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So here is my second editorial. My first one about the comics was received pretty well so I will continue. Lets get straight into the topic for this post.

Korra Book 1 in Review

K106 Screenshot

I suppose I should begin with why I chose this topic. I chose last weeks topic because I really felt the comics were not getting the praise or attention they deserve. I chose this topic for a similar reason, I feel Korra is, too often, criticised heavily for not really doing that much wrong. I see so many points brought up about how bad Korra is on places like tumblr, but rarely do I see people there talk about how good Korra book 1 was. On the whole I think Book 1 was received very well, but when you actually look at people’s general opinions on the Book it is on the whole quite negative. There are people out there who hate on Korra a lot, for some very unfair reasons in my opinion. So in this post my aim is not to tell you all that you should not criticise the show, but rather to put Korra Book 1 in perspective and really look at it from a balanced view point.

I have a lot of little points I want to cover and no idea how to really structure this post so I will start with the first point to pop into my head. Nostalgia over Avatar The Last Airbender has made many people have a negative view on Korra. I have said it since Korra was first announced that we would eventually get to the stage where the Avatar fandom has “Geewunners” (A term that comes from Transformers, where some transformers fans dislike everything except G1 transformers and are unwilling to be open to anything else), when I look on tumblr now I see this in abundance. People’s opinions on Korra based completely on the involvement of the ATLA characters and a completely closed mind to the new Korra characters.

I grew up with ATLA too, but I have always said that Korra has the potential to eclipse the original show. Especially after Book 1 and now that we know a lot more about Book 2 Spirits. So I do find it very difficult to read many of these reviews where everything in Korra is referenced to something ATLA did better, for me that is the exact wrong way to view and analyse Korra as a show. Korra and ATLA are very different shows in terms of story and structure, not to mention it is judging one show on 12 of its 52 episodes and the other on its full run of 61. Korra by the end will be 4 books that each told their own almost contained story, with some plot points and character development being the ongoing things between Books. ATLA was one big story told over 3 Books. Outside of direct references from one show to another I rarely if ever compared the two shows since they were so different. So I do really not agree at all when I see people bash Korra in an effort to show that ATLA is better, both shows are great and great because they are different to each other. It is for this reason that when I hear people criticise the finale of Book 1 Air by saying “Korra getting her bending back was too quick, she should have spent the next 3 books relearning the other elements”,I say “why not just rewatch ATLA to see someone learning Fire, Water and Earth”, Mike and Bryan have said in nearly every interview about Korra that their aim was to make something different and they did that on purpose, why would they then make their second show have the same basic character progression for its lead character. It was lucky that they managed to find a way to integrate the older ATLA characters into the story of Book 1, I appreciate it, but I really do think that some sections of the fandom completely overhypes the flashback moments to further criticise the new Korra characters. I completely understand the love of Aang and the others, Aang is my favourite character ever, but I understand why he and his friends are not the focus of Korra. The creators want Korra to be liked for being The Legend Of Korra not The Legend of Korra mainly focusing on ATLA characters. If they caved in to some fans pleas and turned Korra into a show focusing on flashbacks, when do you stop, when can the Avatar universe explore characters other than Aang and co. I have so much respect for Mike and Bryan for deciding from day 1 on Korra to do something different, they took a risk and it worked for me, they have said it themselves, if you want more on the ATLA crew read the comics.

To summarise my thoughts on this point. Why can we not just all accept that Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra are both amazing shows, the two best shows Nick has ever put out. They are both part of the same universe, but why make it a contest as to which is better and wait until Korra ends and then see which show you enjoyed more. Watch Korra for what it does, not what it does not do or what you think ATLA does better. And come on, was ATLA the best show ever after just 12 episodes, it needed time to warm up, just like Korra does. We all took a chance on a new and unique show called Avatar, lets give Korra that same chance. Remember what Bumi said “Open your mind to the possibilities”

Coming on to my second point. I often see so many people base their whole view on Korra Book 1 solely on one or both of these things: Mako and the romance. I have lost count of the number of reviews I have seen where people review all of Book 1 by just talking about how much they hate Mako and hate everything related to the romance plot of the show. First of all there is so much more to Korra than the romance. A fascinating plot about the equalist movement and Amon’s plan, all the time happening while Tarrlok attempts to gain power in his own way. The character arc of the main character Korra as she experiences so many things for the first time like: Being afraid, losing her identity, an inability to learn an element and much more. Even just discovering the Avatar world again 70 years on was a treat.

