Avatar Merchandise Update – Smoke and Shadow Part 3 Out Tomorrow and Zwyer Chibi Figure Pre-Orders

Airspeed here with some quick Avatar Merchandise Updates.

First of all. Smoke and Shadow Part 3, we all know it had some big release date issues with it being released 2 weeks earlier than expected. It seems like only certain places actually got it 2 weeks ago, so for most places the book should be out tomorrow, March 30th in comic book stores. April 12th remains the release date for regular book stores. Check out my non-spoiler review for an idea of what to expect in this book.


Next update is that Pre-Orders are now up for the Zwyer Industries Chibi Aang and Chibi Korra figures. They are expected to be released in August 2016 and are priced at $19.99 each. Note that these 2 pre-orders are for USA only, Zwyer have yet to post about the international pre-orders.

Chibi Korra Pre-Order

Chibi Aang Pre-Order


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