Avatar Live Action Movie To be Featured During SuperBowl, New Live Action Photos

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We’re hearing a confirmed rumor that a preview of Avatar The Last Airbender Live Action Movie will be featured during this upcoming Super Bowl (February 7th 2010) I still haven’t figured out whether it will be parts of the new trailer (set to be shown February 12th) or if it is going to be the old trailer shown during the Super Bowl, for added exposure of the movie.

Either way, we thought we’d share some new photos released in time for the Super Bowl Ad Spot and the upcoming trailer.

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Poster Aang Zuko Combo

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Poster Aang Zuko Combo

That poster looks pretty cool, Zuko looks alot more like Zuko so that’s a good thing.

Movie Poster with Aang only

Movie Poster with Aang only

Zuko Movie Poster, Zuko Only

Zuko Movie Poster, Zuko Only

The Posters look pretty cool.

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  1. TophFan Said: Comment by TophFan on September 29, 2012 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    Dumb Movie.
    And now Shyamalan’s extremely bad ratings aren’t even enough to keep him from making a 2ND live action movie!!! D:<
    He's gonna mess up Toph BAD and she probably won't even be Toph; But Tofu.




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