Avatar Online Podcast Episode 66

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Avatar Online Podcast Episode 66 – September 8th 2013


A mysterious and emotional episode.

Morgan (Airspeed Prime) is joined by Troy (Trojan People) and Kelly (Gemini530) for the last podcast before Book 2 airs. The team gives their final pre book two thoughts and discuss the Korra Nation focused news before tackling 3 listener questions. 204 The Swamp is then discussed in-depth before a schedule of future podcasts ends the show.

Next week The Return of The Korra Roundtable with 1 show for each episode.

Also sorry for any issues throughout the show, I did not have a lot of time to edit this one so I may have missed a few things.

00:00:00 – Opening
00:01:04 – Intro + final Book 2 preview discussion
00:14:40 – News: Korra Nation/ Premiere time reminder and Podcast competition info
00:32:30 – Listener Questions from Troy and Anon
00:57:07 – Intermission
00:58:14 – Episode Discussion – 204 The Swamp
01:59:30 – Outro + Upcoming Podcast info
02:06:48 – END

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Podcast is just over 126 minutes long

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My name is Morgan Bannon, I am a 22 Year old Male from Ireland and I am the Site Super Moderator. I have watched and been a fan of Avatar since it premiered. I am also a news post writer for the site and host the site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast. My strength as an Avatar fan would be just a good knowledge of Avatar Canon and characters.

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  1. Hyriu 85 Said: Comment by Hyriu 85 on September 8, 2013 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

    This was a great podcast!! I would have more to commet on but i dont remember what i was going to say as i was interupted several times while listening to this including: dinner, my family, my cat lol, friends, and falling and demolishing my foot. I am actually laying on my bed right now with my foot elevated on ice. Though it shouldnt be too bad. Anywat Airspeed killed me at the end when he said ‘I get to be in all of them(podcasts)’ lol So great podcast i cant wait for korra and if all goes well i will be on the new team of guest hosts, if all goes well. 😀


  2. Avatar Yangchen Said: Comment by Avatar Yangchen on September 15, 2013 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

    great podcast! 🙂 it was very insightful what you all said about the swamp, i wish i had more of that. do you think you could choose some literary terms to analyze your quotes to connect to the tone and the purpose 😛

    speaking of the DVD’s i noticed the same thing kelly did and i thought that it was something wrong with the DVD’s. and i have seen the complete collection before once, i think it was on amazon or ebay. i really should have invested in that rather than buy each book separately. and i didnt know all of you were so into podcasts, i barely have time to listen to these. also, just some random speculation. when/if korra goes back to training with tenzin, i predict that they will stop at the swamp, and see guru pathik still alive at the eastern air temple 😛



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