I will now address Mako and the Romance. I personally have no problem whatsoever with Mako and really do not understand the amount of hate the guy gets. First of all lets look at him outside of the romance arc, he is insanely protective of his little brother, knows how to get things done, responsible and a very powerful firebender. If he had any negative or thing he needed to develop on it was that he is too serious and at times not very honest with his feelings. I will begin with my main reason for not hating Mako of the romance in Korra, I found it to be realistic and well done, everything does not always work out, it is overly dramatic, feelings get hurt and people get over things, it is what happens in real life and Avatar’s strength in characters has always been the realism in an unrealistic world. In the romance plot we see both his strengths and weaknesses as a character. When he dates Asami he is very loyal and makes her feel safe, but we know from K102 and K103 that he did develop some feelings for Korra before he met Asami. I always assumed that had Mako never ran into Asami that eventually Mako and Korra would have gone out themselves, but at the time he meets Asami nothing has happened between himself and Korra. I think most issues come in K105 and afterwards. I think it is important to state that it was Korra who kissed Mako not the other way around. In K107 we see that Mako’s loyalty is so fierce that it almost becomes a negative with Korra over the Hiroshi accusations, in the end I think Korra realises that it was a difficult thing to believe and that of course Mako would side with his girlfriend. I think Bryan in the Korra episode commentaries described most of the rest of the plot well when he said something along the lines of, “Sometimes it takes something tragic to show you how much you feel about someone” which was always how I saw Mako looking after Korra post K109. Now of course he is not perfect, he is not honest with Asami or Korra all the time, but he was confused, he had two girls who he liked and that liked him, what was he to do. We were all ok with Katara being confused in 316, why can’t we accept that Mako was too. I love the scene in K111 where Mako and Asami break up amicably, we see Mako has developed, he is super honest with Asami here, while he realises that it is Korra he loves more, he will always have feelings for Asami and he is sorry for how their relationship turned out. A lot of fans say Asami came out of Book 1 with nothing going for her, but lets not forget she has 3 close friends she did not have before in Korra, Mako and Bolin not to mention people like Lin, Tenzin and his kids.

Now obviously nothing is ever perfect, for the same reason I will say Kataang in ATLA is rushed a bit because there is no relationship development scene between the confusion of 316 and the kiss in 321, Makorra is a little bit rushed, but what Makorra has is that at the end of Book 1 the two are together so there is still 3 books to develop the two as a couple and characters.

I want to talk about my own criticisms of Book 1 now, because it is only fair that in a post where I talk about over negativity and try to be positive myself that I show that I too have issues with aspects of Korra Book 1. My main complaint is that I felt that the book was rushed in its conclusion, not to the point where multiple episodes were needed, but I did feel like K112 needed 2-3 minutes more to wrap up some things and explain other things. Mainly how Amon captured Tenzin and his family after we all clearly saw them get away, never once mentioned in the show how they ended up captured. Secondly I did feel like I needed a more in depth explanation in the show on how Amon’s bloodbending taking bending away ability worked, I know now thanks to explanations from Mike and Bryan, but I felt Katara could have perhaps said something more than “I can do nothing” even just “His bloodbending has blocked her chi paths, even my bloodbending experience is not enough to heal her” would have been fine for me. I would have liked Aang to perhaps making it that extra bit clearer why exactly she unlocked her airbending and her spiritual side. I got from the scene that it was her with no bending still willing to put herself on the line for someone else, utter selflessness that unlocked it, but I think some viewers may not have got it. I just feel that the ending requires you to tease out the explanations in too many cases, when 2-3 minutes more could have made it all easy to understand.

I do have other criticisms, but they are so minor it would be nit picking. So I will address some common criticisms that I, personally do not agree with. Pro Bending is boring is one I often see. While I agree that it means we have fights where bending is not at its expressive and powerful best, it makes so much sense in the world at that time that they would have bending as a spectator sport. I love the fact that a whole sport with full rules was invented for this series, I enjoy the pro bending fights in part due to the amazing commentary from Shiro Shinobi which adds so much atmosphere and excitement. They are very well shot and animated to show some of the strategy and how the game is played across the 3 zones. In terms of the story I thought it was perfect to give the benders this shining beacon of a sport that benders and non benders can get together and enjoy and then have that be the place where Amon makes his first big strike against the city. It is so symbolic that Amon shows the power of non benders by taking out the place loaded with benders. It did also show that there is more to do in the city for Korra than just train Airbending, that she joined a team and managed to get the hang of airbending in part due to the new style of the arena.

