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Avatar Online Podcast Episode 93 – May 25th 2014


Morgan  (Airspeed Prime) is joined by Troy (Trojan People) and Greg (Greg2b) to discuss the latest Korra news including a book 3 update via the spanish dub, we answer 2 listener questions before a big discussion topic on Shipping in Avatar and Korra.

Next week we will discuss what Nick should do to improve their communication and relationship with the fandom.

00:00:00 – Opening
00:01:04 – Intro and News: Book 2 Dvd back to July 1st, August 5th in Canada. Book 3 music nearly done and spanish dub info.
00:14:40 – Listener Questions from PerformerFX and Troy
00:22:43 – Intermission
00:23:47 – Discussion Topic – Shipping in Avatar and Korra and End
01:44:50 – END

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Podcast is just over 104 minutes long

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  1. Rocket Axxonu Said: Comment by Rocket Axxonu on December 12, 2016 at 5:04 pm | Permalink

    Very interesting topic, and even more interesting discussion. I think it is a good question to ask why people ship in the first place, and what is good and bad about it.

    I definitely agree with what was said that it’s very much a good thing in that shipping can make people really interested in the characters, and keep them interested in the series. Especially when it comes to writing fan fiction and fanart; I’ve always thought that it’s nice when people are so excited about a series (even if it’s mainly just one aspect of the series) that it inspires them to do their own creative work. (Some may say that aspiring writers and artists are better off creating their own work from the start, but I think it’s also a factor that if someone is going to devote endless hours to a creative work, they have to feel the inspiration to do it. And sometimes a series or a particular ship can help be that inspiration.)

    One thing related to the discussion here that I’ve always thought can be a negative about shipping is that, particularly in cases where the fans have built up hope a certain ship is going to happen, disappointment in that one thing can make fans disappointed in the entire series. And I think that’s not just limited to shipping—sometimes a fan decides on something they really want to see happen, or develops a theory about something that could happen based on things in the series so far, and then if that doesn’t happen, they feel this tremendous sense of disappointment or letdown, maybe even betrayal, and are soured on the entire series. Consequently, I think the happiest fan is often the fan who can keep an open mind, and just try to enjoy the series for what it is, and understand what the creators were trying to do. But, when there’s something you’re really interested in and attached to, I know that can be a hard thing to do.

    The comparison between the romance in ATLA and Korra—

    I probably have a vaguely similar reaction to a lot of the fandom in that I do like the romantic elements and shipping in ATLA, whereas I was put off by those in Korra. I think the reasons for that, at least in my case, were pretty simple, most of which were mentioned here.

    For me personally, it often takes me a while to get into a ship—first, I have to really bond with the characters, and then see their relationship build over time, preferably first outside a romantic context. I did always enjoy the romantic elements of Avatar, but it was mainly for the humor it added (The Fortune Teller is probably one of my favorite episodes of season one for that reason) and other elements that surrounded it that really lent to the story (I liked how Katara’s crush on Jet caused her turn against Sokka in a way, and that created a situation for Sokka to show his strengths, and later in the episode for Aang and Katara to recognize them). I didn’t really ship anyone particular, and I enjoyed this kind of tension of not knowing exactly what the characters were feeling about each other or how things were going to turn out.

    It wasn’t really until after I had watched the entire series and rewatched portions, and also read the comics, and through all that got a chance to become more firmly attached to the characters, that the ships have grown on me to be an element I do particularly enjoy, as opposed to mainly being ambivalent about it.

    In Korra’s case, about five episodes in when I had barely gotten a chance to know the characters, for things to start really happening shipping-wise was just way too soon for me. I think what was also pointed out here as far as the relationships feeling more ‘messy’ was also a feeling I had. In some ways it did feel more realistic, with this kind of uncomfortable situation that just seemed to creep up on Mako, (and in some ways understandable), but it’s just not the kind of romance drama I like to watch—at least, not the way it’s set up here, before I’ve gotten to know the characters enough to forgive them for these kinds of flaws and mistakes. (It’s like—having them behave this way so early on, even though Mako doesn’t really do anything that bad, he comes across a bit wishy-washy as far as romantic relationships go, and for me and what characteristics I value in a character, it’s like I’m just being introduced to someone and given the worst possible impression right from the start.) Even though Avatar’s romances might seem more idealized in that they probably aren’t as realistic as far as this kind of teen drama goes, I think those relationships are easier to latch onto and get really excited about. Or at least, that was my personal reaction.

    (And, as I think was said here, you don’t really get a huge sense of how the characters are connecting on a level besides romance. You’ve gotten little bits and pieces of development in a relationship between Korra and Mako, but it really wasn’t very far yet, especially if you compare it to Katara and Aang, and all they had gone through together by the end of the series when they finally got together.)

    [Sorry my comments got a bit convoluted. x3 I always start out thinking, ‘I’ll just write this quick thought,’ and it never is.]



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