

    Due to how they’ve talked about this FCBD comic in the past, I’m of the thinking that by “FCBD preview”, they mean the FCBD comic itself, as in, they view the FCBD comic as a “preview” of the full comic series. In the past they’ve said the FCBD comic will be a “prelude” to the comics program.

    It just doesn’t make a lot of sense that they’d spend time out of their strict 15 minutes to promote the fact that a three-page preview of a ten-page comic is going to drop a few days before the full thing, so I’m guessing they were talking about their FCBD offering itself.

    Link to the full convo:


    Wish we had a video of the panel, but I can’t really find anything from the con online, much less the Dark Horse panel.


    AvatarKorraPark Reply:

    Also, I doubt they’re having any issues on either the FCBD comic or the full comic production.

    For one thing, the FCBD comic seems to be 100% totally finished. Vivian Ng tweeted all the way back in January that she was sending in the finished colors for the comic, which means that the script, art, and colors were all done two months ago, unless something needed tweaking. And just last weekend, Dark Horse tweeted this:


    Which appears to be an employee reading an early copy of the completed FCBD comic.

    As for the full comics, there’s just not really any reason to think there’s been any major unexpected delays, really. North and South part 1 is due out in September and was only just announced a couple weeks ago. Odds are the first Korra comic is going to be out about a couple months after N&S part 1, so it’s actually more likely we’ll hear something a couple months after that arc was announced. They also haven’t really wavered from the release window they gave us five months ago. So I doubt anything weird is going on BTS. Gene was tweeting about writing N&S on February 2nd, and just a couple weeks later we got a formal announcement and all three covers. So it seems like things move pretty quick from writing to public announcement.

    So in short, I think we’re good. So far the only strange thing is that they haven’t put out a FCBD preview, but the book itself is already completed, so I’d assume they’re withholding it for other reasons. (Actually, I suspect there might be more to the comic than what the cover suggests, and that it will tie in with present day stuff, which would explain why they’ve been calling it a “prelude” and why they’d consider it a “preview” of the full comic series).


    AvatarKorraPark Reply:

    AAAAnnnd I listened to like 30 more seconds of the podcast and it sounds like you already know a lot of this stuff…


    AvatarKorraPark Reply:

    One more: Dark Horse also mentioned that they hope to announce something a fair amount of time before “five months from now”. Which would mean they hope to announce something well before SDCC.

    This was a reply to someone that they made sure went through on their main twitter feed, instead of hidden in the replies tab, which I suspect means it’s something they wanted to make sure people saw.


    I kind of doubt that they’re actually intending to hype anything up, personally. I don’t think they’re hiding things to build hype, but simply because they don’t have those things yet to show. My guess is that as soon as they have that stuff (a cover, name, release date, etc.) they’ll ship that info off to probably CBR for an article ASAP.

    So far they’ve really only talked about them twice. Once, at NYCC, was just a real quick aside during the panel, I suspect just to give us a *bit* more so it wasn’t just 7+ months of waiting with literally nothing. The initial announcement was pretty hyped, but I could easily see that being the extent of their *major* hyping. I still think they’ll promote and hype up the book, but I don’t necessarily think they’ll give the reveal of the details any kind of super big announcement.

    I mean, the whole TLA comic program was announced in like, two sentences in a press release about The Lost Adventures, almost a footnote. And the details for the first arc were just kind of dropped on Dark Horse’s blog five months before release. Not even on CBR!

    Sorry for rambling in the comments so much! I’ve just been looking into it/thinking about it a lot.

    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I think the Korra comics are a very different scenario to them announcing the first Avatar comics. They knew they would be somewhat popular, but I think it did take them by surprise that they were bestsellers.

    So now with Korra comics coming I assume and based on what has been said they seem to have a news/release plan for information to really hype this series up and capture an audience still fairly close to the end of Korra the show.

    The fact that the second they opened up twitter questions that it was mainly Avatar and Korra questions is pretty telling, they have a series with a super passionate online fanbase that constantly pesters them for more info. I think they are gradually realising that they need to treat their Avatar stuff a little different to everything else, so I am really interested to see where and when the big final reveal of the Korra comics happens.

    As I said on the podcast I would really like a blowout reveal. Multiple part covers, product summaries, at least 1 actual page to show the interior art and an interview with the creative team. Get big news out there so that people who left soon after the end of Korra notice it and be excited to get more Korra story through the new comics.

    As for the FCBD book, I think as Avatar fans we do see these books a little different to everyone else as most of the free comics as often just previews of books that are already out, Avatar is one of a select few series which seems to get brand new stories for these preview books. The 2011 book was the only time the Avatar FCBD book was literally a preview containing some of the Lost Adventures stories.


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