Bolin not getting much development, I agree he was not the most developed character, but he did get some development. Look at Bolin in K103 presented before Amon, he is powerless, he does not even attempt to fight Amon, then look at K112 where he is the one to charge in on Naga and take the fight to Hiroshi. That is development, he learns through the experience with Team Avatar to be brave and to be able to do things on his own without his brother by his side. He is a character that I feel will get his time in the upcoming Books, there are 40 more episode we have not seen yet, not everything needs to happen in the opening 12.

I will end this post by talking about some of my favourite aspects of Korra so far.

I loved the way the bloodbending plot was weaved into the present day story and the flashback story all to come to fruition in the finale with the amazing flashback story of Tarrlok and Noatak. It was such a clever way to use a power introduced in 308 as a kind of Halloween spooky ability and make it into something epic. A tale of kids whose lives were changed forever when they discovered they were benders, a father who became obsessed with revenge and ground his kids into the ground teaching them an ability solely to carry out that revenge. The kids going against their father, but in the end doing exactly what he wanted, they could never get out of the shadow of their father. In an amazing 7 minutes at the end of K111 our two villains are turned into understandable characters who you just get. The reason for the equalist movement is revealed as well as it being a sham. Not to mention the explosive ending to the brothers story (bad pun, I know), it was shocking and utterly saddening and I think for this plot alone Korra Book 1 should always at the very least be classified as good.

The Voice In The Night in my opinion is the perfect example of showing fear in a character not at all used to it. It masterfully expands upon the previous episode by using her fear of losing her bending as the plot of the episode, add to that the introduction of Tarrlok who wants her to actively fight Amon and you have a perfect conflict in the episode that shows the powerful and strong character of Korra still has her weaknesses. Her breaking down and finally letting out how she truly feels to Tenzin is such an emotional moment, for Korra to straight up admit she is frightened is big.

When Extremes Meet is probably my favourite episode of Korra so far. It did the Korra-Tarrlok conflict perfectly, the use of the media for both of them as a tool to get one up on the other was a great use of the technology jump between series. You can feel the anger building between the two until it comes to a head in the heated conflict in the council chambers. It is arguably the most violent bending battle in the show and really lived up to the title it was extremes meeting. Add to this moments like Tarrlok rounding up all non benders just for protesting blatant discrimination against them and Korra not being able to do a thing about it without vilifying herself in the media, “You’re our Avatar too” is a fantastic line that hits Korra hard.

I think I will wrap it up here, in the end I suppose the title is not the best judge of the whole editorial, but I think I got across what I wanted to say. I feel Korra Book 1 is too often and too easily brushed aside as being bad, just for the sake of making ATLA or the upcoming book 2 look better. I am not saying it is without flaw, I have my criticisms too, but I will always be balanced and present my positives as well as my negatives. My problem is that sometimes I go on tumblr to look up some general reaction to Korra and I come out feeling bad for liking the show as much as I do in a sea of criticism, I remember the initial reactions to the final episode and it was nowhere near as bad as it is now, has the year+ break made people see Book 1 in a more negative light. In Korra Book 1’s case the positives for me outweigh the negatives by a lot. Lets all be happy that we have a new Avatar show on tv, lets all remember that there are still 40 episodes to come that will more than likely have what you found to be missing from these first 12 episodes. I am excited for Book 2 coming up in September, but until then I am going to celebrate Book 1 for what it did, it brought Avatar back to our screens for the first time in 4 years. Lets not get too cynical or negative about what is one of not the best animated shows on tv now. Lets enjoy the Korra ride like we we all did with ATLA all those years ago, we all owe it to ATLA to give Korra its chance to shine.

What I want to know in the comments is simply, Overall do you feel Korra Book 1 is overly criticised by some sections of the fandom ?


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  1. Airspeed Prime Said: Comment by Airspeed Prime on July 24, 2013 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    Also let me know what other topics you would like me to do an editorial on.


  2. Aaron H Said: Comment by Aaron H on July 24, 2013 at 11:33 am | Permalink

    I really loved everything about Korra except for the finale. I felt Bryan and Mike missed out on avoiding the “everything is neat and tidy” endings; in ATLA, the finales of the seasons (except book 3) left things in a state of tension — Korra’s season 1 finale felt like “Bryan & Mike were unsure if they were going to get renewed so they wanted to tie off loose ends just in case”

    They basically did a Deus Ex Machina resolve at the end of the episode. I thought it was beautifully ironic that all of her bending was locked and because of that, her airbending (that’s hindered her development all season) suddenly actualized. So poetic. But then all of a sudden she summons herself/Aang and he fixes her and makes it all better? That felt really unsatisfying. :/

    What about the potential dramatic tension of most people still missing their bending? The whole season was building up this idea that the world has been moving away from the mysticism of bending; moving onwards to the brave new world of technology. When she’s able to give everyone their bending back, it effectively undoes all of that… great for a happy ending, but one of the things I loved about ATLA was that the endings weren’t always happy and tidy (post-season 1).

