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Quick turnaround between episode 1 and two as episode 1 was recorded on March 3rd while this was on the 18th. Here is the second episode of the Avatar Online Podcast.

For episode 2 myself and Callum sat down to talk about all the latest Korra news, including the new bios and episode 1 being available to view through a nick press site. We then have a big discussion about our top episode lists, where we each made a list of our top 60 episodes of ATLA (including 320/321 as 1 episode) and discuss where we place various episodes in relation to others.

Here are the ways to listen to the Podcast

Download the MP3 (Right Click -> Save As) – http://avatarthelastairbenderonline.com/podcast/ATLAOnlinePodcast2.mp3

RSS Feed –  http://feeds.feedburner.com/avatarpodcast

The podcast is on Itunes here – http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/avatar-last-airbender-podcast/id512736597

Or just Search “Avatar Online” In podcasts and you should find it :)

Check out the Discussion thread to view mine and Callum’s Episode Lists


If you want to send the podcast a Listener Questions then email us at AvatarOnlinePodcast@gmail.com

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