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved LoK and look forward to Book 2 very much. The whole Book 1 was stellar, and I really loved the new direction they took everything; but I guess I just expected more from Bryan & Mike in the finale. Hoping the best for Book 2.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I assume in the 6 months between the seasons she gave most people their bending back. Not sure about the Triads though.
    Lin being the first person after Korra to get her bending back was fitting, if they had a few more minutes they could have shown her with a line of people giving their bending back.

    For me this finale is very similar to the ATLA finale, Aang showing up, Lion Turtle showing up. At this stage rather than me calling them complaints and Deus Ex Machina’s I am just accepting that Spirits and spirit beings can appear before the Avatar and help them. That is the role of the past Avatars and I assume the Lion Turtle has a similar role.
    Korra obviously unlocked her spiritual self along with her Airbending (most spiritual element) when she tried to save Mako at her lowest point, she is still an Avatar without the things that she before thought defined her as the Avatar, her bending. So she has unlocked her spiritual self and could connect at last with Aang. As for him energybending, if Roku can burn down the fire temple for Aang and tell him about the comet and if The Lion Turtle can give Aang energybending I have no issue at all with Aang giving Korra energybending and unblocking her chi paths. I think it needed a bit more explaining definitely, but Aang unlocking the Avatar State in ATLA required the same level of implied info as Korra.

    I think in a way the biggest boon Book 2 will have is Josh Hamilton and Tim Hedrick returning to assist Mike. If we get a similar situation in Book 2 I think with them on board it will be written a bit better.


  3. Sev Said: Comment by Sev on July 24, 2013 at 11:42 am | Permalink

    Well said.

    The two main criticisms i get from my friends are:
    1. The ending was rushed.

    I agree with this, but they make it out like it ruined the entire show. Just because the ending was Rushed doesn’t mean it was bad.

    2. Half the show was about shipping.

    They are clearly forgetting amazing parts of the story such as but not limited to, korras interaction with tar lock.

    Like you said above , they complain about these things but seem to forget all the positives.


  4. YangChen Said: Comment by YangChen on July 24, 2013 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    I love Korra, and I agree that people shouldn’t judge Korra based on ATLA. They are different shows, and their differences make them both better shows. I personally like ATLA better, but that doesn’t make me a Korra hater.

    You could do one about what you hope for and expect from Korra book 2


  5. Shiney Said: Comment by Shiney on July 24, 2013 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    About the ending, I actually feel the same way about Korra unlocking the Avatar state as I do about Aang learning energybending. I like the idea – I LOVE the thematic intent behind it, but I do wish they’d taken time to better explain it and expand it. Because it’s good stuff.

    Believe it or not, I actually thought the ending was brilliant – the last few episodes, together with the first few, are my favorites of this book.

    When people say “she just received the Avatar state without doing anything”, they are entirely missing the point, (which again, to be fair, could have been more clear).

    The point is to know Korra as a character. She’s a narcissist, and she has this idealized image of herself as the Avatar, the hero, where her bending is the key element to her self worth and understanding of herself. This is how she sees herself.

    When that was taken away from her, she was forced to re-evaluate herself, to see herself as she was without her superfluous identity. She could be herself, however lost, for what she really was instead of something she thought she was or wanted to be. And to reach true spiritual enlightenment, is to reach true understanding of yourself.

    This was the first time Korra could do this – really reach understanding herself, because at all other points in the show, she was too focused on a wrong idea of who she was or how she was supposed to do this. I also think this is the first time she was entirely open, and she realized that she needed help. She called for Aang, it was her doing – and by that, she reached her spiritual side, it wasn’t Aang who magically granted her the powers.

    This could certainly have been expanded upon, I’d have loved to see it explored in more detail and with more development, but the idea remains there and it’s perfectly in-tune with the overall themes and characterization of Korra.


  6. 北方拓芙 Said: Comment by 北方拓芙 on July 24, 2013 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    Another fine editorial, Airspeed 🙂

    My review will be light-hearted, but I will be a little frank with you at the end, I hope you can forgive me.

    I wouldn’t even say Korra and Avatar are different shows, to me, they are two different parts of the same show – The Avatar World. Sure, they have a lot of differences, but the spirit is the same – a fantastic world, fantastic characters, fantastic plot with action, comedy drama and just a little bit of romance.

    Of course people will always compare TLOK with ATLA, that’s inevitable. Sure, we all started our journey into this world with ATLA and some grew so attached to it that they don’t want to see it morph into something with different characters, a different kind of plot and where the world is not quite the same. But that’s okay, they’re entitled to it.

    We’ve already talked about this on the other editorial, and I get that it’s normal to want to have a cohesive fandom, but it’s pretty much impossible. I know that it’s not always easy (or possible), but that’s why I avoid going onto forums and reading reviews – because even if the review is positive, I know that I will always end up listening to something I don’t want to hear that will end up making me rethink the reviewed product, even if only briefly and temporarily.

    Also, you may get the feeling that what people say on forums and tumblr is mostly negative, but there’s three simple reasons for that – one, opinions that collide with your own always “stick” more to you – because they’ve dealt a blow to your own opinion. You may have seen many positive reviews but just slowly forgot about them because they just seemed like expectable reactions to you; two – the aforementioned exaggerated affection to ATLA and closed-mindedness; three – people with negative opinions are always more vocal than people with positive ones. As I’ve said on the comics editorial, people tend to say nothing if everything’s fine (unless it’s a REALLY big improvement over the previous status quo), but if there’s somthing they deem wrong, you will NOT hear the end of it. It’s like that with pretty much everything, for example, with laws (not to mention an overly negative fandom tends to drive away the positive ones).

    But as you’ve said on the editorial, Korra has been received very well on the whole, that’s why it has been greenlit for almost as many episodes as ATLA had and has an artbook for just one season (something Avatar never had), a soundtrack (something ATLA also NEVER had and I’m still SORELY waiting for) and even the comics to tie in to the previous series – and they have been selling like crazy.

    Regarding the in-universe aspects you mentioned, I had absolutely no problem with Mako nor with the romance. Regarding Mako, I never even knew there was anything to hate about the character until I heard about it in the comments to the first editorial (and I STILL don’t think there is anything to hate about him).

    Regarding romance, sure, there is a bit more on Korra, but it’s only natural – the characters are older. And even so, I believe only two full episodes (time-wise) have been dedicated to the issue and it’s been handled magnificently. Maybe it seems like a bit more because the season is shorter and character development/relationships can’t be rushed.

    Nothing to say regarding Asami and Bolin, completely agree with what you said.

    My only complaint regarding Korra would be… yup, the ending. Again, not that it was bad… just rushed. Actually, this is an issue I also had with ATLA, there’s this idea here in the West that unless the action continues until the very end, people won’t want to see the final episode(s), but I actually feel that it should be handled more like in manga and anime, where they have at least one full episode (normally more) to deal with aftermaths – I actually feel that exposing the results of the previous battles is as interesting – if not MORE interisting – than the battles themselves.

    But yeah, if episode #112 (and ATLA #321) had at least two thirds of the episode to deal with the aftermath instead of just one third, no one would even complain about it.

    Regarding new editorials… perhaps you could talk about The Last Airbender movie or the video games.

    (Whew, long one!)


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I agree, most people talking in general about Korra Book 1 only mention it because of the negatives, there are probably double or more that amount of people who love the show, but don’t feel the need to say how good it is. Tumblr is definitely a place where the people who complain the most shout the loudest.

    It does lead to places like Tumblr looking very negative. Which does kind of annoy me as a person who is very positive. As I said on the last one I do tend to stick to here more of late for opinions. It just becomes so not fun as a fan to go through those tags for my fandom and see a majority of negativity, there is nothing I can do to change it, all I can do is stick to my style of reviewing.
    I do hope that Avatar really stays away from becoming an extremely negative fandom like Star Wars where half of the movies are despised and the other half loved unconditionally (I like all 6 though I favour 1-3 over 4-6). Book 2 seems to be received well by the people who saw the episode at Comic Con.

    I probably will do the next one on The Last Airbender Movie as I am part of the small minority who enjoyed it despite the flaws. Should make for an interesting editiorial, hopefully it will be as enjoyable as the podcast review we did on it 🙂


    北方拓芙 Reply:

    Lol, I actually also favor 1-3 more than the unconditionally loved 4-6 (though I don’t really like Star Wars all that much).

    Regarding The Last Airbender movie… sorry, buddy, you know I’m with you most of the time, but I’m gonna have to skip this one. It can be enjoyable at times (and it is always the Avatar world), but I feel that the word “Avatar” in the title was by far not the only thing the movie lost making the transition to the big screen. But oh well, I’ll keep that to myself, let’s try and keep it positive 😉


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Lol, don’t worry I still have a lot of things I don’t like in the movie. From the podcast review where we had 4 people on, I was the most positive on it, Callum was kind of neutral on it, didn’t mind it and Kelly and Rich hated it. I tasked everyone regardless of overall thoughts on the movie to come up with positives and negatives and it was interesting.
    Many of my negatives, Rich and Kelly actually disagreed with while many of their positives I did not like.

    We will see what I do next, it is between TLA, a editorial about shipping or a detailed book 2 preview.

    Shiney Reply:

    The movie soundtrack was AWESOME, and there were a few good scenes. I kind of liked (as I remember it), the scene where Aang scares of the Fire Nation. Other than that… well…

    momo2009 Reply:

    U lost me at liking star war 1-3. 🙂


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I think a lot of people lose me when I say that 😉

  7. Hyriu 85 Said: Comment by Hyriu 85 on July 24, 2013 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

    I really enjoyed reading this. I agree with you @airspeed in just about all of your points. Actually the only thing I don’t agree with is what you said your favorite episode is. Yes, it is a fantastic episode and has a great plot, my favorite episode is K110 Turning the Tides. I like it so much because it is very much a roller coaster of emotions. To this day when I watch it, it gives me chills. It shows the Equalists are very much a threat and just how well Amon’s plan was taking out the police. And then the attack on Air Temple Island. All up to its end with the reveal of General Iroh 2.0 Perhaps your next editorial could be on The Last Airbender movie, which I think is a good movie and watch from time to time as I have the DVD. Or maybe you could do one focusing on one character or an idea, or something like, the Fire Nation. But I very much would enjoy to hear your thoughts on it.


  8. Joe Mama Said: Comment by Joe Mama on July 25, 2013 at 9:34 pm | Permalink



    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Airspeed Prime Moderator Note/ Post edited due to bad language and a blatantly obvious attempt to bait. If you dislike Korra please explain why, nothing at all is gained by your post.


  9. Troy Said: Comment by Troy on July 26, 2013 at 8:36 am | Permalink

    i Like this post.


  10. nicholas Said: Comment by nicholas on July 28, 2013 at 12:34 am | Permalink

    all avatar fans read this youtube comment i saved its about amon and how he can take away bending Yes, the Korra DVD commentary explained it. Basically the waterbenders that have healing abilities can heal by expanding the chi pathways throughout the body. Thats how a waterbender is able to heal someone. Amon realized that is a healer can expand the chi pathways, then bloodbending should be able to do the reverse. So instead of expanding and healing, he is closing and clotting the pathways.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    Saw that on the Commentaries, it makes complete sense and is what I assumed, but none of that was stated in the show, I had to put it together based on just a large knowledge base of Avatar and how bending worked. As I said in the post above, Katara should have been able to explain to us what was wrong, I.E that explanation, but be unable to heal it since she does not know how to use Amon’s ability.


    Shiney Reply:

    There was only one thing that bothered me about this, if Katara was ‘the best healer in the world’ – and a waterbender, how wasn’t she able to heal Korra, and undo whatever Amon did? At first I assumed that it simply takes a lot more power to repair than to destroy.
    But of course, while Katara is able to bloodbend, she wouldn’t be anything near the bloodbender Amon is, because she hasn’t developed the skill. I assume it’s the power of BLOODBENDING, not healing, it would require to undo the damage, (or energybending).
    So I theorize, if Katara had been anything close the the phenomenal bloodbender Amon was, she’d been able to heal Korra, but with this skill, not healing. In addition to this, it makes me question whether bloodbending is really an all-out bad skill.


    Airspeed Prime Reply:

    I think it was outlawed for a reason, other bending can be combated with bending or general fighting skills. But Bloodbending requires you to be a bloodbender yourself or have an insane level of willpower to break free, not to mention the ability at a base level is about taking away a persons free will, controlling them without their permission. I assume there is some good things that can be done with the ability, but it really more than any other ability is “With great power comes great responsibility” not everyone can be Katara and restrain from using it.


  11. nicholas Said: Comment by nicholas on July 28, 2013 at 12:45 am | Permalink

    i knew we would get an explanation sooner or later



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